Practical Combination of Laundry Room in the Kitchen

kitchen, yellow rubber floor, white cabinet, silver counter top, white laundry machine

It is a great thing when we can combine some functions in one room. This can make the house saves space and it can make you feel the house feels larger because it turns out that the house can give


Fun and Beautiful Patterns on the Kitchen Floor

kitchen, white black patterned floor, white wall, black pendants, wooden table, white stool, mint green cabinet, white upper cabinet

Sometimes, kitchen can feel too serious. It can feel too formal that those who cook in the kitchen can feel depressed when they have to deal with the heat and keep all the ingredients come in time. Not to mention


Comfortable Kitchen Station Work, to Work and to Cook

kitchen, wooden floor, mint green cabinet, dark counter top, white counter top

Kitchen is surely a nice place to gather the family and friends. Because of its comfort, many things are wanted in the kitchen just to make more people feel comfortable in the kitchen, including study table. More and more people


Clean and Bright Long Modern Kitchens

kichen, long space, wooden floor, glossy white cabinet, indented space, white wall, black stool

Kitchen feels the best when it looks clean and bright. It brings fresh look to the room and it makes you feel calm preparing the food amidst the heat and, sometimes, strong smell. Creating a clean and tidy kitchen will


The Incredibly Pleasant Small Open Kitchens

open living room, wooden floor, white wall, white planks, white bottom cabinet, white counter top, black pendant, wooden open shelves, wooden round table, dark wooden chairs

Kitchen itself can be an interesting place to gather with your family and friends, besides a place to create and cook. And that is why, putting dining table always feels good near the kitchen. It combines warmth from the kitchen


Shelves in the Kitchen to Decorate and Add Storage

wooden floating shelves, white wall, wooden floor, white bottom cabinet white counter top, grey fridge

Kitchen is a place to create. And this creation is done under hot air and sometimes strong smell. However, it is not all a kitchen can do. To create and to serve the food, it needs so many supports from


Bright Kitchen, Light Heart, Delicious Food

kitchen, dark wooden floor, white wall tiles, white cabinet, wooden floating shelves, white marble counter top, white apron sink, wooden beam frame, white frame windows,

Windows have a really great effect to a room. It brings light, brightness, cheerful feeling and amazing ambiance. Adding windows to a room is like treating the room perfectly, giving the room what it needs. In the kitchen, windows are


How to Decorate Kitchens with Low Ceiling

kitchen, white floor, white wall, white cabinet, brown wooden shelves, wooden counter top, rattan pendant

Having airy and large space of a room is everybody’s wishes. A large room where you can put everything you need and a tall ceiling where you can have all the air circulation you need, especially when you have a


Pretty Kitchen Sinks to Complete the View

light blue sink, undermounted, white marble counter top, white subway backsplash, white cabinet, black marble counter

Sink is an obligation in a kitchen. A kitchen without sink would be really impractical. There would be so much difficulties in washing your vegetables, preparing your food and washing the utensils. As it is important to have kitchen sink,


Creating Sweet Blush in the Kitchen

kitchen, grey floor, pink cabinet, wooden upper cabinet, grey backsplash, green dining table

While decorating a kitchen in a strong and bold color can be interesting and make the mood in creating food pumped up, putting soft and pastel color in the kitchen will make the space feels softer thus calming. Color like