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Large Selections of Modern Furniture Raleigh, Best Recommendations for Your Modern Lifestyle

Furniture convincingly makes homes functional and unique. Wherever you live in beach bungalow, city apartment, or your own home, your furnishings should be the reflection of personal style. Even though it’s hard to find, the most important is to shop the package of home furnishing that makes you satisfying. Quality and comfort are the keys of best home furnishing; don’t be trapped by huge selections and physically appearance of particular furniture. Just select and shop sets of furniture that fits your favorite, budget, and needs. For you guys who live in Raleigh, there are so many best selections of modern furniture Raleigh, North Carolina. They might be the inspiring choices for making your home much more stylish.

modern sunroom idea soft neutral sectional with orange accent pillows chair with stripes patterns large fluffy white area rug rattan hanging chair modern pendant lamp
RB Arch

It’s never wrong to use one room for more than one functional space. This room, for example, is used as a sunroom as well as a kid’s playroom. Even, it can also be used for a living room. Use one of walls’ side for an opening area is a smart way to create an airy feel. This idea also lets the presence of fresh & green garden.

black wrought iron chair in modern design modern settee with white accent pillows standard fireplace feature with dark toned wood surround
Streeter Homes

This furniture choice is really reflecting the owner’s modern lifestyle. For creating a furnished-modern cottage, the owner selects the single stylish seat finished by black wrought iron. It’s true that the material depicts the old or even antique appeal, but the design is really modern. This furniture, for instance, fits a modern living room/ sunroom.

black wrough iron furniture with grey comfoters grey painted wood tables in small size grey area rug with patterns brick floors medium stoned wood ceilings
Cameron Custom Builder

Still exposing black wrought iron. This set of sunroom furniture uses modern comforter that provides huge comfort for the users. As the neutral color, grey easily fits any color tones, including this neutral rug and floors. A pair of grey-painted wood tables also attracts us due to their size and shape.

modern sunroom design white sectionals with black accent pillows light brown area rug large skylights large modern fireplace feature wall mounted tv set over fireplace
Wordsworth Design House

A nice sunroom with best skylight and furniture choice. White sectionals with black accent pillows are really good choice to stand out this open space. It’s very modern and inviting.

screened porch idea day bed with white comforter and accent pillows pale hardwood table pale hardwood wood board floors bold grey tiles walls stand lamp with hardwood base and white shade
Lisa Sherry Interieurs

White daybed with piles of white accent pillows. This is enough to give much of comfort. Light-toned hardwood table is also good choice for such kind of seat. All is designed in pale tone, but bold grey tiles walls become a nice contrasting panel against the furniture set.

neutral toned daybed swing with accent pillows green finished rattan chairs round glass top table slate floors in grey glass wall panels medium toned wood walls
Lind Nelson

A daybed swing featuring green-finishing rattan furniture set. This is a great option for highlighting an airy sunroom. The green furniture set particularly offers timeless and playful look to this space. Even more, they are settled on grey slate floors. Brilliant idea!

modern style sunroom black hanging fireplace black leather daybed furniture with accent pillows fluffy white area rug black slate floors standard wood ceilings
Place Architecture

It’s the balance: White & black colors meet neutral upper. The daybed furniture has original black leather finishing and it’s added with colorful accent pillows. The ground floor is accented by fluffy white area rug, giving a contrast. One most interesting is a hanging fireplace that’s so unique in shape, giving the special focal point in this room.

grey couch with multicolored accent pillows multicolored ottoman table grey area rug white side table with under shelves & drawer table lamp with green base abstract painting with strong colors
Tobi Fairley

Grey couch, yes it’s so simple, but some multicolored accent pillows make it much more attractive. This proves that the colors take the significant role in home decor. A small side table equipped with under racks and drawer not only provides the effective storage solution, but also softens all colored- pieces surround, especially an abstract painting that displays strong and striking tones of colors.

