Beautiful Open Kitchen and Living Room for Small Space

open space with white wall, brown flooring, white cabinet, black lamp, grey sofa, grey rug living space

If you have small space, you would have your own challenge to furnish your house with everything you need without making your house feel cramped or forgetting the beauty of your house. One of the methods you can do is


Astonishing Ideas on Kitchen’s Sink Before You Remodeling Your Kitchen

kitchen with white marble top, white wooden cabinet, stainless steel sink features three graduated ledges in the basin

Before you remodel your kitchen, you would love to see some ideas that will enlighten and ensure you what you want to see on the kitchen every day that will meet your need. As kitchen is a place where you


Charming Inspired Methods to Keep Your Washing Machine in the Kitchen

kitchen with grey floor, brown cabinet, white marble top, sink, washing machine under, rattan baskets, ironing table near

These days, there are many interior design with minimalist and space friendly where things are organized tidily yet still have great ambiance to the room. One of them is by keeping your washing machine in your kitchen. That way, you


Marvelous Elkay Lustertone Sink Ideas You Can Install

elkay lustertone sink white backsplash white marble countertop white cabinet pull out faucet black framed glass windows

A kitchen sink is an essential feature in a kitchen. You can wash a small amount of the dish and wash the hands or vegetables before being cooked. Before installing a sink in your kitchen, you should choose the right


Admirable Fireclay Farm Sink Ideas for A Farmhouse Kitchen

fireclay farm sink industrial pendant lamps red flower vase black granite countertops beige kitchen caibinets backsplash wooden top faucet drawers glass windows

A Fireclay Sink is one of the sink types for a farmhouse kitchen. It has a certain traditional flair which can give your farmhouse kitchen more unique and classic look. A fireclay result is a very hard and durable ceramic


Amazing Ways to Complete the Look of Your Kitchen with Kitchen Fixture

When choosing light fixture in a room, you would need to consider which part of the room that you want to illuminate the most and how the lighting you want to shine on your room, is it vividly bright or


Some Stunning Focal Point You See on Backsplash

kitchen with black floor, white cabinet above and under, blue wall, blue ombre fish scale backsplash

Backsplash is part of the kitchen that doesn’t seem to be the first priority when it comes to build a kitchen. However, if it’s given much attention, the kitchen can look amazing. In fact, a kitchen can rely solely to


Appealing Light Over Kitchen Sink Ideas You Will Love

light over kitchen sink grey countertop windows range hood stove oven kettle wall sconce kitchen cabinets faucet dishwasher

Lighting positioning should be thought and installed carefully. Kitchen lighting is usually placed above the island or right in the center of the room. If you want to add another light fixture in your kitchen, you can install it above


Elegant Double Pendant Light Ideas You Can Install

double pendant light wooden dining table wooden chairs beige area rug colorful artwork white walls wooden floor glass windows wooden island barstools

A pendant light is a cozy light fixture that you can get for your room. It is usually installed in the kitchen and dining room. A double pendant light can lighten up a room better than other light fixture. Of


Choosing Pleasant Corner Bench Seating with Storage Ideas for A Kitchen

corner bench seating with storage colorful decorations black pedestal coffee table chair fireplace white pillows cushions drawers windows

For an additional seating or dining space in a home, we need a breakfast nook or a corner seating with a dining table. It is usually placed near the kitchen for easier access. It will be also more functional if