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toddler boys bed map blue nylon storage wooden bed blue and yellow bedding white wall brown area rug table lamp window CWB Architects

Toddler Boys Bed Letter Art Pendant Lamp White Walls Wooden Bed Drawers Blue Couch Red Rug Wooden Floor Window Rattan Shade
Toddler Boys Bed Black Pendant Lamp Colorful Bedding Grey Bed Table Lamp Side Table Cabinet Rattan Basket Area Rug
Toddler Boys Bed Wall Mural Bunk Bed Built In Drawers Beige Floor Carpet Wall Decor Window Colorful Curtain Cabinet Red Table Lamp
Toddler Boys Bed Hanging Bunk Bed Wooden Ladder Black Bedding Gold Pillows Chains Wall Decorations Throw
Toddler Boys Bed Patterned Wallpaper Wooden Bed Trunk Nightstands Industrial Table Lamps Black And White Frames Mirror
Toddler Boys Bed Bunk Bed Ladder Cow Hide Rug Red Floor Couch Pillows Striped Wallpaper Built In Shelves Windows
Toddler Boys Bed Ceiling Fan With Lighting White Built In Bed Legos Wall Decor White Cbainets Colorful Storages Window Blind
Toddler Boys Bed Space Theme Red Curtains Blue Bedding Black Nightstands Drawers Grey Carpet Wall Mural Table Lamps
Toddler Boys Bed Platform Bed Drawers Knobs Grey Cabinets Window White Curtain Window Bench Wall Decor Colorful Bedding
Toddler Boys Bed Map Blue Nylon Storage Wooden Bed Blue And Yellow Bedding White Wall Brown Area Rug Table Lamp Window

Making a great bedroom for your kids will make them happy and comfortable. First, you should design the theme or style of your kids bedroom. Your kids may also want a desired style such as lego or other playful bedroom design. You should also get a nice bed for the bedroom. The toddler boys bed usually has a fun color and storages to store their belongings or toys. In addition, a toys display will be a cute bedroom feature. The following are some cool toddler boys bed ideas that may inspire you to create a comfortable and playful bedroom for your kids.

Simplify The Kids Bedroom

This is an example if your kids want a minimalist bedroom but still have space for playing and comfortable. This white kids bedroom features a wooden furniture set, a red area rug, a blue couch, and a George Nelson ceiling light.

Hanging Toddler Boys Bed

This hanging bunk bed is secured to the wall and hang on the ceiling with chains. There is simple cross bracing added above the ceiling level to accommodate the weight of the beds and the owner, and the chunky chains are holding the beds up.

The Storage Boxes

This wooden bed provides some simple blue nylon zip top boxes under it. It is a smart way to store the kids toys while adding fun color in this simple bedroom.

The Built-In Toddler Boys Bed

This white bedroom features a white built-in bed, a white built-in bed, a white cupboard, a ceiling fan with lighting, a window, and a white window shade. It is colored by some colorful cartoon figures wallpaper and lego.

A Loft Bed for Kids Bedroom

This bedroom provides a white loft bed that has a sleeping space on the top and a seating space at the bottom. The seating space is so comfortable with a red floor couch and some throw pillows on it.

A Theme for Kids Bedroom

A special theme applied in a kids bedroom will be a fun bedroom. The kids will increase their imagination and creativity. This bedroom features black futuristic furniture pieces, added with colorful bedding and curtains.

A Wooden Toddler Boys Bed

Some kids may also want a simple and classic design for their bedroom. This farmhouse bedroom offers a wooden bed, trunks, and industrial table lamps. The trunks can become side table and storages.

Colorful Bedding

Adding some pop colors into the kids bedroom is absolutely great. The colors can enhance the kids mood while decorating the bedroom. You can get the colorful bedding for the neutral colored bed.

Bed with Drawers

This kids bedroom has a built-in platform as a bed. The bed is also incorporated as a storage area that saves a lot of space. The storages are white drawers with minimalist drawer hardware.

A Neat Bedroom for Kids

This bedroom has a bunk bed, built-in drawers on the bunk bed stairs, and a wooden cabinet. This room is also decorated with colorful artworks and the blue buildings wallpaper.

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