modern sectional in pale tone modern white center table dark grey velvet rug framed feather prints ornaments modern standing lamp made of stainless steel concrete walls
Great Big Canvas

This is an amazing modern furniture set. It truly presents high level of aesthetic value and modernity. The scheme combination is so perfect. The layout is also marvelous. Here, neutral schemes are dominant. No worry to pair this package with bolder or even lighter schemes. And, this furniture, of course, provides the ultimate comfort.

modern style living room dark couches with magenta accent pillows white upholstery table standard fireplace colorful stripes draperies white walls crystal chandelier
All Wood Construction

This living room set is divided into two different schemes. Both schemes are really distinctive but balance each other. White upholstery center table completely gives clean and bright tone against the dark-toned couch. Magenta, applied on the accent pillows and draperies, becomes the accent color that’s attractively grabs anyone’s eyes.

soft & neutral living room set with orange accent pillows simple designed wood tables area rug with modern patterns medium toned wood floors abstract paintings
Sitzer Spuria

Clean lines, strong tones, simplicity, and functionality are the foundations of modern architectural concept. This furniture choice own all that criterion. Here, clean interior facade is filled with earthy and neutral-toned furnishing pieces which are then accented with bold-schemed accessories such as orange accent pillows, area rug with modern patterns, and some abstract paintings.

local custom hardwood dining table fiberglass dining chairs in black medium toned wood floors whitewashed dining cabinets grey walls with white baseboard unique pendant lamp with glass ball lamps
Heather Garrett Design

Custom furniture becomes the best option for you guys who want to furnish your home with your favorite design. This dining furniture, for example, is designed in custom by using the local wood species. The chairs, on the other hands, are built from best fiberglass material and finished in glossy black (fabrication). Each chair is supported by thin hairpin base. This package surely presents a beautiful mixture of local custom and fabrication products.

modern patio furniture set in black and light tone a set of wood furniture medium toned wood floors original tree trunk pillars decorative vase
Rodolfo Gonzales

Clean lines modular design visibly shows a modern concept applied on this lounge. This furniture uses light and dark schemes, and both are implied good balance for each individual unit. A set of wood furniture is added at the corner, giving another alternative of small seating spots as well as providing decorative function in this outdoor space.

modern bed frame with headboard a pair of wood bedside tables with modern table lamps light beige bedroom rug grey solid floors grey solid walls
Usona Home

A night table built from solid wood is so recommended for people with their modern lifestyle. This bedroom furniture is specially designed with clean structural lines and original tone & texture. This bed frame has been featured with a pair of bedside tables with two drawers.

platform bed frame with white bed line and grey bedding wall mounted bedside tables modern table lamps in black modern chair glossy grey floors wood wall paneling white walls
CGA Partners

Another option of bedroom furniture that’s identical with modern home decor idea. This is a platform bed which exposes more simplicity and originality of wood material. This platform, for instance, is built without headboard. The mounted bedside tables here has single shelf for storage and be effective spot for placing the table lamps or small things like Smartphone, clock, drink, or other things easier to reach by hand.

adjustable bed frame with mounted bedside tables and hairpin base pale toned wood floors white walls recessed walk in closet

It’s like a buffet featuring a platform bed with hairpin base. On right and left side, we’ve found the mounted bedside tables with drawer addition. This design is very unique and adjustable. It’s commonly used in space-limited bedroom.

small platform bed with lower headboard and mounted bedside tables modern white chair with metal base recessed wardrobe closet with semi transparent fiberglass door white wool shag wood floors
S2 Architects

Keep focusing on practical and functional use for each furnishing item; this is called modern concept. Recessed wardrobe closet with semi-transparent fiberglass door is best choice for storage unit. A modern chair in white becomes a cozy spot for relaxing while enjoying the natural view outside. And small-sized platform bed is enough for stretching your tired body after doing the daily activities. All this package furniture offer extra coziness and high-class style.

