Embracing the Old Retro Look in the Bathroom

Old retro look is interesting with its own character. The color combination, the strong ambiance, the simple and complicated pattern, and the unique feeling make retro look is one of the kind. Retro look is not for everybody. Of course,


Stunning Inspirations of Fun and Bright Bathrooms and Toilets

bathroom, white floor tiles, white wall tiles, floating wooden cabinet, wooden stair stool, pacman sticker, house shelves

Having children in home might make you shift everything in the house. Sharp corners need to be put away; electronic station needs to be closed; as well as turning some of your rooms into more fun so that the children


Elegant Showers in the Dreamy Bathrooms

shower room, brown marble wall, floating shelves, floating plants, glass ball pendants, wooden cabinet, whit sink, wooden mat

Bathroom can be another place to relax. When you’re in the bathroom, you cut yourself from outside of you even more private compare to the bedroom. And that’s why many people feels the need to make their bathroom perfectly fit


Adding Vibrant Pattern in the Bathroom

tiny tiles with flowery pattern and blue background, white floor, brown wooden floating vanity, white top, white round sink, round mirror

While some people love to have simple bathroom with minimalist details, some other love to have bathrooms with strong details that will make the bathroom merrier and fun. Pattern can be added with wallpaper or better yet patterned tiles as


Stunningly Beautiful and Unique Bathroom Vanity

white marble floating vanity, clear glass sink with black frame, black metal frame for towel rack, round mirror, marble background, off white wall

Bathroom vanities can help you store and manage everything you need to do with the sink. It is usually has mirror to help you out preparing for your day or simply brush your teeth. A comfortable and effective vanity would


Vertical and Horizontal Lines on Bathroom’s Vanity Tiles

blue tiny backsplash tiles, wooden mirror cabinet, wooden vanity cabinet, grey marble top, black faucet

Having modern bathroom can be really simple yet still has some details that makes the room looks interesting. However, the details are usually still in moderate simplicity as in geometrical shape and lines. This will make a modern room strengthened


Stunning Classic and Modern Bathrooms with Wooden Floor

bathroom, wooden floor, white wall, arch window, white tub, white sink, golden framed mirror

Wooden floor has been used favorably in the house. However, mostly it is not in the bathroom. It is quite understandable as it might be difficult to maintain wooden floor in moist circumstance like bathroom. However, it does not mean


Beautiful Modern Bathroom with Interesting Floor

bathroom, whtie wall, white plank wall, white cabinet, white tub, white hexagonal floor tiles, round mirror

Creating modern bathroom is not as easy as its finish look: simple or minimalist. Sometimes, when the bathroom feels too simple, some interesting accents would want to be added. If you have build the bathroom, you can go with colored


The Beauty of Petite Powder Room

powder room, golden wallpaper accent wall, mirror framed mirror, golden table vanity with details, marbled top, sconces

Small rooms in your house under the stairs or near the living room where you don’t know what to do can work magic. It can be used for storage, of course, but if you want to add easiness in the


Luxurious Bathroom with Pretty Elements

bathroom, brown floor tiles, white wall tiles, white wooden vanity, brown top, mirror, sconce, white tub, chandelier, arch ceiling

As bathroom has been a time out place where you can relax and put the world outside of the door and claim your own world in the bathroom, a luxurious bathroom is a place where your needs to relax are