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dining room, white wooden floor, white round dining table, white chairs, white paper pendant chandelier Indecora

Dining Room, White Floor, White Subway Backsplash Tiles, White Cabinet, White Modern Midcentury Chairs, Wooden Square Table, Geometric Wire Pendants
Dining Room, Light Grey Flooring, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Modern Chairs, Wooden Round Table, White Pendant, Hanging Plants
Rattan Covered Pendant On Dinig Room With Hexagon Floor Tiles, White Wall, Large Glass Window, Black Round Table, Brown Dining Chairs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Table, White Modern Chairs, White Wall, Large Glass Window, White Bulbs In Tied
Dining Room, Wooden Square Table, Grey Chairs, Glass Pendants With Incandescent Lamps
Dining Room, Terrazzo Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Square Table, White Modern Midcentury Chair, Wooden Geometric Pendants, White Shelves
Dining Room, White Wooden Floor, White Round Dining Table, White Chairs, White Paper Pendant Chandelier
Dining Room, Glossy White Wooden Floor, Wooden Square Table, White Chair, Modern Chair, White Ebnch With Cuhion, Mix Of Pendants In One
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Mixed Chairs, White Wall, Blue Cabinet, Geometric Wire Pendants, Roudn Mirror
Dining Room, Grey Rug, White Teal Wallpaper, Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Round Dining Table, Teal Chair, Yellow Glass Round Pendants

Lighting fixture can make an ambiance feels more exciting and different. As there are a lot of types of lighting fixture out there, sometimes it is difficult to decide the right interesting piece that we want to have in the room, especially in a room for many people like living room or dining room. However, these below are some interesting lighting fixtures for dining room that might interest you get clearer idea on what you want

Simple and Modern
In a modern surrounding with sleek touch and neat finish, having just the right modern and simple pendant is what works best. And this one here, with the interesting mix of modern chairs in a neutral and smooth look, the white pendant looks effortless and blend well.

Inside the Glass
Interesting shapes and look can be mold from glass. With glass molten into pendant, it is a beautiful and stunning look. From the glass we can see the real lamps that have been reflected beautifully through the molten glass. Combining some different shapes of course will make it even more interesting.

Natural Covered
It is always interesting to see how natural material woven into a beautiful pendant. And this pretty thing in large round shape here is no exception. The brown neutral look is perfect in this white dining room with matching chairs.

Mixing Geometric
Mixing up shape in one close area can be really incredible. Here below are the exampe of mixing chairs in a dining room in not only shape but also elements. And that’s not the only thing they mix. The geometric shaped pendants above has it going too. Together, they create an eclectic look that pleases the eye.

Wooden Geometric
While geometric lamps tent to have metal or glossy finish, this one here is interestingly made from wood. And that what makes the room looks unique. The natural element swoops into the room with smooth look.

Randomly Geometric
While the previous ones has exact shapes in the design, this one here looks like beautifully random. With golden metal wire, a mysterious and interesting look that seems contrast to the room looks more pronounced

Pendants in Tied
Pendants has always offered attractive design. But this one here does not only offer appealing design individually but it is also a bunch of it. It gives you a bunch of pretty looking pendants above your dining room. It makes the room getting prettier.

Bunch of Pendants
Similar to the previous one this lighting fixture depicts how white bulb pendants can be grouped together and made an interesting look as group. With the natural modern in its surrounding, it has just given the room an attention.

A Beautiful Contrast
In this dining room with bold teal chairs, the bold yellow glass lighting fixture comes as a beautiful contrast. IT is interesting to see how these two cold colors can work together. The mix of combination in the room looks amazing together too.

Stylish Lamps
A great touch in the room can be done through the chic and fascinating pendant like this one here. The white square paper makes it merry and when the light is turned on, it looks mysterious.

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