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Without closet organizer and other kinds of storage systems, your wardrobes can be a messy and disorganized no matter how you hang them up or fold them tidily. Luckily, there are so many options of closet organizers with huge various details of storage system. These closets are also produced in different materials and sizes. Small closet organizers, for instance, are often used as most favorite choice for small houses, apartments, or any other small living spaces. Such closet model provides practical but optimal in accommodating the needs of storage. And here they are best 50 options of small closet organizers you may select as your favorite one.

Small Closet Organizer Made of Light Metal Wires

Keep your linens and supplies well-organized in such small linen closet organizer. The closet is made of light and white metal wires. All shelves are available for storing linens and supplies, so they will be in well-arranged, clean, and friendly to reach out.

Reach-In Closet Organizer in Small Size

Such model of reach-in closet organizer is often used for bedroom closet. This one is finished in white and completed with the door panels. To provide huge mass of wardrobes, the designer builds some variants of storage systems like hanging sections, base rack for footwear, vertical cabinets/ drawer system, and upper shelves. Most of them are built from best light metal wires, except the cabinets.

Men’s Small Closet Organizer Idea in Attic

This men’s small closet organizer is built in unused space in house’s attic. Use such vacant space for building a practical, economical, and space-effective closet organizer where we can store our favorite wardrobes there. Make our closet works optimally by facilitating it with some storage systems such as box storage, wire shelving system, and hang section.

Storage Systems in Small Reach-In Closet

A reach-in closet organizer in small size. The closet’s design includes different storage systems like vertical shelving system, hang sections, and upper shelf. The closet is also equipped with white door panels.

Simple & Small Vertical Closet Organizer for Linens

Optimize your vacant space by using it for constructing a small & simple vertical closet organizer like this picture. The closet is extremely small but still available for organizing your linens. Make sure that you’ve built such linen storage solution just in a few steps from your bedroom. Why? It makes you easier and faster to access your linen storage.

Small Walk-In Closet Installation in White

A custom walk-in closet in small size. This closet consists of two storage space options for different uses, like upper & lower hang sections and shelves.

Custom Wire Closet Organizer in Small and L Shape

Harkraft has designed L-shaped and small closet organizer with light metal wire as the material. The closet’s design includes wire shelving system.

Small and Simple Closet Organizer Consisting Metal Wire Shelving Organizers

Light metal wire is another best alternative material that is mostly used for building practical and economic closet organizers. Like a small and simple closet organizer displayed on this picture. The closet is simply designed by mounting the individual shelf on the walls and be supported by metal stands. It’s so unique and creative, right?

Modern Walk In Closet System in Small Size

Small but optimal to store; this is the first thought about this closet organizer. You can put everything here. You just choose where you are going to store your wardrobes. There are some options of storage inserted in this closet, such as canvas baskets, slide-out shoes shelf, laundry hampers, shirt hang section, pant hang section, and dress hang sections.

Small Linen Closet Organizer in White

This is called a truly small linen closet organizer idea. The closet only consists of two options of storage system: shelves and light aluminum wire baskets. Based on its main function, this closet is particularly designed for linens and supplies.

Small & Modern Closet Organizer for Guest Room

A small and modern closet organizer idea for a guest room. The closet includes wooden hang sections and upper shelves for storing linens and suitcases, and also single lower shelf for shoes or other footwear items. Interestingly, this closet is constructed between the walls.

Small Closet Organizer Remodel for Vacation Residence

This closet idea is built in one of vacation residence in New England. The appearance reflects high creativity, especially in using limited space. The interior designer has optimized a small space into a high performance package of closet organizer. Just with a few white cabinets, wall-mounted hookers, and bench, the owner can put and store the vacation wardrobes there.

Traditional Recessed Closet Organizer in Slanted Wall

Actually, this is the general design of traditional closet organizer which is built between the walls. The difference is only on the slanted wall in which it creates asymmetric shape. The closet only has two options of storage system: cabinetry and upper shelves.

Practical & Compact Closet Organizer Idea

A practical & compact closet organizer idea; the design consists of essential storage items like three levels of shoes racks, single hang section, and single shelf. Although it’s small, the closet is able to accommodate plenty of stuffs like wardrobes, linens, and others.

Floating Closet Organizer in Small Size

Floating closet organizer is also a good alternative for you who’re looking for a practical and friendly space storage solution. This closet model, for instance, can accommodate your wardrobe collections like shoes, dress, shirt, T-shirt, pants, skirts, outers, and others. Organize them in right storage space provided by the closet. This closet has several storage options such as baskets, hang sections, shelving system, and shoes racks.

Small Modern Closet Organizer for Linens

Mini version of modern closet organizer also becomes another choice of space-effective storage solution for your tiny house. The design usually highlights some storage spaces for different uses like bamboo baskets, light aluminum wire baskets, and open shelves. Here, you can put and store your linens and monthly home supplies.

