Heartwarming Traditional Kitchen that You will Love

kitchen, blue white brown hexagonal tiles, open brick wall, green open brick wall, silver cabinet, black cupboard, wooden island, wooden stool, black pendants.jpg

A heartwarming sight in the house will make the house feels even homier and incredible. As a social area, kitchen is the perfect place where you can boost warmth. And to do that, traditional look is one of the best


Gorgeous Kitchen Ideas in the Attic Under the Vaulted Ceiling

open modern room under the ceiling, large glass window, white smooth kitchen, black stool, white table, black chairs, wooden floor, white sofa, black tray coffee table

If you have a room under the attic, you’d understand that it is a challenging space to decorate. However, it is also a privilege to have sloping ceiling that you can renovate and turn it into a space you can


Stunningly Gorgeous Open Kitchens Under the Tall Ceiling

open kitchen, wooden floor, white sloping wall, white ceiling, wooden vaulted ceiling, round wooden table, white chair, wooden stools

Having tall ceiling is a privilege you have. Not every house have that. And because of that, you might want to use the tall ceiling to get the best version of rooms you want to use and show. Below are


Ideas of Small Decorations to Prettify Your Kitchen

knives stand with books and filler, wooden table, wooden wall

Decorations can be something that will help you to beautify your space. It will make your space to be warmer and friendlier. And with pretty decorations, you would feel happier in moving about in your space. And that’s why it


Creating Simple Look Galley Kitchen in Your Alley

galley kitchen, black bottom cabinet, white wall, black cupboard, black top, black upper cabinet, modern pendant

If you arrange your house to have kitchen in a long alley, the space would be challenging. You would need to adapt to the space, to store everything you need without forgetting your need to get comfortable in a nice


Ideas on Making Comfortable Apartment Kitchen

small kitchen, green bottom wooden cabinet, white wall, wooden top, wooden framed window, wooden floating shelves

Kitchen in the apartment might look so small and limited but it does not mean that you cannot do anything to make it. With the limited space, it would be more challenging to create the comfort. However, the challenges is


Pretty Patterned Energizing the Kitchen

kitchen, beige floor, green tiles island, wooden kitchen top, orange striped with green leave wallpaper, island with wooden top, black stool

For a family, a kitchen is a place where everybody meets. It is a place where all kinds of activity from eating, creating food, and socializing takes place. One might want a kitchen with an open concept, bright vibe, modern


Exquisite Minimalist Modern Rooms with Cement and Plaster

minimalist kitchen, white plastered wall and cabinet, wooden doors, grey floor

Minimalist rooms can be really endearing. Sometimes, people get bored easily on minimalist look but sometimes people get bored easily with the same details over the years. With minimalist look, you can change little harmless things like adding a vase


Adding Interesting Sink to the Kitchen to Add Attractive Touch

stone sink, blue cabinet, white plastered wall, built in sink, bloting shelves

Sink is a part of the kitchen that you cannot not have. Sink is the place where you not only wash your dishes but also wash your hand and food. Thus, it will be used from time to time. Adding


Attractive Kitchens with Bright Yellow Marks

kitchen, yellow floor, yellow square tiny tiles backsplash, white bottom cabinet, wooden floating shelves, grey island with white top, blue stool, white shelves

Yellow has always been a color of energy, fun, and cheerfulness. And that is why it is used in a room to make the room feel more refreshed and bright. One of the room that will welcome yellow is a