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bedroom, wooden floor, blue wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, white rattan chair, green wooden stools House of Turquoise

Turquoise Wooden Dining Set, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Rattan Chair, White Rattan Stools, White Table Lamp
Turquoise Shiplank, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Ceiling, White Rattan Chairs, White Rattan Sofa, White Wooden Coffee Table
Turquoise Sofa, Blue And Turquoise Pillows, White Turquoise Zigzag Striped Rug, Wooden Table, Wooden Stools, White Wall, White Wooden Ceiling
Bedroom, Turquoise Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Blue Yellow Bedding, Blue Wooden Round Side Table
Turquoise Chair, Flowery Cushion, Turquoise Rattan Chair, White Sofa, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall
Turquoise Wooden Ceiling, Turquoise Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Fence, White Rattan Chairs, Green Rattan Coffee Table
Patio, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Turquoise Rattan Chairs, Sconces, Turquoise Rattan Ottoman, Turquoise Wooden Ceiling
Turquoise Metal Sofa, Turquoise Coffee Table With Glass Top, Brown Floor, Brown Wall, Blue Cabinet
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Blue Wooden Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, White Rattan Chair, Green Wooden Stools
Bedroom, Turquoise Wall, White Ceiling, White Framed Door, White Bed Platform, Blue Bedding, White Pendant, White Rug

Turquoise color has refreshing feeling. Using turquoise color in the room would generate refreshing and serenity feeling. Because it is refreshing and sophisticated, turquoise can be used in any room, wherever you want to feel refreshed. This can be seen from this compilation below. If you’re looking for inspirations to make nice rooms with turquoise color, you would love this one.

Turquoise Dining Set
This comfortable traditional open room accentuates a warm look with blue color. The blue wall is perfect for the white and neutral combination in the room while the turquoise dining set makes a more lively touch but still a matching detail on the room.

Turquoise Living Room
This living room has a traditional and industrial look with warm and merry feeling. The turquoise metal seat and the matching coffee table makes the flowery and natural setting look amazing.

Turquoise Chairs
This living room looks amazing with white wooden shiplank wall and warm wooden floor. The turquoise chairs make the room looks even more lively. The combination is easy and comfortable but still get the incredible look.

Turquoise Patio
Creating a refreshing patio can be done by adding turquoise shiplank like this coastal patio. This coastal look is supported with turquoise rug and the white rattan seating set. This combination makes an interesting setting.

Turquoise Bedroom
This bedroom has a fun and refreshing look with turquoise wall. The white and blue bed puts a matching look to the bedroom. The silver ottoman makes nice details to the blue-white room setting without making it look different.

Fresh Bedroom
Similar to the previous one, this one is a bedroom with turquoise wall. This bright wooden wall makes the room looks vibrant and fun, especially with yellow lines on the bed and picture. The combination of blue and yellow makes the room look even more interesting and cheerful.

Light Turquoise Living Room
This living room makes an interesting look with its light turquoise wooden wall and its combination of white wooden ceiling. This room is completed beautifully with white rattan sofa and chair and green blue coffee table. It looks warm and bright.

Fresh Porch
This porch has light fresh look with blue accent ceiling that makes the space looks interesting. The white fence that matches the white rattan chairs make a nice and simple combination to the blue ceiling.

Blue Touches
This is another patio that has pretty turquoise touches seen on the rattan chairs and ottoman. The neutral floor and wall makes the perfect background to the turquoise touches. It makes the turquoise touches look pronounced and strong.

Fresh Turquoise
This patio makes an interesting setting with fresh turquoise sofa and rug that are completed with coastal accessories. This combination has made the space looks really fresh and interesting. The wooden table ans stools bring more neutrality to the strongly turquoise ambiance.

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