Incredibly Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas

wooden island, black floor, white wall, white backsplash tiles, wooden cabinet, brown top, wooden bench

When you have enough space in the kitchen, it is really Kitchen island can be important when you want to have a place in the kitchen where you can hang out, or just to add some more space to create


Mixing Old Retro Look in the Kitchen

kitchen, black white checkered floor, flowery wallpaper, blue cabinet, white top, white sink

Mixing old look in a room can bring back olden years to come to the room. It’s like putting a great time machine in the house where you can step in anytime you want. The mix can be according to


Helpful Small Shelves in the Kitchen

kitchen, white wall, white bottom cabinet, wooden top, white small shelves near the window

Kitchen will feel more efficient when it can help you move around in doing everything you do, like creating the meal or cookies. Putting everything in reach can be really helpful and adds comfort too. However, when your kitchen is


Beautiful Galley for Small Spaced Kitchen

galley kitchen, white floor, white wall, white cabinet, wooden open shelves, orange chairs,

Long and limited space can be made of a galley kitchen. It can be cramped and narrowed that you cannot move freely as you want. However, it can also be beautiful and bright and make you full of energy if


Little Pendants Over the Kitchen Island

blue and clear molten glass pendant, white wall, wooden table, wooden chair

Kitchen has been a great place to hold a social gathering in the house. It shows warmth and friendly feeling from the host to the guests. If you love to have people in the kitchen, t is even better to


Getting Some Inspirations from Small Open Kitchens

open kitchen, white wall, colorful backsplash, black top kitchenette, black top island, orange pendant, wooden table, orange chairs

Kitchen with limited space would make you think what you can do to make it comfortable and not feel too small. You would want to make sure that you have maximized the space and use it well. Here below are


Brilliant Kitchen Family Room To Be Amazed By

kitchen family room gray corner sofa patterned pillows round coffee table wall mirror glass console table blue island glass pendant lamps windows white cabinet range hood stovetop

Creating a transitional space in your home will reduce your cost. The most common transitional space is a kitchen along with a dining room. It has easy access for everyone. A family room can also be set near the kitchen


Ten Ideas of Intelligent Corner Kitchen Sink Cabinet

corner kitchen sink cabinet glass windows skylight white gloss kitchen cabinets gray countertop white mosaic backsplash pull out faucet stovetop wooden floor oven

A kitchen sink is not usually placed in the corner of the room. But you can try creating a corner kitchen sink by getting a cabinet which offers a kitchen sink space. Corner space is a smart space saver in


Beautiful Calming Kitchen You Would Love

kitchen, white patterned floor, white kitchen cabinet, blue pendant, white dining table, wooden stools, blue backsplash, blue fridge, green wall

Decorating kitchen can be so fun as it can look like whatever you want. And there are many challenges you need to think before you decide on what you should do to your kitchen like gas, sink, air flow, etc.


Long Slab of Colors in the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, beige wal, tall glass window, blue bottom cabinet, blue rug, wooden dining set

Creating a creative look in the house would make your house feels so desirable that you would feel so comfortable you want to stay at home all the time. Making an interesting look in the room can be obtained by