concrete made bunk bed with white ladder purple bedding idea small bedside table with black iron legs single couch in white

It looks like a bunk bed, but it’s not. It’s just two layers of bed frames built from white-finishing concrete. Purple bedding here seems so striking after being applied on white ‘concrete-made’ beds, and a ladder is added to access the upper sleeping space. Unlike the common bedside tables, this bedroom only has a unit of bedside that’s placed side by side with a couch.

modern bedroom design a pair of sofa in beige wall mounted TV set small working chair in red wall mounted working desk integrated with shelves
Susan Diana Harris

Let’s ignore the sleeping area and just focus on TV/ media area. It’s much more interesting because it shows how modern and simple it is. This spot is furnished with a pair of small and modern couch plus accent pillows. At the corner, we’ve seen a small working space consisting of modern removable working chair and wall-mounted desk that’s directly integrated with fantastic shelves.

modern platform bed with white bedding dog bed in white modern console table and bench modern bedside tables medium toned wood floors white ceilings

Lower dog bed in white – this is the most interesting piece in this room. It isn’t merely functional furniture, but it’s also decorative item, or it can be a storage solution when unused. We can put the linens, blankets, or unused pillows here.

daybed furniture with under storage grey mattress cover grey accent pillows grey bolsters, recessed shelves centered glass window
Schappacher White

A daybed with under storage and recessed shelves as the background. The pillows, bolsters, and fabric covering the mattress are so lovely. Their color fits the entire room’s tone.

white platform bed without headboard recessed shelves in white full length bench under window with red mattress white corner chair
James Cross Inc

Recessed shelving unit on right and left bed frame has successfully taken our attention. It’s too minimalist but beautiful storage space for something intentionally wants to display. Each shelf is surfaced by glass and the lowest one is made in wider. The bench, another attractive furniture, is full in length and covered with vividly red mattress.

modern style bedroom with wood bed frame white wall partition with recessed bookshelves concrete floors
Sander Space

A wall partition with recessed book shelves – This is the simplest way to optimize the space, especially the room partition. This kind of partition is designed in similar tone to interior, excluding the floors which are the concrete.

rising bed frame with under storage wood bench dark toned hardwood dresser medium toned wood floors wool rug in white
RN Architect

Higher bed frame in a master bedroom. This rising bed is equipped with under storage units where the bedding supplies and pillows can be stored. To access the bed, the owner provides a wooden bench that is also applicable as a seating feature and ladder. This concept is so unique and can be usable for small bedroom which is identical with limited space for storage.

modern bedroom idea red bedding idea decorative vase in different size simple but modern study nook with soft textured wood chair and table black framed glass panels as the walls
Solar Innovations

This study corner is so stunning. It’s designed to expose soft texture and original scheme of wood at the same time. The design is also shows the elegance through its simplicity.

wood table inserted into a murphy bed recessed closet with wood door wood bedside table with modern lamp
Blip Design

It’s actually a table inserted into a murphy bed. It’s a great idea to save the space. Modern people today prefer such furniture for it is effective, practical, and stylish.

modern dining room idea dark toned wood dining table dark toned dining chairs with dark brown leather grey slate floors glass walls with black frames
Azman Architects

This dining furniture is designed for large numbers of users. This is why the table is made larger and longer. The chairs, additionally, are supported with dark-toned leather. The furniture has earthy dark finishing, a contrasting scheme against grey slate floors and black frames wrapped the glass walls.

modern living room in rounded space semi rounded drapery knobs dark chairs rounded center table solid black area rug in round shape medium toned wood floors
Cabinet Concepts By Design

It’s true that semi-rounded or rounded space is hardly to decor, but through this idea, we’ve finally discovered a way of decorating a rounded/ semi-rounded space. Use curved-interior facade and complete it with all things in curve shape, including the draperies’ knobs, area rug, and even the table. It’s optional for us to select round-shape sectional or just ordinary chairs which are set side by side or face to face.

