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galley kitchen, grey floor tiles, wooden cabinet, white top, stainless steel top, white tiles backplash, white ceiling, clear glass wall, wooden beams on the wall Decoholic

Galley Kitchen, White Seamless Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Clear Glass Ceiling, Clear Glass Backsplash, Grey Bottom Cabinet, Shelves
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Royal Blue Bottom Cabinet With Wooden Top, Farmhouse Sink, White Wall, Hood,
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Cabinet Wall Ceiling, Marble Backsplash, Pendant, Window
Galley Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, Wooden Bottom Cabinet With Black Top, Black Built In Cupboard With Glass Door, Black Pendant, Wooden Floating Shelves
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Upper Kitchen, Brown Wooden Bottom Kitchen With White Top, Wooden Board For Clear Ball Pendants
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Marble Top, Stainless Steel Top, Marble Backsplash, Wooden Upper Cabinet, Wooden Ceiling, Glass Partition
Galley Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, White Top, Stainless Steel Top, White Tiles Backplash, White Ceiling, Clear Glass Wall, Wooden Beams On The Wall
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Top, Glass Wall, White Wall Ceiling, Long Glass Pendant
Galley Kitchen, White Floor, White Bottom Cabinet With Hole Handler, Beige Marble Top, White Plank Wall, Floating Open Shelves, Glass Ceiling And Wall
Galley Kitchen, White Floor Tiles, White Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Long Clear Glass Ceiling, Pendant

Kitchen should always be comfortable and ergonomic so that it will be a place that will give you comfort and a place that will offer you practicality. A well designed galley kitchen is one of those arrangements that will give you both. With the right distance of two parallel working stations, you will be able to smoothly move between the stations to prepare you meal. Here below are pretty galley kitchens that you will fall in love with.

Modern Farmhouse
In this galley arrangement, the kitchen shows how traditional vibe mixed with modern vibe can work well in the galley kitchen. The wooden bottom cabinet, seamless floor, \ and the apron sink brings country look while the simplicity of the open shelves, pendant, and black top offers modern look.

Royal Blue
in this beautiful kitchen, the cabinet is only on the bottom side with clean upper wall which offers no shelves and upper cabinet that makes the room feel more spacious. The white open brick wall brings warmth that is strengthened by the wooden beams, wooden top, and the bright light.

Elegant Galley
In this long dark green galley kitchen, although it seems like the space is limited, it maintain to look rich and elegant with its glossy surface upon the dark painted cabinet and the elegant pendant.

Modern and Traditional
Similar to the previous one, this one also brings the fusion of modern and traditional look in one kitchen. The long and tall upper cabinet brings modern look with its white and clean design while putting handler to make it meets the traditional value. The wooden look meets both modern and traditional value.

Wooden Galley
If you love wooden look, you will love this galley kitchen. Clean from the upper furniture, this one here chooses to radiate the kitchen with glass wall and white upper look while the bottom is layered with wood material from the floor to the cabinet. With this only two colors on the kitchen, both color compliment each other perfectly well.

Bright Galley
As working in kitchen can be stressful, adding a bright thing will surely brighten up the ambiance. And this one here is blessed with such amazing architectural detail. With its long glass ceiling that continues to the wall, this clear glass look is like a bright line on the room. It brightens the already bright kitchen with its white composure and clean lines.

Modern White
This very modern looks so sure about its simple look. The cabinet is smooth and without handle or knobs. The backsplash looks simple without any bold details. And the ceiling looks amazing with its clear glass ceiling.

Modern Galley
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows a great modern vibe with its smooth surface of cabinet and seamless floor. The white wall and ceiling strengthens the modern vibe along with the clean look on the upper side of the wall. And instead of going with backsplash tiles, this one uses clear glass instead. Along with the clear glass ceiling and door, they make sure that the kitchen looks bright.

Warm Kitchen
With wooden floor and cabinet both at the bottom and top, this kitchen brings warmth to the room. The clear glass partition to the small outdoor patio also brings more warmth to the room.

Open Kitchen
Arranged in open room, this galley kitchen successfully brings bright modern look. The neutral colors picked for the kitchen, the clear glass wall, and the wooden beams, brings out the free and open ambiance perfectly.

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