Maximizing Small Space into a Nice Bathroom

bathroom, patterned floor, white wall, blue wall, glass partition, round mirror, orange pendant, floating vanity with white top and sink

When you only have small space for bathroom, you would want to make sure that you have created the most comfortable bathroom. Even with the limited space, anyone deserve to have a nice and comfortable place to clean themselves. If


Spending Time in Pretty French Bathrooms

bathroom, white marble floor, white built in cabinet, large carved mirror, chandelier, curtain

French style has been inspiring many people to create their own details at home. French details make the room elegant and charming that everyone love to have it in the rooms, it’s like capturing an old pretty look inside the


Creating Calm and Relax on Pink Bathrooms

bathrom, white marble floor, pink wall, white marble wall, pink vanity, white vanity top

Decorating bathroom is always fun as there are so many things we can do. The tiles itself has allowed us to get creative, not to mention the mirror, vanity or even the faucet. And we can still play with theme,


Pretty and Chic Beauty Room for Women

beauty room, black floor, pink patterned rug, green tufted ottoman, white wall, white table, golden chair, white chair, shelves

Beauty room is a place where women would love to get ready in the morning and to store everything they need to look great. As beauty room is a place for you to beautify your look, it needs to look


The Charming Minimalist Bathrooms

bathroom, wooden floor, white wall, round mirror, small floating sink

Although there are not many accessories and details on the minimalist bathrooms, they have their own charm that make them look interesting and incredible. IT can be from the color, it can be from teh subtle or minimal pattern and


Graceful and Elegant Bathrooms for Inspiration

bathroom, white marble floor, white vertical shiplank, white lighting fixture, white wooden cabinet, white marble counter top, white sconces, mirror

Making bathroom into beautiful and exquisite room needs someone who are into details as every detail can contribute different ambiance to the room. One of the easiest things to do is combining elegant accents in a room, like marble, crisp


Creating Fun with Elegant yet Colorful Bathroom

bathroom, colorful tiny floor tiles, brown wall tiles, white tub, green velvet chair, chandelier, orange green floor lamp,golden accessories

Bathroom has so many things that you can put details on. That is why bathroom is always a fun place to create. You can play with every little thing. In the bathroom, you might want to create a nice place


Yellow Accents for Cheerful Bathrooms

yellow bathroom, yellow patterned floor tiles, yellow wall, white wall tiles, white tiles on the tub, white cabinet with white sink, black wall

Bathroom can be decorated in anyway you want. You can do it in modern, rustic or minimalist. Or, if you love cheerful and fun ambiance, you would love to have yellow in the bathroom. There are so many things in


Minimalist and Modern Bathrooms for Inspirations

bathroom, white floor, white wall, black pendants, white tub, wooden side table, wooden chairs, white cabinet, vanity, mirror

For those who love to match the interior of the house, decorating a bathroom would be as important as decorating the other room. And if you determine to decorate the room in modern look, you would love to stay true


Neutral Bathrooms for Calming and Relaxing Bath Time

bathroom, creamy pink floor, white wall tiles, marroon wall shelves, black vanity, glass partition

As bathroom is a place to take some breath from the long day at the office or from a suffocating party, it should be comfortable and calming. Having bathroom decorated in a calming look will make anyone feel amazing just