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Wooden Boards With Wooden Hooks
Traditional Wooden Boards, Long Hooks
Wooden Hanging Rod, Metal Hooks, Wooden Table Top
Silver Metal Hanging Rods On The Wall, Metal Hooks, Hanging Roll, Tray
Black Iron Hanging Rods, Black Iron Hooks, Grey Wall
Black Hanging Rods, Black Hooks, Accessories
Golden Metal Hanging Rod, Golden Metal Hooks
Long Black Iron Hanging Rods, Black Hooks
Black Iron Hanging Rods, Black Iron Hooks, White Box And Storage
Black Iron Hanging Rods, Black Iron Hooks, White Box

Keeping the kitchen tools clean and practical is one of the goals that you might have in the kitchen. It can be really messy and overwhelming work in a hot kitchen while you need to also figure out where things are. the favorite option might be putting everything in the kitchen cabinet. However, there’s another option that you can choose: it’s putting things on the hanging storage. It can help you see where things are while also a great setting to drain the waters after you wash it. Here below are some exciting setting you might want to see before having your own.

Wooden Rod
If you love natural and neutral look, you will love to have this wooden rods to help you keep your tools tidily and cleanly. It is an easy DIY project too, you can just put a strong wooden branch and add some metal hooks on it.

Wooden Board
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a warm and natural touch to this piece of wooden board. The small wooden hooks make a simple and matching touch to the board. It is a nice accessories to the kitchen especially when you have a natural or minimalist kitchen.

Rustic Hooks
If you’re looking for something rustic and traditional for your kitchen, you might love this rustic look hanging set. The long hooks have its own charm while also let you hang double, on the upper hook and the bottom hook.

Black Iron for Accessories
Besides putting your kitchen tools, hanging rods can be an interesting setting for your accessories. Seen in this one below, the black rod has became an interesting place to store the mugs, bottles, as well as plants.

White on White
This one here puts quite a full look but without making it feel messy. The white rods, hooks and tray to hold kitchen tools are all set in tidy fashion. From the magnetic board for knives to the plates tray, all look easy and simple.

Golden Lines
To make things a little bit more exciting, you can choose the more unique color for the rod. This one here chooses golden lines to hold the mugs and it brings out elegant and pretty ambiance to the backsplash area.

Black on White
For you who love contrast, this setting can look so great too. The black metal rod makes a pretty view upon this white backsplash tiles. This setting is strengthened by the use of either black or white tray or boxes to support storage.

Below the Window
While putting your rod on the backsplash area can be practical and helpful, putting it below the window can give even more interesting details. It is unique and it will help you with lots of light to get the tools you need.

In the Small Space
Putting hanging rod in the small space can help you maintain lots more storage and place to put accessories, like this one.

Long Black Rod
If you love something simple, this is also a great setting you can go. It has nice contrast and it’s pretty like that.

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