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Yellow is always a bright and cheerful color that brings in fun to anything it touches. If you love to add some bold and cheerful touch, you might consider yellow as part the room. These below are some stunningly cheerful bathrooms using yellow color that you will love to see. Using yellow in different parts of the room, the rooms below offer different interesting things.

Seamless Yellow
As yellow can make a room interesting and cheerful, it can make a room look so pop. For you who love modern look, yellow might not your easy-to-pick-up color. It’s not neutral nor natural. However, if you want to add some cheerful note, you can go by adding pale yellow to the room like this one. Putting pale yellow in really fancy way like seamless floor puts the room with stunning touch.

Strong Yellow
If you love a strong and bold look supported with yellow, you want to put yellow quite much, like this one. However, although the yellow color is strong, this room neutralized with the light look of the furniture and the bright light comes through.

Yellow White
Even the small bathroom like this one can pull out an interesting combination of yellow and white from the wall-floor combination to the furniture combination. Yellow and white combination is truly built in the entire room.

Yellow Wall
Apart from to the previous ones, this one puts yellow on the wall only. And it’s not even the entire color but only on top half of the wall. However, even only with that can make the bathroom looks alive and cheerful.

Yellow Accent
In this bathroom, the yellow color is added as the accent on the wall. Although it is in simple subway wall tiles, the yellow color puts a strong and bold look in the simple and modern bathroom.

Yellow Wallpaper
One of the easiest things to add bright and cheerful yellow is by adding wallpaper in the room. Here below, the bathroom puts yellow wallpaper with pretty and nice flowery pattern that looks sweet and fun in the classic and traditional bathroom.

Yellow Counter
If you have a white and minimalist bathroom, adding yellow counter helps to add a bright and fun look. In the bathroom below, the bright yellow is also added in the pattern on the floor that can be done by putting some stickers on the floor.

Sunny Wall
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one also puts yellow on the wall and brings the room with bright and sunny ambiance.

Half Yellow
While one of the above has white at the half bottom of the wall, this one puts yellow on the bottom half of the wall. And to strengthen the bright look, yellow is also added on the shower area with the same simple subway tiles on the wall.

Yellow Patterned Tiles
Adding tiles with interesting shape will also puts the room in a really good ambiance. With yellow color on the tiles, the interesting pattern gets even more interesting. And white white and deep green combination, the room looks fun and fresh.

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