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modern minimalist living room grey couch with yellow and grey decorative pillows yellow reading chair square glass top center table medium toned and glossy wood floors grey area rug ZR Architects

Traditional Bathroom Idea Light Yellow Walls Light Yellow Cabinets White Bathtub With Light Yellow Base White Toilet White Classic Vanity Chair Well Organized Picture Frames In White
Light Yellow Painted Wall Idea Blue Console Table Decorative Picture Frames Bright Yellow Chair Linen Room Divider With Colorful Flower Motifs White Floorboards Wood Painting Property
Light Yellow Green Walls Idea With Decorative Mirrors Green Modern Couch With Accent Pillows Two Yellow Chairs Large White Area Rug
Navy Blue Armchairs With Light Yellow Accent Pillows Light Yellow Cushion White Back Table Medium Toned Wood Floors White Modern Fireplace
Open Concept Living Room With Yellow Furniture And Wood Center Table Grey Area Rug Dark Hardwood Flooring Idea Large Front Deck Glass Windows With Wood Trims
L Shape And Textured Yellow Cushion Light Wood Center Table Two Sided Fireplace Fluffy Black Area Rug Standing TV Set Dark Brown Walls With Sparkling Silver Accents
Modern Bedroom With Classic Touch Multicolored Walls Idea Grey Bed Bench Wood Grain Floors
White Walls Idea With Artistic Wall Art Pale Timber Floors With Symmetrical Patterns Two Decorative Pots In Blue And Brown White Couch With Green Decorative Pillow
Family Room With Insufficient Lighting Light Yellow Walls Idea L Shape Black Couch With Light Yellow Seater Black Leather Center Table Medium Toned Wood Floors Decorative Mirror With Gold Toned Frame
Light Yellow Ceramic Tiles For Walls Simple Vertical Stripes For Walls Hexagonal Shaped Ceramic Tiles For Floors White Toilet Small Walk In Shower Space With Glass Door

Pop colors like yellow is one of color tones that is frequently used in architecture and home design. Such color is flexible and easily fits for any color tones. With right proportion, yellow will result a perfect color combination. Yellow variants, deep and light yellow, have attracted most people recently as they keep striking and stunning when being collaborated with other elements in different tones. Here, we are going to share some brilliant ideas of wall combination for light yellow. We wish these ideas have inspired you, especially when you are going to start your new project of home remodel.

Light Yellow Walls Idea with Pop Color Combination

Light yellow-painted wall idea accented by picture frames and painting property – Such wall painting becomes a stunning background for pop-colored furniture like bright blue console table, yellow chair, and even for linen room divider.

Environmental-Friendly Wall Idea

If you love green and something fresh, this idea of wall color combination may be your best recommendation. The walls use fresh green and yellow and both create beautifully natural look. The colors look so warming and comforting after they collaborate with wood furniture like wood kitchen set and dining furniture set.

Grey & Yellow Bathroom

Yellow towels here become one and only most-striking item in this dominant-grey bathroom. Yellow here also gives warming look among the cold-grey bathroom. This kind of bathroom design actually suits urban people’s taste.

Vertical Stripes – Light Yellow Walls Combination

This is an inspiration for you guys who put your interest in Mediterranean bathroom. The designer chooses light yellow ceramic tiles combined to simple vertical stripes for walls. The floors, in the other hands, are dark brown ceramics which are designed in similar shape to the walls. It’s a great idea for the owner whose space matter.

Shiny Yellow Area Rug as the Major Hue in Modern Living Room

bright area rug black vinyl loft chair square shaped glass coffee table dark wood side table glossy grey floors light grey wall painting

Treoma Design

It’s clear that yellow brightens this room up. But when it’s combined to dark and neutral colors like black and grey, it turns out becoming much more striking than what expected. It’s a great idea to adapt this open living room.

Lightly Value of Grey & Yellow for Open Living Room

Grey and yellow in light level are able to bring brighter and sunnier look in a room. Through furnishing like area rug, cushion, and other interior accessories, both yellow and grey are still becoming the winning tones.

Beige Walls & Abstract Hand-Painting as the Walls’ Accent

An abstract hand-painting with dominant yellow has successfully been the most interesting item on walls. As what observed, soft beige & light yellow produce a soft look on walls, but the yellow here still shows its dominance.

Vividly Light Yellow Furniture Featuring Dark Hardwood Flooring Idea

open concept living room with yellow furniture and wood center table grey area rug dark hardwood flooring idea large front deck glass windows with wood trims

Mihaly Slocombe

This open-concept living room is furnished with flexible furniture set. Soft yellow is chosen as the color of furniture by purpose: creating the most striking element as well as the accent of room. It looks much more contrast after being featured with wooden elements like wood center table, dark hardwood floors, and wood window trims.