modern home library idea white bookshelves inserted in wall medium toned wood floors
Open Studio Architects

A wall system and bookshelves as one – this idea is brilliantly applied for a modern interior idea. This idea is also ideally adopted for home office/ home library with limited space.

colorful living room in modern style turquoise center table with wood legs blue chairs with sun flower motifs yellow couch with colorful accent pillows white finished concrete floors
Room Fu

Play your cheerful colors and apply them for your living room. This modern living room is just one of modern living room samples that bravely uses colorful scheme in each furnishing item. Each individual finishes in different color. This idea creates this space much more fun.

modern minimalist sideboard in dark and light finishings abstract painting in red light beige walls medium toned wood floors
Studio Santalla

Simple but modern; two words describing this sideboard designed in custom. This storage solution is built from best mahogany, and it’s manually made by professional. Physically, the furniture has light and dark finishings (the dark frames the light finishing).

modern style powder room blue walls dark brown vanity with under cabinets free standing sink in white mirror with decorative frame a couple of wall lamps

The designer plays the bold schemes in this powder room. She uses bold scheme like blue and earthy brown as the accent colors that dominate the space. Both are contrasting each other but they look so beautiful when being applied as one package. Just add other bold schemes on small accessories or other pieces to make this space stands out.

modern patio idea modern pergola in black finishing gravel floors reading chairs black finished wood railing system
Dovetail Gc

As one of most fav outdoor spots, we should select cozy and stylish patio furniture for sitting and relaxing. This couple of reading chairs, for example, is really recommended as they’re not only unique& stylish, but they’re also comfortable. Complete their performance just by adding a simple and modern side table. They look cool although impractical.

Japanese mat hardwood table mattress bench under windows window shutters window drapery white ceramic tiles floors

Actually, this is a meditation room but it can be flexibly used for multi-functional room. All furniture here is set in simple, just consists of hardwood table, mattress, and bench under windows. Mat here is originally shipped from Japan, and this mat evidently can make us warm.

modern craft working space idea industrial layered tables industrial working chair industrial working table short stairs idea juted area rug grey walls
Aidec Jp

An interesting working space with short stairs that lead to another room. The furniture here is designed in modern minimalist. They’re the industrial products which expose industrial materials and models. Take a look at this layered tables, working chair, and book racks; they are fabrication.

modern kitchen idea blue walls with display shelves in white white countertop wooden flat panel cabinets built in stainless steel appliances large kitchen island in white modern bar stools
Cat Anderson

This kitchen idea may be the best recommendation for you because it features the double pull-out pantry units plus a built-in refrigerator, huge kitchen island, and a coffee maker.

modern outdoor kitchen idea custom stone counter bright stone countertop gas grill mini refrigerator shabby but cool chairs
Brecken Ridge Landscape

It must be fun if we have an outdoor kitchen that always be favorite spot when having the BBQ party. This modern outdoor is designed in modern rustic by using original stones as the main material. It’s interesting because we still discover the original texture of stones in this cook space. The countertop, by contrast, is surfaced by custom stone with softer texture, so it keeps giving the comfort when we’re grilling. The kitchen is also completed with a gas grill and mini refrigerator.

modern minimalist outdoor kitchen idea clean white kitchen counter clean white kitchen island flat panel cabinets in white industrial bar chairs dark hardwood walls without finishing
Optimise Design

A modern minimalist outdoor kitchen which exposes a clean and simple concept. The furniture is in white, a contrasting look against the wood walls. The industrial bar stools become the focal points that give the stylish and functional purpose in this space.

modern kitchen and bar modern bar stools in soft color natural stone counter glass top bar table with side wine rack pale toned wood floors recessed stainless steel appliances in dark finishing
Hann Built

