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Ideas to Keep Your Vinyl Collection Safe

Music matters, said Florence Foster Jenkins in the autobiography movie. And because it matters, anything to do with music is also important. Say, you are a musician, you will see your instrument as your own baby. But if you are a fan of music, you probably will want to keep all cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and vinyl safe. Yes, you read it right, vinyl. It’s portably the oldest form of cassettes and as the more modern it becomes, the more people like to go into old things. You might surprise how many people keep vinyl and how many musicians still put their works on vinyl form. If you are one of those people, you will like to keep your collection safe. Here are some of the ideas of vinyl album storage that you can have.

Simple and Old Storage

traditional deep brown wooden vinyl album storage with shelfs and cabinet
Home Restoration

This on is really simple and if you love old style furniture, as you love vinyl too, you will love it. With some shelves and drawers, it is perfect to keep you vinyl collection safe.

Upright Shelves

simple deep brown wooden vinyl storage
Carbon Made

This is an example if you just need those selves to keep your vinyl collection. You can put it upright just like a book in library. Its wood is beautiful with the pattern is still pronounced.

Shelves for Vinyl and Gramophone

midcentury simple deep brown vinyl shelf table and storage
Matthew Niemann Photography

This one is perfect for you who want not only keep your vinyl collection safe but also put your player tidy in one place. It’s all natural wood matching with any style you go for your living room.

Under the Couch Shelves

contemporary twist and natural color palette vinyl storage
Maggie Rose

This picture can give you a great idea to simplify your storage and your sitting room. You can have a square wooden shelf with one line and put cushion and your player on top of it.

Big Slender Racks

tall and large brown book and vinyl shelf
Corynne Pless

If you are a hard core fan of vinyl that your collection is so bizarrely too many, you will love to have this rack. It simply looks like book shelves but instead of books, you put vinyl instead.

Three Rows Upright Vinyl Shelf

white and deep brown upright shelves
Corynne Pless

As you can see, with this one, you will be able both to keep your collection and to show what records you are looking for. It is not only that, you can also have it as decoration.

White Simple Vinyl Shelf

white wooden simple vinylshelf

It is similar to one of those mentioned above. However, as it is quite highly placed, it is not pretty if you want to put cushion to sit on top of it. Its white color gives elegance to the room, though.

Two Rows Upright Shelf

simple slim brown wooden vinyl shelf with red feet
Avenue Interiors

It is also similar with one before except that it is only two rows. However, you must notice how it has unique feet. While the shelf itself is in the color of brown, the feet are in red and fashionably put. It is so catchy and perfect to show off your collection.

Shelf Beside Your Window

brown wooden chair and vinyl shelf below
Regan Baker Design

Having the same idea with one before, it has unique difference when it has bigger cushion where you can actually relax even sleep. You can have it in earthy color and have a pillow with pattern so that it looks alive.

Floating Vinyl Shelf

wall floating vinyl storage
Lisa Ptrole

Now, you can really show your collection off. Your collection is not only cassettes but also a decoration. And the best part is that you can spot what you’re looking for because it is displayed right in front of your eyes.