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glass cone pendant bedside lighting, low stool, white linen, wooden floor, dark green wall Elona Home

White Lantern Pendant On The Side, Dark Grey Wall, Grey Bed Linen
White Ball Sconce, Dark Green Wall, Wooden Headboard, Side Table, White Striped Linen
Black Metal Cage Pendants With White Bulbs, Grey Wall, Grey Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Blue Grey Bed, Black Side Table
Golden Table Lamp, Wooden Side Table, Blue Wall
Simple Industrial Floor Lamp, Green White Wall, Dark Green Bed, Brown Rug
Bedroom, White Rug, Pink Headboard, Green Blanket, Green Wall, Golden Pendant, Golden Geometric Pendant
White Bird Cage Pendant Sconce, Green Wall, Floating Side Table, Grey Bed Linen
Black Floor Lamp, Green Sage Wall, Brown Bed
Green Fringe Sconce With Golden Accent, Dark Green Wall, Dark Green Bed, White Floor, Golden Side Table
Glass Cone Pendant Bedside Lighting, Low Stool, White Linen, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Wall

For those who pay attention to details, small things like lighting fixture would be really important, especially when it comes for a bedroom where they can choose personally what they want. And picking up the right lighting fixture can be really serious as it can affect the finished look of the bedroom. It can complement the room or making some interesting contrast. If you’re looking for some pretty lighting fixtures, this is the right place. These ones below are some pretty and interesting bedside lighting that you will love.

Double Lighting
For those who love to have double sources of light, this example is beautiful. The lighting on the ceiling and on the wall match each other with golden color. The smooth pendant is a contrast for the geometrical pendant. This combination create an interesting look.

White Ball
If you love something modern, soft, and simple, a white ball sconce is probably what you need on your bed side wall. This lamp is perfect for reading books before you go to bed.

Glass Cone
An interesting shape can make your room feels really different. While your room is in neutral look, adding something unique can make the room feels more fun and beautiful. This can be seen from this one below with glass cone and white bulb inside.

Golden Lamp
For those who prefer something easy, table lamp is a great option. With sconce, you will need to install it especially on the wall while with table lamp, you can just put it on top of the side table.

Bird Cage
This one here is another unique pendant that you will want to have on your bedside. The bird cage shape look special. It is perfect for a room that needs soft touch, like modern or shabby look.

White Lanterns
In this dark surrounding, the white lantern pendant looks pronounced. The contrast that the color makes is endearing and effortless. This modern bedroom looks elegant, deep, with some interesting details.

Black Metal Pendants
This one is another pendant that will look great in modern or industrial themed room. In this one, the neutral grey look is a canvas that the pendants can blend really easily.

Small Spotlight
This floor lamp is really interesting with its small industrial design. Directed to the wall, this small spotlight will bring out subtle light that will not come too strong. Floor lamp is also easier to install compare to pendant or sconce.

Green Fringe
If you love to go elegant and old school, this fringe lighting might interest you. The combination of green fringe and golden accent create an old look that match with the dark look on the wall and bed.

Black Hawk
If you are looking for something simple, this one here can give you what you want, similar to the previous floor and table lamp. With black simple design, this floor lamp looks pronounced on the green environment.

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