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open space with white wall, brown flooring, white cabinet, black lamp, grey sofa, grey rug living space Homehihoo

Open Space With White Wall, Brown Flooring, White Cabinet, Black Lamp, Grey Sofa, Grey Rug Living Space
Open Space With White Kitchen With Neon Green Cabinet, Green Top Counter, Living Room With White Coffee Table, Bedroom
Soft Beige Open Space With White Cabinet Kitchen With Dark Top Counter, Beige Sofa, Brown Rug, White Wooden Coffee Table
Open Kitchen With Dark Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Wooden Wall, Light Fixture, Living Room With Grey Sofa, Grey Rug, White Ottoman
Open Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinet And Brown Top Counter, Round White Dining Set With White And Black Shairs, Grey Sofa
Open Space With Living Area With Dusty Brown Sofa, Brown Rug, White Cabinet, Tv, Woden Dining Set
Open Space With Mediterran Rug, Beige Sofa, Glass Coffee Table, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Dining Set, Big Windows
Small Kitchen With Small Round Dining Set All In White, White Rug In Living Room, Grey Sofa, White Coffee Table
Open Space With White Small Kitchen, White Round Dining Set, White Cabinet Living Room With Grey Sofa And Pillows
Open Space With Elegant Kitchen, Dining Set, White Sofa For Living Room

If you have small space, you would have your own challenge to furnish your house with everything you need without making your house feel cramped or forgetting the beauty of your house. One of the methods you can do is by arranging an open kitchen and living room so that you will have better air flow and more spacious feeling. And if that’s something you can do, let’s see great ideas below.


Comfortable Open Kitchen

From the picture below, you can see that the open kitchen and living room is made to feel comfortable by the plush grey sofa and the pillows, by the rug and ottoman that matches the pillows and kitchen counter top. Also by the beautiful arrangement of the wall, curtain, light fixture and windows. This open area will be bright yet still private.


All in Small

This one here is perfect for you who have really small place but you want to provide everything inside. With only square room, you can put simple kitchen, full round dining set, and grey sofa with pillows. With white color, everything looks more spacious.


Open to Bedroom

Similar with the previous one, this one also has open space for kitchen and living room with mostly white color on the surface. The kitchen is white with neon green accent. The living room is also mostly white with green rug. Even the bedroom is only separated by pattern glass. Although it’s small, it successfully brings both spacious feeling and freshness to the room.


Living to the Kitchen

From this one, even though the idea is similar in making kitchen and living room in one open space, this one is more like combining those two in one room. The living room is in the kitchen. If you don’t worry about television in the living room and use living room as a place to hanging around, this can work so well.


Larger Living Room

While the previous is for you who love cooking more than television, this one is probably for you who love cooking less and love television more. Nobody can blame though. Entertainment is one way to ease the strained day. And with small kitchen, you still can cook simple dish too.


Comfort Corner

If you have even smaller space than the previous picture, you still can have open space. In fact, it might help your space looks more airy. In the picture below, you can see that the living area is even smaller, with television installed at the wall. The floating cabinet is small but it serves the function well.


Monochrome Cozy Space

The next picture here is a beautiful description of how monochrome colors look great in a small space. It accentuates the open air and the vast feeling of the room, not to mention how comfortable this one looks.


Bright Light

One of the tricks you can do to make your small room look airy is by providing good quality of light, either with big windows, lamps, or bright painted wall. The next picture can show you how big windows can bring the best ambiance to the room.


Comfort Beige

The other colorĀ  perfect for small room is soft color. It will help you get the vastness of the room without make the room too stark and that’s why beige is one of the perfect ones. Here below, you can see that the designer combine white and beige to create the comfort.


Small Elegant Open Space

While small space might make you think it would be minimalist or simple, this one successfully presents how small room can be elegant too. But of course, comfortable touch is not missed from this one.

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