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living room with wooden floor, rug, white corner sofa, entertainment center, wooden cabinet, unique partition, kitchen, wooden table, reading nook Home Designing

Living Room With Grey Wooden Floor, Round Coffee Tbale, Brown Leather Chair, Open Bedroom With Half Partition, Shelves, Floating Dining Table
Living Room With Rug, Study Area In The Corner, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Sofa, Bedding, Curtains
Living Room Wih Grey Floor, White Round Coffee Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Floating Island, Wooden Chairs, Kitchen In Grey, Bedroo In Grey
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, White Corner Sofa, Entertainment Center, Wooden Cabinet, Unique Partition, Kitchen, Wooden Table, Reading Nook
Living Room With White Floor, Rug, White Ottoman, Wooden Blocks Coffee Table, Grey Sofa, Small Black Kitchen, Wooden Dining Table From The Island, TV
Living Room With Grey Sofa, Grey Rug, Wooden Table With White Chair, White Cabinet On Kitchen, Shelevs On Side
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Round Glass Coffee Table, Wooden Dining Table With Leather Chairs, White Cabinet For Partition, Wooden Floor On Bedroom
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet With White Door, Rug, Beige Sofa, Wooden Table From The Countertop, Sink, Wooden Chairs
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Dark Grey Sofa, Round Coffee Tables, High Wooden Tables For Dining With Wooden Stools, Bedroom With Curtain
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Dark Rug, Grey Sofa, Navy Walls With Large Wrld Map, Large Wooden Shelves For TV, Wooden Dining Set With Black Chairs, Dark Kitchen

Small space is always a great challenge. However, in the challenge, fun in planning the room to get all the function we need is there. With that, small room is not such a challenge anymore. If it’s still a difficult challenge to get through, hereĀ  are some ideas to help.


With a View

When a small space is blessed with a large glass window and a great view, it’s like the having added the space itself. With a wide view, it will makes the room wider, not to mention the lights that will naturally basking the room. For a small room, it’s always a great idea to have it open to kitchen and dining area, especially if the view is there.


Make Use of All the Corner

With small space, every space is meaningful. It will not lost to nothing. A comfortable living room can mean many fluffy things or furniture with warm color like brown. Open bedroom will also helps to make the room feel even more comfortable.


Some Leather

To make a room feel comfortable is also by considering the texture and the material used. Leather has been one of the leather that can help give warmth and comfort, apart from cotton or clothes. Giving glowers and soft spectrum colored room will help bringing the ease in the room.


Clean Lines

If the room has modern and rather cold look, wood can help solve the problem. With wooden chairs, shelves, or island, the room looks more at ease, especially in the living area where curves and pillows create its own relaxing spot.


Right Place

One of the things that needs to be considered to create a comfortable living room is the position where it will placed. If living room is a place really important that will affect many activities, it is a great idea to place it in the larger part of the apartment so that it will not feel too cramped.


Large Furniture

When the apartment can survive with two rooms, one room can be situated for living room, kitchen, and dining room. Even with large entertainment shelves, the room do not look weighed because everything else adjusted to give a large space for the living room. The empty space on top of the TV also helps the room to look lighter.


Without Dining Table

One thing can be omitted when the room has small space. It’s either the living room or the dining room, depends on the priority of the owner. However, as dining can take place in the living room, dining place is sometimes omitted from the room. A room without dining place still can function well.


Dining on the Kitchen

While omitting the dining table can be done, moving the dining place to the kitchen while facing the TV is also a great idea. This way, the living room ambiance can be enjoyed even in the kitchen. The living area itself looks soft, fluffy, and inviting that if there’s an interesting movie, it needs to be enjoyed from the living area.


Open Bedroom

As small space force people to think more about how to set the space, it is always interesting how things turn out. Commonly, living room is opened to the kitchen and dining table. But not seldom living room is opened to a bedroom. Sometimes it has partition like bookcase. And sometimes, curtain can be more flexible and light, exactly a small space room needs.


Adding a Unique Touch

While small space needs to always have light feeling, it doesn’t mean that accessories are prohibited. With the right unique furniture, even if it’s large, it can give a unique and light touch to the room. An entertainment center with low shelves with high frame can add something fun to the room.

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