The Yellows, The Room’s Attractiveness

Try to apply the muted color scheme: the two yellows in room that bring our eyes to go around this space. The yellow chair looks shabby and dirty, making a calm and traditional look. Again, yellow painted on white-framed canvas works well in producing a glamour and old visual effect in this white decorative mantel.

Cold & Warm Living Room Idea

Navy blue armchairs and light yellow decorative pillows are perfect combination. It feels that they are two contrasting colors that represent cheerful and cold sense but go united to create balanced furniture to sit down. Both are also beautifully contrast in appearance.

Modern Living Room with Dominant Yellow & Natural Wood Color Hues

A modern living room furnished with fun & textured yellow cushion, light wood center table, and two-sided fireplace. This furnishing idea is completed with natural & neutral color hues on walls and floors, resulting a modern living room concept with natural touch.

Yellow and Wood, Fun & Warm Maker

Clean yellow is a sharp contrast to all objects around it, including the wood-made furniture like this classic-style console table and black-finished wood chair.

Yellow Accent for Blue-Walls Bedroom

Yellow on hung-night lamps are just the color accent of bedroom which is dominated by bright blue. This color choice creates a clean contrast in obvious way. Even more the furniture sets are in other bold colors like orange, green, and pink for kids’ sitting area, glossy black finishing for bedside table, and grey for bed frame. Flat yellow blanket also colorizes the sleeping area, adding more fun yellow color in this room.

Little Yellow Decorative Items Colorize Bold and Clean Color Living Room

Yellow also works optimally in small elements. Around this L-shape navy blue couch, for instance, we’ve found the light yellow which is applied in just small proportion has been something stunning among others. Also, the abstract hand-painting with just little yellow through the lines successfully brings the special beauty as well as the accent for walls.

Wood-Grey Walls for Open-Concept Living Room

It’s unique to combine wood and grey-painted walls as they’re pretty contrast in color and material. With right color proportion and combination, these colors will be a perfect combination. In this picture, for example, exposes balancing wood and grey-painted walls. Blue area rug and cushions with their colorful pillows (including light yellow pillows) give multicolored look in this room.

Mustard Yellow Walls Idea for Traditional Dining Room

The wall color is amber or many people called it mustard yellow, and amber wash tint is used as the mix. This results lightly soft yellow and such color suits any color schemes. Adding other yellow elements like dining furniture is allowed to emphasize the yellow as the winning color in this room.

Mustard Yellow Feat. Lime Green & Peacock Blue

Imagine that you choose lime green and peacock blue as the complementary colors for your mustard yellow walls. Use these colors for your dining furniture and get a marvelous result. They can be different but balanced each other. Add other softening elements like wood-top dining table and white lace curtains that fully covered your glass window.

Light but Clean Yellow for Dreamy Bedroom

The walls are buttery yellow and it reflects the fun, cheerful, positive, gentle, and easygoing. Such good vibes are closely connected to girly or feminine characters like teen girls. A girly or feminine touch is also found at curtains’ prints and flower choices in room. White sleeping properties also add the sweetness.

Pale Yellow Application for Airy and Light-Look Bedroom

pale yellow walls idea pale yellow bed comforter sweet pink blanket glass windows with white semi transparent curtains white floors pink bedside tables

Your Front Porch

Pale yellow is always warm and seems to work in traditional design. This pretty girls’ bedroom, for instance, pale yellow application has created light and airy space, providing much more refreshing place for relaxing.

Yellow Siding Walls, Naturally Warm, Light, and Bright Hues

Primary yellow color is obviously the brightest as well as the lightest one. This color is also naturally warm and able to create a comfort look. One of most classic combinations is cool blue.

Light Yellow-Green Walls Application for Contemporary Living Room

Light yellow and deep green are applied as one for wall system. White clean line is used for dividing these two colors, presenting a clean and obvious boundary between them. Several decorative mirrors with gold-toned accents have garnished the lighter one. Lightly green couch with decorative pillows here is set to provide a cozy sitting area, and a couple of sunny yellow chairs are the best focal points of room.

Rainbow Wall Painting Idea

Create an eclectic by using the rainbow of color tones available in room. Expose the colors optimally and don’t limit them. Through rainbow-themed walls, for instance, you can apply the colors rightly. Use the best proportion and consider the perfect color combination to result a spectacular space. Complete your action by furnishing your room with pop-colored furniture set.

