Minimalist Long and Narrow Galley Kitchens

narrow kitchen, white bottom cabinet, white wall, wooden counter top, wooden cabinet, glass partition, pendant

If you want to make kitchen in a really narrow space, you would love to know that there are so many ideas around to get some inspirations. Narrow and long space can offer long counter top that will give you


Beautiful Galley for Small Spaced Kitchen

galley kitchen, white floor, white wall, white cabinet, wooden open shelves, orange chairs,

Long and limited space can be made of a galley kitchen. It can be cramped and narrowed that you cannot move freely as you want. However, it can also be beautiful and bright and make you full of energy if


The Beauty of Working Between Those Two-Parallel Kitchens

galley kitchen, grey floor tiles, wooden cabinet, white top, stainless steel top, white tiles backplash, white ceiling, clear glass wall, wooden beams on the wall

Kitchen should always be comfortable and ergonomic so that it will be a place that will give you comfort and a place that will offer you practicality. A well designed galley kitchen is one of those arrangements that will give