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kitchen with grey floor, brown cabinet, white marble top, sink, washing machine under, rattan baskets, ironing table near Interior Designee

Kitchen With One Corner For Grey Washing Machine Under Brown Wooden Kitchen Top
Kitchen With White Floor, Red Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Washing Machine In The Cabinet
Long Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Open Brick Wall, Grey Cabinet And Top, Washing Machine Under The Top, Near The Sink
Kitchen With Grey Floor, Brown Cabinet, White Marble Top, Sink, Washing Machine Under, Rattan Baskets, Ironing Table Near
Kitchen With Large White Sink, Dark Electric Blue Cabinet, Brown Wooden Kitchen Top With Washing Machine Under,
Kitchen With White Tiles, White Wooden Walls, Brown Wooden Kitchen Top, Washing Machine Under With Striped Curtain, White Sinks
Clean Kitchen With Light Brown Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Washing Machines Under
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Wooden Kitchen Cabinets And Top, Washing Machine Under The Kitchen Top
Small Kitchen With Colorful Tiles Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Brown Wooden Kitchen Top, Washign Machine Under The Brown Top Lid
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Striped Rug, Washing Machine Under The White Top For Deterjen, Blue Curtain

These days, there are many interior design with minimalist and space friendly where things are organized tidily yet still have great ambiance to the room. One of them is by keeping your washing machine in your kitchen. That way, you don’t save one room to just be a washing room and you can use that spare room for something else. All you have to do is making sure you have the water disposal installation well set in the kitchen so that it will now flood your space. Now, let’s see how well and pretty you can put your washing machine in the kitchen.


Open the Curtain

Here in the first picture, we have two washing machine put in one of the corner in the kitchen. To make it subtle and not looking too crowded, the owner put pretty curtains over it that match the wall.


Under the Kitchen Top

While the previous one is placed in one certain corner with all the things related to washing cloth on top of it, this one is even simpler as it is placed under the kitchen top itself. It will only be seen when it’s needed. And when it’s not, people won’t know it’s there.


Crowded Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen where you have many things too, you would want to keep everything neatly too. This one here put the washing machine under the kitchen top and doesn’t bother to close it too. The machine is left bare and that’s okay too so long as everything works out.


Bare and Simple

This one is another idea when the machines are left bare too. They are placed under the kitchen top where it’s clear from the sink.


Bold and Complementing

This one here below is not only space-saving but it’s also complementing the kitchen, color wise. You can see that the white tiles wall and white sink are matched with the white big washing machines. And the other follows the match too.


Minimalist Love

If you are one of those who love minimalist idea in life, you will love to see how this one is arranged. With clean white walls and marble top, the light wooden brown cabinet gives even cleaner feeling to it. And the white washing machines are perfect in there.


Warm and Crowded

If you have this long space for a kitchen, you might feel it’s all crowded to put washing machine. But, how this picture does it, it’s not at all suffocating. The washing machine is placed under the kitchen top near the sink and it has its own sliding door. So, whenever you feel it’s all too crowded, you can slide the door, and it’s all just a normal kitchen.


Cheerful and Bold

This one has a really beautiful kitchen with a really appealing colors of red and white. And look how they keep the washing machine! It was kept under the kitchen top with covers custom for them. For washing machine with front lid, the door is placed in front it and for the washing machine with top lid, the cover is on top of it.


Keep It Hidden 

Similar with the previous one, this is how you keep a washing machine with top lid. You can keep it under the kitchen top and make a top cover for it. When you close it, it’s ready for cooking!


Space Saving Idea

This one below is really great where it has not only the washing machine under the kitchen top but also the ironing table! This kitchen has saved so many space in the house and it’s done beautifully minimalist too.

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