White Vertical Closet Organizer Idea for Side Mini Room

Vertical closet organizer is best solution for fulfilling the needs of storage space in a small house. This small side room, for instance, is furnished with white vertical closet system which consists of pull-out drawer system and open shelves.

Small Walk In Closet Design with Curtain

This is called a practical and optimal use of vacant space. The space is used as small walk-in closet with curtain addition. When the curtains are opened, we’ll find stylish storage systems like white hang section, upper shelf with basket storage, and classic pull-out drawer system with white surface. Attractively, the drawer’s top is used for organizing the shoes or other footwear collections.

Small Reach-In Closet Design with Door

Reach-in closet idea with door panels. This closet features with two different types of storage options like hang sections for shirts or dresses, and shelves arrangement.

Family’s Small Closet Organizer Model

small closet idea for kids' stuffs

Closets Redefined

One best solution to make everything in well-arranged is by building a family closet where we can store all family’s stuffs there. This idea is commonly chosen by the family with huge numbers of family member but just has limited space in their house. This closet, for instance, is an ideal example of small closet organizer which accommodates family’s stuffs, including the kids’ toys and dolls.

Contemporary White Closet Organizer in Small Size

This contemporary closet organizer is featured with other supporting elements like double mirrors, white fury mat, and chair. The closet itself includes the cabinetry, drawer system, and vertical shelves for shoes and linens.

Tiny Walk In Closet in Pocket Door of Bathroom

It’s amazing if we add something useful in our pocket door. A small walk in closet, for instance, can be best alternative for this idea. This kind of storage solution consists of cabinetry, hang sections, and upper shelf. At the base, we can feature the floors with baskets for extra storage.

Master Closet Idea in Small Size

Half space of bathroom is a targeted spot to build a new storage system like a small walk in closet. The picture displays L-shape walk-in closet in smaller version. To provide sufficient lighting, the designer adds glass window at top of closet. Based on design, this closet is designed for shoes and clothing items.

White Built-in & Custom Closet Organizer with Decorative Mouldings

This built-in closet organizer is so simple but elegant. It is built in white and supported by some storage choices like upper cabinetry, pull-out drawer system, hang section, shoes rack, and center clothing storage. The lights under the cabinets give another beauty by their low-lighted ambiance.

Small but Trendy Wooden Closet Organizer Idea for Small Dressing Room

If you have space matter and want to add a new and practical storage solution for your wardrobes, this design may be one of best solutions. This walk in closet is built from best wood and designed in trendy and modern style. Green walls become a striking background for wood-finished closet. These tones, of course, are so interesting to combine.

Small & Modern Closet Organizer in White and Wood-Color Finishes

This closet design is so awesome. Both white and wood color balance and complete each other. With clean look, the closet looks brighter and be a contrast over wood-toned closet elements. Based on the design, it seems that the designer prefers a corner closet idea to other models because it’s space-effective. The closet’s design is also simple but full of storage spaces. The homeowner has several storage options such as dresser, hang section, shoes shelves, upper shelf, vertical shelves, and wood bench with extra storage.

Narrow & Small Closet Organizer Idea in White

Clean white closet organizer in narrow and small dimension, this one can be another best alternative for you whose matter with limited space in your house. The closet looks so simple but elegant, and the most important thing is it’s optimal in organizing and storing the wardrobes. The design emphasizes on three choices of storage space such as cabinetry, hang section, and shelving system.

Traditional Closet Organizer in White Finish

Like other traditional closet designs, this closet has four main storage spaces: a pair of vertical shelving systems with central cabinetry, upper shelf for baskets or boxes of storage, and cabinet system. All these elements are intentionally built for accommodating the wardrobes.

Traditional Small-Sized Closet Design with Unique Nest

This concept is fabulous. We’ll find a ‘nest’ inside the closet. The closet merely consists of the vacant space with black wrought iron hooker arrangement. At the base, there is a large shelf for putting plastic basket storage which is the used for storing shoes.

Odd but Cool Closet Organizer Idea for Attic

Make your attic more useful by building a walk in closet organizer like this one. Based on the picture, the closet’s design is unique or even rather odd. One kind of storage idea that’s really attractive is a ladder rack where we can put and display our shoes or footwear collection there. We also will find a slanted-shelf system with wooden as the material of inner shelves. And, glass window here is a beautifier and natural light provider which is able to access the light outside and transfer it to this room.

Bedroom Reach-In Closet Design

Such bedroom reach-in closet is best choice for a small bedroom. It’s also always practical but offers plenty of storage space. The common design of reach-in closet usually utilizes standard storage rooms like hang sections and vertical shelving system. Vacant space under the hang sections can be used as shoes storage or basket storage.

Small Closet Idea for Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Small closet organizer specifically designed for keeping the necessities like cleaning tools and supplies. We can build this closet in smallest space like in one of our kitchen’s corners.

