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narrow kitchen, white bottom cabinet, white wall, wooden counter top, wooden cabinet, glass partition, pendant Homyfeed

Narrow And Small Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet, White Subway Wall, Pendants, Wooden Counter To
Narrow Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Soft Brown Cabinet, Dark Brown Backsplash, Dark Brown Counter Top, White Wall, Partition
Narrow Kitchen, White Cabinet, Dark Green Wall, Patterned Floor
Narrow Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Patterned Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Cabinet, White Wall
Narrow Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Green Cabinet, White Wall, White Cabinet, Glossy Pendant, White Marble Counter Top
Narrow Kitchen, Smooth Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Counter Top, Brown Rug
Narrow Kitchen, Brown Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Brown Backsplash, Brown Top Cabinet, White Cabinet, Wooden Floating Table, White Chairs, White Pendant
Narrow Kitchen, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Cabinet, Glass Partition, Pendant
Narrow And Small Kitchen, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, White Cabinet
Narrow And Small Kitchen, Grey Floor, Grey Cabinet, Blue Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Glass Partition, Floating Table, White Stools

If you want to make kitchen in a really narrow space, you would love to know that there are so many ideas around to get some inspirations. Narrow and long space can offer long counter top that will give you more space in preparing your food. It can also be a place where you can build or place cabinet. If the space is narrow, there are many things you can do to save the space. Here below is a compilation of narrow kitchens you can get some inspirations from.

Minimalist Galley
Kitchen with narrow space would look so easy in the eye with smooth surface and neutral color, like seen in this one. The window on the back makes sure that the narrow space looks brighter and larger. The long galley allows long counter top and cabinet to line up tidily.

Natural Kitchen
This long space creates a beautiful and natural kitchen. The brown floor and the brown top cabinet puts a neutral look in this space and white cabinet gives a perfect combination to it. The floating table gives a small yet practical and pretty dining space.

Fresh and Neutral
This neutral kitchen looks fresh and lovely with the soft brown hue on the space and open ambiance. The dark backsplash and the countertop brings some depth in this space.

Small and Narrow
Even the small space can create a long and narrow feeling. This kitchen below shows how small space can create a nice long kitchen. The white blue cabinet puts a bright cabinet with soft details look. The combination of green wall and patterned backsplash makes the space looks more interesting.

Wooden and Patterned Look
Neutral look helps narrow and small space to look larger and more airy that you will not feel too suffocated in the room. This one here puts a beautiful natural cabinet in the small space but using patterned wall and make a more lively and interesting details.

Balanced Fresh
Making color blocks can be an interesting way to decorate small space. With white and teal color lines along the wall, the room has more precise long contour to follow. The brighter top area brings out more airy feeling.

Dark and Deep
This one uses black cabinet to decorate the space and it makes the room has strong ambiance. It also gives depth to the bottom corner of the room. The glass partition to the window makes sure that the kitchen has all the lights unblocked.

Closed and Open
This small and narrow kitchen does not let the space makes it feel enclosed. The glass wall makes sure that you will be able to see far more. The neutral white in the space supports the small room to look larger.

Dark Combination
While white can give the effect of more space by looking fresh, dark look gives it by adding depth. This one here combines those two things and make an interesting details with the patterned floor.

Natural Scandinavian
This small and narrow kitchen puts natural touch and white color to decorated the space. With glass partition, this one looks even brighter.

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