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bedroom with white patterned rug, white wooden crib, colorful wallpaper with animal, girl, and flowers Mooui

Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Wings Rug, White Bed Platform, Green Toys Basket, Wooden Box, Colorful Flowers Wall
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rug, Tent, Colorful Flower Wallpaper, Brown Chair, White Crib
Bedroom, White Floor, Forest Wallpaper, White Wooden Crib, Rug, Toys
Bedroom With White Rug, Colorful Castles On The Wall, Colorful Beds, White Shelves
Bedroom With White Patterned Rug, White Wooden Crib, Colorful Wallpaper With Animal, Girl, And Flowers
Soft Colored Big Flowers Wallpaper, Pink Wooden Bed Platform, Black White Stripe Rug, Low Wooden Bedside Table
Bedroom With White Floor, Soft Colored Flowers Wallpaper, Soft Colored Children's Table And Chairs, Shelves, Green Bed Platform
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Faux Grass Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, Colorful Flower Wallpaper
Bedroom With White Rug, Green Leaves Wallpaper, Wooden Bed Platform
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Bed Platform, White Bedside Table, Colorful Forest Wallpaper

Decorating children’s room can be challenging. However, if you have colorful fun wallpaper, that will not be a difficult problem. The joy and fun in the colors that you can get from wallpaper will definitely affect the energy inside the children’s bedroom. If you love to channel that energy big time, you will love this big colorful wallpaper with merry pattern.

Colorful Flower
The picture of flowers is always beautiful to see on the bedroom. That is why having colorful flower on your bedroom will not only beautify your room but also give it more fun vibe. With colorful flower on the wall, you can choose the furniture that has neutral color to embrace the pretty look of the flower.

Bunch of Flowers
Similar to the previous one, this one here too has colorful flowers on the wall although they are not as big as the previous one. In this one, the flora is not only flowers. And the varied look is refreshing for the white background.

Live in Old Times
Not only the pretty flowers that can get colorful and sweet to the bedroom. Colorful castles or view like this one can also make the bedroom feels more energetic. With this colorful wallpaper, it would feel so easy to always have the cheerful vibe.

Soft Colored
Although colorful big patterned wallpaper can surely makes your bedroom feel cheerful, a soft colored one can help you with that too but with subtler and less bold vibe to show. The pale and soft colored wallpaper creates calmer characters to the bedroom.

Pastel Flower
Similar to the previous one, this one here also gives pastel look that affect the room in sweeter and less bold look. Combined with pastel colors rug, bed platform, chairs and table, and rattan basket, the room, although colorful, looks calm.

Green Leaves
If you’re looking for bright wallpaper that does not include flowers, you might love the green leaves here. Still in the spirit of flora, these leaves will get you a fresh look in fr your kids’s room.

Imaginative Vibe
If you love to create fictional vibe, you might love wallpaper with characters on it, like this one here. The fun colors on the wallpaper brings the room in cheerful note that can help you creating bedtime stories.

Girly Wallpaper
Obviously, flora and fauna are two of the easiest thing to be made colorful. And this one here is one of them too. Without being too much on colors, the white background has made the room more balanced.

Dino Time
This one here is another green flora themed wallpaper that will be prefect for you if you’re looking for something besides the flowery theme. If flowery theme is more girly, this dino one is more boyish.

Forest Theme
This one here is perfect for those who love both flora and fauna theme. And although it can be really bold, this one here looks soft and calm.

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