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kitchen with light wood floor, light wood in cabinet, backsplash, floating cabinet, islands, white cabinet and island top, white wall Contemporist

Kitchen With Wooden Flooring, Light Brown Wood Cabinet With Handles, White Grey Backsplash, White Wooden Floatin Cabinet, Island With White Top
Kitchen With Light Wood Floor Almost White, White Wooden Island, White Cabinet And Shelves, Brown Wooden Floating Cabinet, Light Grey Wall, Glass Pendants
Kitchen With Light Wood Floor, Light Wood In Cabinet, Backsplash, Floating Cabinet, Islands, White Cabinet And Island Top, White Wall
Kitchen With Light Wood Floor, Light Wood Cabinet And Drawers, Floating Open Shelves, White Counter Top, White Pendant, White Wall
Kitchen With Light Wood Floor, Dark Wood Cabinet And Cupboards, White Marble Backsplash, Counter Top And Island Top, White Wall, Glass Pendant
Kitchen With Glossy Floor, Light Brown Wooden Cabinet Uner White Top, Light Brown Wooden Open Shelves
Kitchen With Light Brown Wooden Floor, Cabinet, Open Shelves, White Counter Top, White Wall, White Framed Window
Kitchen With Light Wood Floor, Dark Wood Cabinet And Floating Cabinet With White Top, Silve Fridge, White Backsplash, Green Wall
Kitchen With Brown Floor Tiles, Light Brown Wooden Cabinet With Black Handles, White Counter Top Black Faucet, Light Brown Floating Cabinet, White Wall, Black Pendant
Kitchen With Light Wood Floor, Light Wood Shelves And Drawers Under Black Counter Top, Light Wooden Rail And Floaing Shelves

Wooden furniture never really goes out of the trend. It stays along with another trend because it looks neutral and natural. With eco-conscious rises, wooden furniture will stay even longer. And, with wood, there will be many finish color option that one can get. It can be dark, light, or painted. However, in the eco-conscious era like this, there will no better time for light wood furniture to rise. With light wood furniture, the pattern in the wood is displayed very well that it’s so pretty just like that and it will also make the room comes with strong natural ambiance. Well, let’s admire what light wood can do to kitchens, just now.


Light Wood Ambiance

Furbished with light wood cabinet that look so beautiful in its sleek lines with no handles visible, this one here balances the look with floating open shelves with the same light look. The kitchen is both light and warm.


Along with White

As light brown wood cabinet here looks quite ashed, combining it with white cabinet and backsplash is really an effortless look. It looks good together without getting out the natural vibe.


Simple Look

With natural look, it is also so easy to get simple and minimalist look. Only with light brown wooden cabinet that does not even go for long combined with white top, neutral look is displayed very well.


Modern Look

This one here successfully depicts the modern vibes only from light wooden finish on the floor, cabinet, backsplash, floating cabinet, and the island. The design is so sleek and smooth that it looks so minimalist and enticing at the same time. The handles cut on the cabinet looks so precise and beautiful.


Open and Light

Light wood has brought light look. And so does open shelving. Combined together, they bring light look so strong. Not to mention if it’s not only the floating open shelving on the wall but also under the counter top. It might look so cluttered but with the right cupboard to store the clutters, only those you want to display are on the shelves.


Off White Floor

Floor has been one of the item that wood is often seen on. With light wood look, almost white like this one, the floor will look softer and crisp. It will brings out the color on the furniture placed on the kitchen.


Ashen Look

Ashen look can look admirable when its details are amazingly pretty like this one here. The white cabinet looks simple and beautiful to stand by the island and on grey wall. The floor looks crisp and goes along with the look prettily.


Balance the Room

With a kitchen with dark and bold colors, light wood flooring might be a great idea. It can balance the room with heavy and bold look, like this dark wooden cabinet and its green painted wall.


Wooden Lines

Playing lines with wooden floor is easy. It’s one of the common look from wooden planks installed in the floor. However, having it in the cabinet could be a great idea too. Placing the wood pattern in the cabinet to look like it complement the floor makes the room looks beautiful overall. The wooden open shelves supported with white surrounding is so light it balance the pattern playing on the bottom.


Math Entirely

This one here perfectly uses all light wood in the floor, cabinet, island and the open shelves. With its same tone in all those items, the kitchen looks so clean. Combined with white, it never goes wrong.

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