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white square tiles on the floor and one side of the wall, peach painted wall and door, white floating toilet, black framed partition, black rail, black shower Ilaria Fatone

For modern vibe in the bathroom, square tiles are used occasionally. It gives simple and minimalist look that brings out the best modern vibe. These ten simply stunning bathrooms can show you how incredible square tiles are in bathroom.

Square Grey
In this bathroom, you can see the minimalism in the neutral colors and shapes either in the floating vanity that it pulls out perfectly. The grey square tiles especially has been a minimalist canvas for everything here.

White Square
This one here shows the simplicity of bathroom wall in the white square tiles and the clean lines of the black vanity shelves. The black floating metal shelves on the wall with the frame-less mirror is another thing that meets modern vibe with its geometrical lines.

Square Pastel
Another simple tiles look is seen in this bathroom with pink square tiles on the wall through the partition and vanity. Combined with glass partition and white colored sink, wall, even the terrazzo.

Black and Blue
In this one, the square wall tiles are seen in the shower area with black color. It looks strong and modern while the other side of it is a blue painted area for toilet under a sloping ceiling that is also a strong character.

Pink on Black
The combination of square tiles in this bathroom looks amazing. Though they are contrast for each other but the round edge on the pink tiles looks so smooth to the black tiles. The continued pink square from the backsplash, sink, and to the tub looks gorgeous.

White and Peach
In this bathroom, the white square tiles look amazing combined with this carrot color wall. It is a stark contrast that makes the room left with strong impression. The black lines in the bathroom has also been a great decoration to the room.

Bold Hint
In this neutral look bathroom, the tiny square tiles have brought gorgeous details to the bathroom. To make the bathroom looks more spicy, a bold hint of orange drawers are added to the wall above the floating sink. It looks energetic and fun to see.

Clever Arrangement
In this bathroom, you will see a creative and clever way in arranging the bathroom tiles. With mostly square tiles, this one here uses different size of it. Some subway tiles are also used to make subtle differences. Even the white floating vanity looks similar to the tiles. The yellow tub tiles are also on the square dimension.

Creating Dimension
In this bathroom, an interesting use of white square tiles with different hues. It looks an interesting dimension that it creates in the wall. With floating marble sink and bulbs pendant, it looks completely gorgeous.

Modern Pink
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows the modernity of pink square tiles that is used in the bathroom. With tiny size, this one here brings details much more in its lines and the pale color looks more neutral and modern.

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