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bathroom, white floor, white marble wall, white wall, purple ceiling, star pendant, white cabinet, glass pendant, mirror Living After Midnite

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Purple Wall, Wooden Beamson The Ceiling, White Sink, White Tub
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Purple Wooden Cabinet, Large Mirror
Bathroom, Purple Wall Plank, Silver Tub, Floating Shelves, Wooden Floor, Rug
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, Purple Floating Shelves, Purple Cabinet, White Sink, Purple Tiles On The Wall And Floor
Bathroom, Purple Wall, White Curtain, White Tub, White Rug
Bathrom, Purle Wall, Purple Floor, Purple Tub With White Inside, White Toilet, White Wall
Bathroom, White Floor, White Marble Wall, White Wall, Purple Ceiling, Star Pendant, White Cabinet, Glass Pendant, Mirror
Bathroom, Purple Wall, White Floor, White Tub, Glass Shelves
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Grey Wainscoting, Purple Wall, White Ceiling, White Chandelier, White Tub, White Toilet, White Silver Sink
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, Purple Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Tub, Purple Curtain

Purple is a sweet color but still with something luxurious and powerful. With its characteristic, purple will look amazing in the room. If you plan to put purple in the room but you’re not confident enough to put it in a large room, starting with bathroom will be preferable. And these ten stunning bathrooms will help you get all the inspirations you need.

Rustic Touch
In this purple bathroom below, the space looks soft for its purple shade wall while it also has wooden beams and floor. These wooden beams and floor bring in rustic characteristic and warm note to the room. The glass window brings in bright light to the soft bathroom and make the room looks amazing.

White Purple
To make a bathroom looks modern, white can be a perfect companion to purple, as seen in this bathroom below. The dark and deep purple looks beautifully contrast with white color in the room.

Purple Cabinet
Creating a bathroom with purple ambiance does not always mean that you have to put something big in purple. With current bathroom interior, you can still add purple to change the ambiance. One of the ways to do it is by turning your cabinet into purple like this one here.

Soft Bathroom
In this bathroom, purple shade used is the pastel one. This shade looks perfect for a sweet and romantic bathroom. Combined with white, it looks stunningly beautiful.

Small Purple
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses soft purple color to paint the space. With soft purple, white color looks perfect to make the bathroom brings out the soft and sweet ambiance. This setting is exquisite for a small space bathroom.

Lux Purple
As purple has been a luxurious color, it is easier to create a luxurious bathroom. This one here does well even with simple soft purple and white color. With soft and curvy white tub, the bathroom looks stunningly beautiful.

Dark Purple
While soft purple can make a simple room look luxurious, darker purple looks even easier to create. The deep and rich color makes a room strong and bold, as seen in this one. The silver tub beautifully refract the light.

Patterned Curtain
To make an interesting and fun look, patterned purple curtain in this one has brought cheerful note to the simple bathroom. The simple white and purple room looks fun with the flowery pattern.

Purple Statement
Adding purple in an unusual way can be done by putting your ceiling in purple. This small elegant bathroom is beautiful with its soft hue seen on the floor and marble wall. Added with purple statement ceiling, the bathroom looks even more interesting.

Purple Lux
Going all elegant like this one here is a nice idea with dark purple wall. The dark purple color gives a strong ambiance while it is supported with white and silvery details in the sink, tub and mirror. The silver chandelier puts a nice finish.

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