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A common kitchen is filled with kitchen cabinets and kitchen island. The kitchen cabinets usually consist of upper cabinets and bottom cabinets. You can keep your kitchen utensils and do the cooking work. Kitchen cabinets also can provide the stove, a sink, and dishwasher. While kitchen island is provided with only storages and barstools. If you want to have more practical kitchen features, you can get a kitchen island that comes with sink and dishwasher. There may be a refrigerator as an addition. The island will make your cooking activities easier in a small kitchen. Here are some efficient kitchen islands with sinks and dishwashers that will make your kitchen more perfect and practical.

An Alternative Kitchen Island

A kitchen island with some nice features is a furniture piece that you can get for your kitchen. The main sink in this kitchen is in the island, the dishwasher is in the right side of it. It also provides a place for towels.

A Classic Kitchen Island with Different Height Countertops

This long kitchen island with the Calacatta Vagli marble tops is classic. This classic island comes with the sink, dishwasher, and garbage all together.

Dark Brown Kitchen Islands with Sinks and Dishwashers

This kitchen dark brown island with white countertop has two undermount sinks and two dishwashers. The storages are between the dishwashers. This kitchen island is really suitable for a home with a large family member.

The Ultimate Island

This blue-gray island is an ideal place for food preparation and a quick breakfast. It has marble countertop that gives substance and professional feel. It has a sink at the center island, a dishwasher, storages, and bookshelves.

Elegant Kitchen Islands with Sinks and Dishwashers

A dishwasher is on the right side of the sink, while the pull-out cabinet to the left if the sink is trash/ recycling inside. The island used light wooden material and marble countertop.

A Contemporary Kitchen

There are two separated single bowls with a modern faucet and a dishwasher in the island. This is a smart hybrid of the double-bowl sink. You will get extra advantages with it.

White Kitchen Islands with Sinks and Dishwashers

A stainless steel Kohler vaulted sink is famous for its design for a luxury feeling. The dishwasher is on its left side. This white kitchen island with white countertop looks sleek and clean.

A Minimalist Kitchen Island

This modern white kitchen island has a minimalist design. The design makes the dishwasher look like a cabinet. It will make the working space look tidy.

A Modern Blue Kitchen Island

This blue kitchen island offers a farmhouse sink, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and some storages. The blue island with its modern features is refreshing for a white kitchen.

The Kitchen Island for A Small Kitchen

Kitchen islands with sinks and dishwashers should be added if you have a small kitchen space. It offers many features such as a sink, a dishwasher, storage, and a wine fridge. It will be very useful in a small kitchen.

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