Light Yellow-Painted Walls & Clean White Palettes Application

Light yellow complement the bathroom interior. This color scheme is applied on some exposed spots like walls, cabinets, and bathtub’s base. To result a contrast, yellow and white are then paired off. This color mixture becomes one of best alternative if you want to build an airy, light, and classy bathroom.

Mixture of Soft Butter Yellow, White, and Light Grey

The mixture of soft butter yellow, white, and light grey is obviously found in this bathroom. Such colors application produces a luxurious and comfy space for long-term soaking in. The designer selects soft butter yellow for walls accented by purely white wall trims. Light grey marble floors expose a mellow palette.

Mustard Yellow Accessories and Silver-Toned Wallpaper Application

Mustard yellow is always so stunning when it features with any color schemes. The picture emphasizes the idea of grey accessories, a reference of bold hue, become perfectly balanced items to collaborate with soft yellow and white. Then, let’s move on the walls, we find the textured silver wallpaper installed on the back of bed frame, giving a neutral as well as open-wide visual effect in this bedroom. This colors application absolutely adds much more comfort and value in this bedroom.

Warm and Light Yellow Walls Beautified by Lemon Yellow Window Curtains

How wonderful to have such cozy and warm study room. To create a fresh, fun, but calm atmosphere, the walls are smoothly painted in light yellow, and it’s accented by lemon yellow curtains that are covered the glass windows in halfway installation. L-shape built-in desk and a white chair slipcover also increase the level of comfort value in this room.

Soft Yellow Walls with Colorful Artworks

This one is one of most recommended kitchen idea with extension space. Shaker cabinets with granite worktop give a neutral look for the soft yellow walls. The addition of copper pendant lamp and colorful artworks also make the walls much more attractive.

Light & Glow Yellow Walls with Authentic Concrete Mantel

It’s always interesting to combine fun and neutral color scheme as one. This color combination becomes more interesting with the concrete mantel that gives an authentic and neutral look. Two units of old & shabby wood console table are added to increase the value of that corner. Not only that, a couple of abstract hand-painting is also attached on walls, making everyone’s eyes to re-direct staring at those artworks.

White Walls Decorated by Yellow & Grey Palettes

Don’t be hesitated to use these three palettes as the primary tones for your kitchen remodel project. Grey, yellow, and white are never dated to use.¬† Just combine them for most exposed parts. As seen on the picture, light yellow dominates several parts of kitchen like kitchen island, cabinets, and windows’ frames. Just little bit yellow appears on a line dividing the ceiling and walls. Dark grey, on the other hands, adds a beautifully neutral palette on worktop and backsplash.

Study Room with Trendy Walls Patterns

This is so fantastic. Just imagine if you have such space for studying. The room offers an eye-catching but keeps for serious and calm situation when you’ve just been here. One that makes this room so interesting is the walls installation, especially the color combination and the chosen patterns. The designer merely uses lemon yellow and grey for creating such wonderful patterns. A classic timber table in middle size and clear acrylic chair become a perfect set of furniture that exposes the mixture of classic and modern touch.

Soft Yellow and Gloss Silver in Luxurious Patterns

The designer’s main purpose is to make this bedroom feels like cozy and chic one as good as hotel. To make it happens, the designer then chooses light yellow and gloss silver hues. Professionally, these two colors are then made the numerous of beautiful and artistic patterns. At a glance, the patterns are classic or traditional in design, so they suit more for a classic or traditional-style bedroom, or collaborate them with any other bedroom designs with classic/ traditional touch.

Monochromatic Living Room with Fresh but Softening Yellow Palette

This is simple but elegant. Such modern minimalist living room becomes the most favorite design chosen by most urban people today. The design offers simplicity with huge amounts of function. Monochromatic theme is selected for particular goal: make us free for collaborate it with any color tones, including non-monochromatic elements.

Refreshing Yellow, Warming Wood-Color, and Softening White for Relaxing Spot

This a dreamy spot where we can relax and refresh our body & mind just by taking a seat in such spot. The color mixture possibly makes us obtaining such positive energy that indirectly leads us to a motivational thought.

Grey & Yellow Options for Minimalist Living Room

Yellow couch becomes a vibrant element in this minimalist living room. When getting in this room, the eyes are re-directed automatically into the couch. It’s much more stunning when the grey walls take a role as the background. Other furniture and accessories are also customized in black and grey tones, but not the floors and center table.

Pop Up Your Family Room with These Pop Colors

A family room with pop colors which are able to colorize cold-grey walls – This is the real role of what the pop colors for. Pop yellow used on decorative pillows have added warmer and cuter visual effect in this room. So did the purple.

