Modern Farmhouse Kitchens that Combine Warmth and Simplicity

kitchen, wooden floor, white cabinet, white marble counter top, wooden framed indented window bay, open shelves, large windows

Farmhouse look is always inviting. It gives out warmth and sophisticated look that make people want to come and stay in the room. Putting it in the kitchen would make the kitchen itself a space that makes you feel comfortable


Compact and Functional Small Kitchen Arrangements

kitchen, wooden floor, white island, white wall, wooden cabinet, open shelves, black ceiling fan

If you don’t really enjoy cooking or don’t have much time cooking, you might not need a big fancy kitchen. But of course you will still need a kitchen in the house for minimal cooking or just to make coffees


Dine In in the Open Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, wooden dining set, black wooden chairs, white wall, wooden open shelves, green bottom cabinet, wooden counter top, window

Making open space between dining room and kitchen can be really amazing. It makes the room looks airy and feels large. It brings connection between the rooms that it would be a perfect place for a party or gathering. It


Creating Calming and Relaxing Blue Kitchens

kitchen, wooden floor, patterned backsplash, blue cabinet, wooden counter top

After the pink kitchens, it is time to see the compilation of blue kitchens. While pink can bring out sweet and soft look, blue can bring relaxing, calming and luxurious look. It can be added in many things, like cabinet,


Extra Sweet in the Pink Kitchen

kitchen, grey floor, wooden cabinet, pink bottom cabinet, grey marble counter top, black chairs, green table

Giving sweet look in the kitchen can be done by putting pink as accents in the kitchen. It can be in the tiles, floor, backsplash, or even on the island. There are so many exciting place to put pink. With


The Incredible and Luxurious Modern Marble Kitchens

kitchen, wooden floor, white island, white backsplash, white cabinet, white pendants, brown stools

Kitchen is always a place of war. It is a war of heat, time and creativity, as well as patient. Kitchen should bring you comfort and peace in mind. Not only that, it is also a place to socialize with


Natural Minimalist Wooden Kitchen with a Little Hint of Japanese Sense

kitchen, white floor, wooden floor, white wall, wooden cupboard, woode cabinet, white backsplash

All wooden surface room would look really similar to the Japanese interior look. And this look is really stunning with all warm natural material. Creating a room with wooden Japanese hints would obviously bring beauty and comfortable vibe. Combining wood


Minimalist Long and Narrow Galley Kitchens

narrow kitchen, white bottom cabinet, white wall, wooden counter top, wooden cabinet, glass partition, pendant

If you want to make kitchen in a really narrow space, you would love to know that there are so many ideas around to get some inspirations. Narrow and long space can offer long counter top that will give you


Stunning Inspirations for Elegant Dining Room

open kitchen, white marble floor, grey cabinet, glass pendants, grey marble backsplash, round table, soft pink chairs, golden legs, glass partition

Having a dining room can make you feel great at home. It is a social place for family member and your friends you invite. Your preference in decorating shows your personality. If you love an elegant and sophisticated look in


Brilliant Moves in Storing in the Kitchen

rattan basket, white cabinet, grey marble top

Kitchen is a place to create food. And to create food, there are so many things we would need. We would need the tools and the ingredients to make a perfect food. Thus, you would need some place to store