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Luminous Glow Above Cabinet

Giving lighting above your cabinet will help you to add warm touch. The lighting will illuminate beautifully to the room. There are lots of ways to give this luminous lighting to your room. One of it is by having LED lighting hidden perfectly above your cabinet. The best thing about LED lamp is that it only uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times better than traditional bulbs. So, you can save the energy. And you can do it to any room in your home. Although having this in your kitchen seems pretty popular now, you can also install this in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. If you think this is such a great idea to your room, you can see some of the ideas below.

Hint Glow

In this picture, you can see that the lighting of the room is from the chandelier lamp and above cabinet lighting which give glow.

above kitchen cabinet LED Lighting
Forum PHI

Up and Down

Here, the lighting is from the LED lighting placed above and under the cabinet which enunciate the shape of the cabinet and give the room unique feeling.

white wooden traditional kitchen with LED lcabinte lighting above and under the cabinet
Inspired LED

Play the Lights

In this room, the lighting is quite merry. You can see they use sling lamps, bulbs above the room, and LED lighting above the cabinet. It makes the room really bright.

simple traditional kitchen with warm above cabinet lighting
Jordan Iverson Signature Home

Classic Glow

With classic theme kitchen, you can also put LED lighting in the above cabinet, while also having classic sling lamps. It will make your room brighter.

Grand kitchen with warm above cabinet lighting
Built by Landmark

Large and Spacious

If you have already large and spacious room, you can put this above cabinet lighting to make it simpler and cleaner.

large kitchen with light brown wooden cabinet adn lamp above

Modern Glow

In this picture, you can see that beside sling lamps, they also put LED lighting to make the room livelier.

White wooden kitchen cabinet with LED lighting above and under
Gallin Beeler Interior Studio

Kitchen and Living Room

In this one, you can see that LED lighting is put above the cabinet for kitchen utensils and cabinet for china.

lighting above cabinet for kitchen and living room
Arnold Schuman

Clean Airy Room

When you want to make your room brighter and airy with simple glow, you can always add LED lighting.

modern white and spacious kitchen with fan in the ceiling and LED lighting above the cabinet
Saniee Architects LLC

Lightsaber above the Cabinet

Here is really pretty. With blue glow along the cabinet, it makes the room chic. It might remind you of lightsaber, the sword in Star Wars.

dark brown cabinet in kitchen with blue luminous LED lighting
Super Bright LEDs

Glowing Office

If you have working room in your home, you can make it more cheerful by adding above cabinet lighting.

white cabinet for living room with lightning above
Anthony Wilder