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Blue White Stripes Painted Wooden Deck, Blue Fences, Blue Wooden Stairs, Blue Wooden Bench With White Cuhion, Pillows, Blue Coffee Table, Rattan Chairs
Wooden Deck With Blue White Painted Pattern, White Fences, Vines, White Wooden Pergola Ceiling
Wooden Deck With Subtle Stenciled Pattern, Double Lounge Chairs With Beige Cushions, Colorful Pillows, Shade, Plants, Side Table
Wooden Deck, Blue White Moroccan Pattern
Wooden Deck With White Red Green Painted Chrysanthemum Flowers Painted
Blue Painted Deck With White Flowery Patterns, Mustard Chair, Wooden Chairs
Wooden Deck With Blue White Bohemian Style, Purple Wooden Bench, Blue Cushion, Colorful Pillows, Yellow Metallis Chair, Flowers, Plants
Wooden Deck With White Stenciled Pattern, Rattan Sofa, Rattan Chairs With Red Cushions, Rattan Table With Glass Top, Wooden Planks Wall
Grey White Stenciled Patio
Red Painted Area Rug On Wooden Deck Under Black Chairs And Table With Red Pillows

Making a deck looking amazing does not have to do remodeling. With the recent deck, there are many things that can be done. Especially if the deck has wooden floor. One of the best thing to do is by painting the deck, either in one same color, play with several colors, motifs, patterns, or even drawing. Here below will show how fun it is to have gorgeous deck, without spending too much money.

Painted Area
One simple yet will change the deck beautifully is an area rug. Seen in this picture below, a red rug is painted in the seating area. It’s like putting a rug outside without worrying of it getting ruined.

Sweet Look
While the previous one painted a small area, this one here painted the entire wooden floor deck that looks amazing with the white fences and pergolas. The vines help the deck looking fresh and comfortably shaded.

Chrysanthemum on Deck
Painting and drawing on deck is not easy. If you can do it, it’s priceless. However, if calling an artist to do it for you, that will do good too. This one here depicts how beautiful and cheerful a deck can look with flowers that displays joy and calm feeling.

Blue White Stripes
Another simple yet has amazing look is stripes pattern. It’s minimalist, modern, and easy to do. This blue deck has it great. Combined with light blue wooden fences and matching stairs, bench, and coffee table, it’s all balanced and looking comfortable.

White Stenciled Deck
Small one painted area can look amazing too. Taken for example is this wooden deck. with this stenciled pattern, it looks so exotic and stunningly beautiful. The sofa and chairs with pattern cushion and pillow are great match for this.

Big Stenciled Pattern
Another stenciled pattern is shown perfectly in this picture. With bigger drawing and cornered angle, this one looks amazingly exotic. With subtle coloring, it is a perfect drawing for those who love to relax in the deck.

Moroccan Patterns
Moroccan pattern is always interesting, mystical, and beautiful. As it can be popular in tiles, it can look stunning in wooden deck too. This one here depicts a really beautiful white and blue Moroccan pattern on brown wooden deck.

Paint All
If going subtle is not too bold, painted the entire wooden deck might suit you better. It can be in one color but putting some patterns will make it more fun and lively. This is perfect for you who love to go bold and leave a strong impression to your guests.

Bohemian Look
A full pattern look can help getting bohemian nuance too. Combined with patterned cushions and pillows, the jolly nuance that boho has is pronounced.

Merry Pattern
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses Moroccan pattern to cover the deck. However, with light grey and white color, it looks more subtle. Added with dining table set, it is a perfect place to spend the time with your loved ones.

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