Feel the nuance of commercial bar just by transforming our kitchen into a modern kitchen bar. Add unique and low & warm-lighted pendant lamps over the bar table to get dramatic and romantic look. Choose modern bar stools and arrange them orderly. Glass-top bar table can also add elegant and modern appeal in this room. Additionally, wine racks integrated in the edge of bar table offers functional and decorative piece. Want to try this idea?

rustic & modern dining room idea dark hardwood dining table with clear finishing light beige dining chairs light toned jute area rug dark hardwood dining cabinet with glass door rustic pendant lamp
High Fashion Home

Rustic and modern in one. The dining table is made from dark hardwood and has clear finishing to add glossy look. It’s nice to combine it with lighter pieces like beige dining chairs and jute area rug; they’re obviously contrasting but amazing. A hard metal pendant lamp, more importantly, contributes in creation of rustic appeal.

modern bathroom vanity with green glass sink and round shaped decorative mirror a couple of vanity light fixtures
Bass River Carpentry

Custom mahogany vanity with green glass sink – a great choice to fill your bathroom. Round-shaped decorative mirror addition gives elegance and luxury to your bathroom. A couple of vanity light fixtures is not only decorative, but also functional.

floating bathroom vanity with baby blue and white laminate square shaped & white sink stainless steel faucets frameless mirror white ceramic subway tiles walls
Kerf Design

Unlike the previous design, this floating vanity is much more stylish and attractive. It’s made of best maple from Europe and laminated with baby blue and white. Large frameless mirror seems to be the best pair for this vanity. Other modern furniture pieces like stainless steel faucets and square white sink are well recommended, too.

floating wood vanity with white sink and faucet frameless mirror grey tiles walls and floors
JT Photo

Grey and light wood color combination is so perfect. They offer contrasting scheme. All interior pieces are modern and simple in design. This idea is an inspiration for modern or contemporary open shower.

modern open shower idea white laminated vanity with white & square shaped sink white toilet frameless mirror with side shelves white ceramic tiles walls and floors
True Source

Clean lines, stylish, and sophisticated; this open shower space shows the use of black -white that complete each other. White is more dominated and black is as the finest details. White-laminated vanity offers maximum modernity and practicality.

modern floating vanity with flat panel cabinets in white a couple of mirror with vivid plant ornament in the middle walk in shower space with clear glass panels
Deforest Architects

Another inspiring design of floating vanity furniture with flat panel cabinets. More interestingly, the owner adds a couple of decorative plants at the center of mirror. This surely gives a special accent, particularly floral accent in the middle of modern furniture use. Wood paneling is also installed in walk-in shower space which is wrapped with clean lines glass panels.

patio furniture set made of dark finished rattan multicolored accent walls glass top rattan table
Arterra LLP

Contrasting outdoor furniture set with earthy brown foam comforters and multicolored accent pillows. This is really perfect for hardscape outdoor area like in this picture.

patio furniture set made of black white aluminum
Home Infatuation

Amazing outdoor dining furniture set – The furniture is made from best aluminum and finished in white and black. Each chair is equipped with best foam covered with moisture-resistant fabric.

modern patio idea with modern orange chairs with white frame hardscape area concrete patio floors
Eagle Son Landscape

Making a contrast look for a hardscape area around the outdoor pool isn’t hard. A set of modern chairs and table will work optimally. Like in this picture, it’s obvious that the hardscape gives special accent to this space.

dark hardwood bar chairs with green foam comforters modern standing lamp with white shade

Higher chairs with green foam as the comforter. These chairs are specifically designed for modern kitchen bars. With fluffy foam comforter, the chairs surely offer maximum comfort for users.

modern living room design upholstered sofa in cream upholstered settee with bolsters in cream dark grey area rug black painted coffee table

Upholstered sofa and settee with bolsters in cream- they’re soft and modern. Their texture gives huge comfort when used. Pair it with dark hardwood coffee table and darker area rug to create a beautiful accent of color in this modern living room.