Yellow and Teal Collaboration for Wall Art

The walls looks so fantastic with this modern and simple wall art, and for your information, this wall art is made of yellow and teal featuring random letters and numbers. The wall art exposes the richness of texture and color values, so it’s extremely recommended for flat wall painting. The right application can make this wall art becomes the most striking one on walls.

Grace Yellow Ottoman in Clean White Backward Walls

This Ottoman is gracefully beautiful and elegant. It’s also luxurious and expensive. This Ottoman is actually light mustard yellow and it comes out as gold in clean white backward walls. A rounded-gold frame mirror adds a focal point on walls.

Colorful Wall Art with Navy Blue Background

Two hand-paintings from the popular artist have been the focal points for the navy blue walls. Their colorful schemes make them so stunning over the dark-looked walls. The paintings themselves contain several deep-valued color schemes, so when they are applied on canvas, we’ll see random but beautiful artworks. Soften the room just by furnishing it with light-toned or non-finished furniture like this wood console table.

Sophisticated and Warm-Feel Family Room with Light Yellow

This one is a new family room remodel which is specifically designed for accommodating all members of family. Overall, this room is very comfortable and intentionally provides low-lighted ambiance for resulting insufficient lighting. Such lighting choice is chosen to make this room warm and romantic.

Minimalist Dining Room with Eye-Catching Dining Furniture Set

If you are interesting in a simple but eye-catching interior design, this idea must be your best choice. A minimalist dining room is equipped with eye-catching yellow chairs in contemporary design and round dining table. The room is larger and uses grey floors. The wood use inside of room gives the warmth-feel over the concrete-made fireplace, white walls, and marble floors.

Spacious Basement Area with A Little Bit Yellow Palette

Turn your basement into a spacious space like this one. The basement’s walls are fully white and the floors are light-toned wood floors. A mid-size couch in pastel is provided to accommodate you or your kid when getting relaxation in this place. And, one that makes this space is really interesting is a hung-ladder that connects the basement to upper floor. The ladder is made from light metal and accented with light yellow ladder-steps. A rope here is just an accessory.

Modern Open-Concept Living Room with Highlighting Yellow Couch

A modern open-concept living room with highlighting yellow couch – providing a cozy space for relaxing and enjoying your tea. Such place is also warm for welcoming your lovely guests. Soft yellow on couch is the accent color, but white room divider with small amounts of vivid plants becomes the main attraction in room.

Formal and Modern Living Room with Light Yellow Single Couch

Furnish your formal and modern living room with little yellow-schemed furniture or accessory. A single couch, for example, is well recommended to fill such living room. It’s gonna be a focal point that attracts everyone comes in. Add other little yellow accessories like decorative pillows or area rug to expose fun elements within¬†the formal furniture.

Fresh but Light Yellow Hue for Minimalist Living Room

This is a sample of minimalist living room with fresh and light yellow couch, white area rug, concrete floors, clean white-painted walls, and music corner. The window treatment and decorative pillow choices are selected in similar tones to the main furniture.

Timeless Modern Living Room with Light Mustard Yellow Couch

Add something fun and cheerful in your formal and modern living room. Low mustard yellow couch and soft-leaves interior plant as the decoration, for examples, seem to be the vibrant items when you’re pairing them off with blue walls.

Apartment-Size Living Room Design Colorized by Low-Yellow Couch

A mid-century living room for apartment or apartment-size living space – This living room adopts an open-space concept, so it’s possible for the owner to integrate to other spaces. Low-yellow couch here is multi-functional – it can be the real couch for welcoming the guests, it can also be a reading chair or a family room furniture.

Beige vs Light Yellow, What Would It Be?

A modern living room idea with L-shape couch, colorful decorative pillows, and glossy black center tables – such living room furniture is collaborated with softening neutral paint for walls and dark-toned hardwood floors. From this color choice, it’s obvious that the designer wants to mix hard and soft visual into a balanced result.

Light Yellow in Enclosed Living Room

This enclosed living room looks so bright and fun with several vividly colorful tones on it. We can see light blue on walls, white on ceiling, and dominantly light yellow on furniture and interior accessories.

Soft-Bold Yellow for Walls

A master bedroom featuring a custom wood bed, smaller wood bedside tables and long-wood console table. All wood materials are stained with dark finish (to create a contrast look). The walls, on the other hands, are wholly covered with light and deep yellow (both still result the warm touch as well as the fun sense).

Recessed Yellow Shelves on Grey Walls

Build a couple of recessed shelving units in yellow and beautify them with clean white frames. Use these shelves as displayed spots where you can display or expose your small collections. Such idea of recessed shelving unit is quite recommended for a living room or family room where many people find it.

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