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white large kitchen island with storage for wooden stools with white leather seating Mingle

Rectangle Kitchen Island With White Marble Counter Top, Black Stools With Brown Leather Cushion
White Large Square Kitchen Island With Marble Top And Storage Under, Wooden Stools Around
White High Kitchen Island With Marble Top With High Rattan Stools With Backs
Large Kitchen Island With White Storage Under And Brown Marble Countertop, Wooden Stools With Backs And Plaid Cushion Seating
White Square Kitchen Island With Two Sides For Seating Area With White Stools With Back And Beautiful Chandelier On Top
Large Kitchen Island With Black Body, White Marble Top, Black Wooden With Black Leather Seating Chairs
Large Kitchen Island With White Countertop, Sink, Three Wooden Chairs With Backs, Pot Racks On Top Of The Table With Lamps On It
Grey Kitchen Island With White Marble Top And Storage On One Side For Wooden Stools With White Cushion
White Large Kitchen Island With Storage For Wooden Stools With White Leather Seating
Spacious Kitchen Island With Grey Marble Top, Space To Store The White Bar Stools

A kitchen always has a thing for an island as an extra area to gather around while the cook is cooking the food for everyone. A large kitchen will be able to accommodate a large kitchen island too. With large kitchen island, the more food and drinks can be put on the table. The more people can gather around. The more fun a group can have. If you want to make sure you can have large group to your island, here are some beautiful ideas for your kitchen.

For a Modern Group

This one is a perfect example on how a large kitchen should look like. It is sturdy, beautiful, and of course, large it allows up to ten people to gather around comfortably. With the black leather cushion, it looks not only comfortable but also stylish and modern.

White Spacious Island

This one looks really spacious to gather around. With white color, it looks refreshing and it’ll help you not to look too messy when there are so many people around. With space under the island to store the stools, the design looks even ore ergonomic.

Storage for Bar Stools

This is another kitchen island with storage space for the stools. The space is enough to store many stools. And another thing you can see from this picture that its bar stools that looks cute and modern.

Classy Large Kitchen

For those who love to make your kitchen island space more elegant, you can try something classic like these stools. And of course, the glass pendant is such an eye catching spot that makes the island even prettier.

Large Surface for Everyone

When you have a large space, there will plenty room for your furniture and of course for a furniture like kitchen island, it will never hurt to have the large one like this. You can see how much space you can use in that island. Dining table will be used for formal occasion.

Contrast Island

To make your kitchen more interesting, you can put something big and contrast to your kitchen. On dark floor, you can put something bright to play with the color and light and balance it with the stools.

Rattan Stools

With large kitchen island you will be able to put some chairs around it and it will matter how your chairs would be. But of course, it should be something simple and pretty like rattan bar stools here. To complete the white look of this kitchen, this rattan stools are the perfect combination.

Merry Island

This beautiful kitchen is completed by large kitchen island with two sides of seating area. All this white palette is balanced by the beautiful chandelier on top of the kitchen island.

Space for Everything

In this picture, kitchen island area is not only an area where you can gather around in a kitchen but also a space to put the storage. Here is seen the island has storage cabinet under, storage for the chairs, and storage for pot rack on the ceiling.

Large Kitchen Island in Not So Large Kitchen

Well, as you can see, the kitchen is not so large but the island fit well in the kitchen to create more spaces for people to sit around.

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