Slanted-Ceiling Walk In Closet Design in Clean White

An attic is actually flexible to use. As a dressing room, for instance, this picture shows a simple and clean white walk in closet in smaller dimension. The closet is built in an attic finished with light-toned wood floors and ceilings. The closet’s exterior consists of flat panel door cabinetry, drawer system, and cupboard with plenty of shelving space inside.

Trendy Wooden Closet Organizer for Loft Area Like A Slanted-Ceiling Room

This loft area is designed a trendy and contemporary dressing room plus vanity. With angled top, the designer cleverly designs this walk in closet with vanity in the center. In one of walls’ side, you’ll discover some series of recessed cabinets with transparent doors. A large skylight at the top is the decorative element which is also useful for brightening the room.

Custom Closet Organizer Design in Small Dimension

This black melamine closet organizer with brushed aluminum ornament offers a striking design. With melamine sliding door, the closet’s contents are easy to see, so this makes the owner easier to take what stuff he wants to wear on. The custom design makes us possible to install this closet in any spaces, large or small space options. Black finish and smoke-frosted glass door create a stylish and modern look.

Unique and Small Closet Organizer Design in Pure White

A unique and small closet organizer idea in pure white finish. The closet storage includes shaker cabinets, hanging space, and storage drawer. Larger hanging space is located at inner of closet.

Small Corner Wardrobe Closet Organizer Idea

Small corner wardrobe closet storage idea; it provides a practical solution for keeping and organizing the wardrobes. White finish and angled position make this closet unique, clean, stylish, and modern. Such design is often found in vacation houses and other similar constructions.

Custom & Built-In Closet Organizer Model in Hand-Painted Headboard Wall


A hand-painted wall system with custom & built-in closet organizer idea for wardrobes. The closet includes white oak cabinetry with flat panel, open shelving system, hang section, and upper shelves for suitcase or storage boxes/ baskets.

Industrial Walk-In Closet Design for Men

This is so brilliant! A walk-in closet organizer is built between two rooms: bedroom and kitchen. This idea is so inspiring, especially for you who dream of a stylish and apartment-sized living space. With limited space, the closet has been utilized with plenty of storage options such as best-quality plastic boxes, hang sections, and upper shelves.

Industrial Closet Storage with Light Metal as the Material

Light metal is another best alternative of closet material after wooden and melamine. This industrial closet storage is constructed from best light metal and finished in silver-grey. The design is simple but able to accommodate plenty numbers of linen and clothing. This storage also features two series of vertical shelving system.

Built-In White Oak Closet Storage with Decorative Flower Headboard Wall

This closet design is women’s favorite one. The closet is beautified with flower headboard wall and white siding floors. The closet itself is built from white oak without finishing. All wardrobes like lady shoes, dresses, and hand bags are well-arranged here.

Acacia Closet Organizer in Minimalist Style

Most urban people select this closet design as their favorite storage solution. The closet is designed in minimalist style and the designer keeps the original character of acacia by not covering it with any finishes. To maximize the dressing room, the designer adds a center island which is built from similar acacia.

Hallway’s Industrial Walk In Closet Design

It’s possible to add small industrial walk-in closet behind the hallway. Like this one; the homeowner has added chic industrial walk-in closet with white-finished aluminum as the material. The closet includes upper and lower hang sections, open shelves, and cabinetry.

Urban Mini Walk-In Closet Design

It’s just single hang section which is hung on the ceiling. Such design of closet is unique and really practical, but it’s just able to accommodate some pieces of clothes.

Recessed Closet Design with Dark Shabby Sliding Barn Door

Dark shabby is the main theme of color tone applied in this boy’s room. The closet is so cool and unique because it uses sliding barn door as the door panel. Such idea suits for boy whose Gothic-style as his main interest.

Built-In Closet Storage System Made of Hardwood without Finishing

An idea of built-in closet storage system with flat panel cabinetry and drawers. The closet is built from hardwood without finishing. The handlers attached on each storage item are constructed from black wrought iron, adding a new and dark accent for closet.

Small & Asymmetric Closet Design in White

Do you want to own unique or even weird-shaped wardrobe storage? Perhaps this small & asymmetric closet is the answer. The closet is in white and built with slanted top, inspired from a slanted-ceiling room at the attic.

Eclectic Closet Design with Floating Base

It can be said that this closet idea is absolutely unique. The closet’s base is floating, exposing artistic floors. The closet itself just consists of a cupboard with hang section inside.

Modern Rustic Closet Idea with Bamboo Shades

This modern rustic closet has been supported with bamboo shades for covering the closet’s door. These bamboo shades are chosen to highlight the rustic style.

Melamine Closet Organizer for Guys with Blurry Sliding Door

Melamine closet organizer with blurry sliding door. The sliding door is made from blurry glass panel, so it is possible for the owner to see his belongings from outside. Such design looks so stylish and modern, suiting to be adapted by urban people.

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