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kitchen, wooden floor, white island, white wall, wooden cabinet, open shelves, black ceiling fan Apartment Therapy

Kitchen, Brown Floor, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, White Wall, White Wainscotin, Table, Pendant
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Black Floating Shelves, White Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Black Island, Copper Pendant, Wooden Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Backsplash, White Wooden Cabinet With Wooden Counter Top, White Wooden Top Cabinet, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair
Kitchen, White Floor, White Cabinet, White Apron Sink, Floating Shelves, Black Pendant, Wooden Floating Table, Wooden Stool
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Green Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Grey Cabnet, Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Island, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Open Shelves, Black Ceiling Fan
Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, Brown Rug, White Cabinet, White Backsplash, White Table With Drawers And Shelves, White Pendant
Kitchen, White Floor, White Cabinet Island, White Wall, Wooden Grid, Black Stool, White Pendant
Kitchen, Brown Floor, White Wall, Orange Wall, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Island Bar, Green Stools, Open Shelves
Kitchen, White Cabinet, Grey Fredge, Wooden Table, Chair, Grey Sofa

If you don’t really enjoy cooking or don’t have much time cooking, you might not need a big fancy kitchen. But of course you will still need a kitchen in the house for minimal cooking or just to make coffees in the morning. For this need, you will only need a small kitchen. If you are looking for inspirations in creating small kitchen, whether you seldom cook or because of limited space, you will love the ideas below.

Chic Small Kitchen
This small kitchen does not look so crowded at all. It looks amazing with neutral grey on the wall and combine this neutral look with white cabinet and black counter top. Making the small kitchen lively, copper pendants and wooden stools look pronounced and pretty.

Small Kitchen
This small kitchen looks fresh and amazing in its simplicity. The white cabinet on the back is arranged well that you can get everything you need and want. The white cabinet and shelves at front is also used as the island and make it functional.

Traditional and Small
If you love traditional look, you can create a traditional vibe in the small space too. This one here shows that warm and familiar look of the wooden material. The natural look is seen in counter top and the floating table near the window. This is completed with traditional white cabinet that makes it more special.

Modern and Compact
This small kitchen brings out white look in the cabinet, table and backsplash. The cabinet looks modern and smooth and the white table at front, although simple, gives a lot of functional details like drawers and shelves. This is completed with white pendant on top.

Small and Fresh
One thing that you want to have when you create a small spaced kitchen is large window. This will help you get bright light almost all day so that you can save energy. And if you can open the window, you can get fresh air also. This one here sets the room perfectly well with the right arrangement and bright light at the end. Even though a table is added, it does not make the room feel crowded.

Orange Brush
Even though it is small, this kitchen can look fresh and energizing. The open space brings fresh air to the space and let the kitchen to have dining space.

Old Traditional
This small kitchen gives a simple look with traditional details with smooth surface and handler. The wooden counter top gives warmth along with the traditional pendant.

Simple Set
This is another simple setting in a small kitchen. This one is really compact with additional of dining set in the kitchen and also in an open space, combined with grey sofa in the living room.

Small Corner
This corner in the kitchen brings in a simple set with one counter along the wall and floating dining table on the other side of the wall, along with floating shelves and hooking rod.

Fresh and Warm
In this corner, the kitchen looks fresh and warm at the same time. The wooden cabinet on top brings out the warmth while the white island and wall makes a perfect background. The acrylic stools give light and interesting touches to the kitchen.

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