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stoney round hot tub in the bottom of the staircase with limestone walls and silver valley landing Gib-San Pools

Stainless Steel Hot Tub On Top Of The Building
Round Stainless Steel Bath Tub With Cedar Exposed Decking With Round Moveable Cover
Stainless Steel Hot Tub With Rustic Look With Stone Covered
Stainless Steel Hot Tub With Clear Negative Edge Front, Stones Outside The Tub, Wooden Deck
Stoney Round Hot Tub In The Bottom Of The Staircase With Limestone Walls And Silver Valley Landing
Hot Tub With Blue Tiles Inside Built In On Dark Wooden Deck
Outdoor Wooden Barrel Hot Tub With River Stone Outside On The Bottom, White Wooden Deck For Small Bar, Wooden Deck And Staircase
Built In Hot Tub In Wooden Deck Lpe With Bluestone Inside The Tub
Round Cedar Wood Built In Tub In The Edge Of Deck
Wooden Lpe Deck With Built In Bench, Darker Wooden Hot Tub With Retractable Cover

Relaxing outdoor can be really peaceful when you have your own private spot to loosen up after a really long day. And hot bath tub is one thing that is a thrill to have outdoor. Relaxing in a hot tub under the blue sky at day or the stars at night can relieve your stress. And it is also an extremely fun spot to invite your friends over. If you are considering on adding or even remodeling your bathtub, below are some of the best ideas you will find helpful for you.

Wooden Barrel Outside

This one is really gorgeous. This has some Asian feeling to it, even more with the stones arranged on the outside bottom of the barrel. With white wooden kind of bar hugging the barrel, you will be able to put your glass on it without any trouble.

Blue on Wood

This one is another beauty that you can try to have in your deck. With almost dark brown wooden deck, the blue tiles inside the tub look gleaming. If you are not a fan of blaring hot sun hits your skin, adding pergola or simple lines of wood will help you to ease the sun but still get the bright shine.

Round Hot Tub

This is another beautiful hot tub that worth to have. The hot tub is built in deep in the edge of the deck, giving the deck an irresistible touch. Instead of straight line deck, it gives curve to it.

With Movable Cover

This genius design is so well crafted. The stainless steel bathtub is exposed by the cedar wood all over the deck. The movable cover of the tub is beautifully designed so that when it is opened, the cover is well hidden.

Tiles Under

This one carries a simple but fresh idea with blue stone inside the tub that will give fresh look on the water and cooling effect when you need to soak in cool water.

Beside the Bench

Putting your tub near a bench that can be sat for lots of people will increase the fun when you invite many of your friends to a party in your place. You can serve them with most fun time together both in the tub and in the bench.

Under the Well

This is a beautiful tub created from a great idea. With all stones material for the landing and the wall, this tub is exquisite. And the fact that it is placed under, rather than on the deck together with the set of tables and chairs, gives a private comfort.

Luminous Blue Spa

This is another gorgeous design and concept for both the spa and the deck. The deck is simple but the perfect color and finish the deck has puts the blue spa looks beautiful.

Rustic Pool

If you love having rustic look in your home, this one is one of the best ideas there is. With built in stainless steel hot tub, the tub is covered in exposed stone that blend perfectly well with the house.

Stainless Steel Tub

This is for you who really love to have hot tub. If you are, you can try putting stainless steel tub. Putting it under the sun, you literally have self heating tub.

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