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porch with big spider accessories on the white door glass, orange pumpkins, bench, Cattail Cottage

Halloween Table Accesories In White Clothes
Porch With Big Spider Accessories On The White Door Glass, Orange Pumpkins, Bench,
White Wooden Dor With Small Spiders Walk On The Handle
White Wooden Door With Black Bats, Pumpkins, Dried Branches
Front Porch With White Wooden Door, Pumpkins, Spiders, Sconces, Spider Web
Living Room With Light Grey Rug And Sofa, Pumpkin Pillow, Pumpkin Decorations, Mirror
Front Porch Wooden Plank Of Halloween Decoration
Top Cabinet With Golden Skull With Glasses, Gold Shimmery Skull, Colourful Skull
Fireplace With Light Brown Stones, Red Wooden Floor, Black Clothe Cover, Black Bats Sticker
Living Room With White Faux Fur Rug, Black Table With Black Chairs, White Fireplace With Halloween Ornaments, Black Chandelier, Skull

October has always come with a holiday feeling in it. To all people live in Western culture, October is always the month people waiting for especially for the Halloween party. The festivity of Halloween affects not only children but also adults. Everyone has been really exciting for this month that they always prepare the best from the previous month. What about you? Have you been preparing something exciting and fun for this scary holiday? If you haven’t, let’s take a look at several ideas.

White Figures

If you like the spirit of Halloween but you don’t have enough time to prepare it, you can start from the small decoration that you put on the table. You can do something simple like making white small ghosts like the ones in the picture here. With lots of white small ghosts like these, you can make an army of small ghosts.


Spiders from Forbidden Forests

It is another simplest thing you can try. With just small spiders like this, you can recreate a scene in Harry Potter with the Chamber of Secrets where all the spiders are running away from basilisk. Well, if you’re into Harry Potter, this one is simple yet has strong connection to the world JK Rowling created.


Party Skulls

Halloween and skull are like a match made in heaven. There’s no Halloween without at least one person think about skull. However, skulls don’t have to be the white scary head skeleton that brings out eerie feeling. Besides, something cheerful like colourful skull can stay more than Halloween in your living room.


Calm Pumpkins Living Room

If your family has their own culture regarding Halloween, then living room is the place where you will want to put the most attention because in there people will gather around. And if you live to keep it low key, you can try with something neutral but has strong indication of a Halloween season: pumpkin, just like this one here in the picture.


Mysterious Fireplace

However, if you love to step further from the previous one, here is more “serious” Halloween themed living room that you might love. With only fireplace, you can make it really mysterious by putting warning, black bats, skeleton, and spider webs.


Dinner with the Skeleton

For scarier living room, you can decorate your living room like it is a place so old that a skeleton lives there you don’t know from when. Still with the usual decorations like skeleton, crows, spider web, candles etc.


Welcome Signpost

And of course it’s never too early to welcome guests with “scary” welcome. For a simple welcome, you can put a signpost about Halloween in your porch.


Buy It from Stores

You can of course make something more serious but still simple with pumpkin and sticker. Near Halloween, there are many stores that sell Halloween decorations. And it’s so easy to find sticker like spider web, spiders, or crows. You can put all around the front door to create a mystified entrance.


Welcoming Bats

Similar with the previous one, this one is also simply putting pumpkin and dried branches with bats. Although it seems simple, it also looks beautiful at the same time.


Entangled on the Web

If you love having more dramatic effect, lights and lamps on the front door can help you getting the silhouette of your stuffed decorations.

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