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bathroom, pattern floor tiles, tiles bench, wooden tub with white inside, beige wall, orange partition, Elle Decoration

Bathroom, Yellow Wall, Whtie Tiles Wainscoting, Black Metal Vanity Tables, White Top, White Sinks, Hexagonal Tiles
Bathroom, White Wall, Black Wainscoting, Pink Tub With Claw Foot, Black Cabinet White Marble, White Sink, Hexagon Mirror, Sconce, Patterned Floor Tiles
Bathroom, Floating Vanity With Wooden Drawers, White Top And Sink, Round Mirror, Sconce, White Fireplace, Colorful Floor Tiles In Geometric
Bathroom, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Floating Sink, Round Mirror, Black Built In Shelves, Patterned Tiles
Bathroom, Blue Floor Tiles With Geomteric Lines, Dark Wooden Vanity, White Undermount Sink, White Wall, White Toilet, Mirror, Bulbs Pendants
Bathroom, Tiny Hexagon Tiles In White And Pink In Great Pattern On The Floor, Wall, Tub, Silver Faucet, Glass Partition
Bathroom, White Wall Tiles, Wooden Floating Vanity Built In With Wooden Cupboard, Colorful Floor Tiles
Pretty Pink Pattern Floor Tiles, Wooden Cupboard, White Wall With Black Lines, White Floating Vanity Sink, Large Mirror
Bathroom, Pattern Floor Tiles, Tiles Bench, Wooden Tub With White Inside, Beige Wall, Orange Partition,
Bathroom, Yellow Arabesque Floor Tiles, Blue Cabinet, White Wall, Sconce, White Tub, Glass Partition

Bathroom can be a really fun place with pattern floor tiles. With strong pattern, the room will change so much different. And if you think you need some inspirations to find before renovate or choosing your tiles in the bathroom, here below are some stunning fun pattern that will make you fall in love.

With White Tiles
The easiest thing in applying pattern floor tiles is to combine it with white tiles. These neutral tiles are great background to any pattern. And this one here shows how they compliment each other. The patter itself uses #D effect of geometrical pattern.

Colorful Geometric
In this bathroom, you can see the fun the patterned floor tiles create. With triangular pattern, the colors are different in each pattern. It looks refreshing for the white bathroom that has been warmed with wooden floating and cupboard.

Geometric Lines
This one shows an interesting look with geometric lines. These blue floor tiles look energetic and appealing for the white bathroom. The dark wooden cabinet balances the stark and straight vibe.

Bright Yellow
This one here shows an interesting combination of pattern and color that works really well in being stand out. The yellow color looks so bright and strong to the bathroom. And the pattern on the floor is really gorgeous.

Mix of Contrast
The contrast of colors and patterns are seen so strongly in this one here. The chevron patter on the wall from the white backsplash contrast with the floor pattern and lines in the vanity table. The colors are strong and amazing together.

Pink Touch
In this pretty bathroom, the black wainscoting and vanity compliment each other as well as the patterned floor tiles. However, the unique touch is the hexagon mirror on the wall and the pink tub that looks like it comes in the wrong bathroom. However, that feeling is what makes it look strong.

Colored Geometric Tiles
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows fun and interesting look of a bathroom with colorful geometric floor. It is a gorgeous and refreshing touch for a neutral look.

Amazing Details
In this bathroom, a genius pattern is created from tiny hexagon tiles in white and pink. And not only that it has amazing detail shape of hexagon but it also has the big pattern on triangle on the wall and floor.

Pretty Pattern
If you’re looking for a pretty pattern like this one, you can see how well it is combined with white modern look of bathroom. The pink and curvy pattern are best to strengthen beautiful and pretty vibe in the room.

Merry Pattern
If you love to get merry look, this kind of tiles will help you get it. With three colors on it, these geometric tiles look amazing on the floor combined with the big tub and bench. The clashing color on the tiles itself brings interesting and refreshing look.

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