Saving Space in the Bathroom for Laundry Machine

bathroom, grey floor tiles, white wall, cream exposed brick wall, glass partition, modern pendant, white cupboard,

Saving space is an essential challenge especially for a house with limited space. Even a small room like bathroom sometimes need to help with this space saving. One thing that a bathroom can do best is by also being a


Soaked in Pretty Tub, Japanese Way

white round soaking tub, white wall tiles, white floor tiles, wooden cabinet, golden faucet

Besides the regular long oval tub, relaxation in the bath tub can also be enjoyed in a soaking tub. It is a great option. With more height compare to the regular tub, soaking tub can get you submerge completely to


Bringing in Traditional Touches with Farmhouse Sink in the Bathroom

bathroom, brick herringbone floor, white wall tiles, black wainscoting, dark brown cabinet, white long sink, white toilet, black pendant, black framed mirror

Creating bathroom can be really fun. The small space would make any of your attempt to look strong. That is why, small and simple touch can be really strong in the bathroom. If you wish to add something traditional or


White Basked Modern Bathroom

bathroom, white bathroom, wooden cabinet with white top, white round sink, wooden shelves, white tiles, indented wall, rug

White is one of the easiest colors that you just can;t wait to put on the entire room. Although bathroom can be moist, that does not stop people from decorating their bathroom in white. It is probably because with white,


Putting Rustic and Natural Material to the Bathroom

bathroom, wooden wall, wooden ceiling, wooden floor, white tub, large glass window

Putting some natural or rustic touches in the bathroom would elevate your space to feel more interesting and special. There are many things that rustic look love to add in adding warmth. You don’t have to put everything by the


Decorating Stunning Modern White Bathrooms

bathroom, white hexagonal tiny floor tiles, white square wall tiles, wooden cabinet, white tub, black iro pendant, glass partition, large mirror

Modern look has been really popular in the last years. It brings practicality and clean look together without getting the aesthetic side lost in the way. It can be used in any room. And these ones below has modern setting


One Colored Bathrooms that will Cheer Up Your Bath Time

bathroom, orange wall, white tub, orange floating vanity with shelves, white tub,

Having an interesting bathroom will make anyone feel happy. And if you are the one who owns the room, you get to enjoy the room every day and you can show it proudly to your guests. One of the unique


Getting Deep Ambiance with Dark Blue Bathroom

bathroom, dark blue wall, white detailed wall, blue cabinet, white sink, white tub, white curtain

A nice looking bathroom can make everyone feel happy when they come inside the room. To make a nice bathroom, you would want to make sure that you room have the best color and design. Although a bright look can


Beautiful Floor Tiles You Want to See in Your Bathroom

bathroom, white wall, white ceiling, blue patterned accent wall, floor, and ceiling, white tub, wooden stool

Adding something decorative that makes you always feel happy getting into a room can be gained by installing pretty and interesting patterns. The bolder you want to go, the larger area you will want to decorate. This can be done


Captivating Rustic and Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

wooden vanity table, white wall, white herringbone backsplash tiles, bamboo rack, rattan basket, white wooden floor

Rustic and farmhouse look is popular because of the warm natural look it serves the room. The dark and deep color of the natural material that the rustic look often shows makes a strong character out of the room. With