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patio atrium with black and white rug, white chairs with grey cushion, beige wall, glass windows to the house, plants Pinterest

Patio Atrium With Black And White Rug, White Chairs With Grey Cushion, Beige Wall, Glass Windows To The House, Plants
Open Atrium Inside A House With Large Rey Rug, Beige Chairs And Sofa, Coffee Table, Plants, Table Lamp
Patio Atrium With Conblock, Metal Patio Table Set, Plants, Wooden Sticks Gate
Open Atrium Inside A House With Glass Windows, Sliding Door, Beige Chairs And Sofa, Pillows
Wooden Gazebo With Flowers And Plants Vines Creep, Stone Flooring
Patio Atrium With Concrete Floor, Green Sofa, Circle Ring, Plants
Open Atrium With Patio Tiles, Rattan Chairs, Plants And Flowers, Ponds
Open Strium In Second Floor With Wooden Flooring, Wooden Gate, Plants Vine On The Ceiling
Basement With Chairs, Sofa, Table, Glass Ceiling, Entrance To The Garden
Atrium Inside The House With Concrete Flooring, Brown Fooring, Glass Ceiling And Windows, Plants, Dining Table Set, Rattan Chair

Often times, at house, you will feel like you want to tap out and get fresh air from the work you have all day. You can of course go out of the house and walk to the park. Or, you can create your own space inside the house. It will be near, as comfortable as you want it to be, pretty, and beautified by the plants and flowers. This kind of patio atrium will ring the joy not only to you but also to the rest of family members. It’s a good place to chat and entertain your friends and family. Here below are some ideas on how you can make your own fresh breath of air.


Outside and Inside

In the picture here below, you can see how beautiful the patio is while it’s an outside space in the middle of the house. The space itself gives good benefit to the house with the sun light and it is of course a great space for the plants as well. And turning it into a beautiful patio with plants and chairs and table plus rug to get even more comfortable, this space is perfect.


Around Large Glass Windows 

Similar with the previous one, this one also has great light from outside. However, instead of open air, this one has large glass windows along the patio. In it, there is a dining table set that is romantically set that it’s a great place to have a meal. Near the entrance, there is a rattan chair with cheerful cushion that looks so comfortable to have your tea in.


Fresh Air In and Out

Still in line with the previous ones, this one also had a great benefit on the energy used in the house as it offers great light to the house with open air space in the middle of the house and large glass windows and sliding door not to mention the little glass window near the ceiling. Even though it’s open, it doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable as you can see the beige chairs that complements the floor in the patio and inside the house, really made it all blends perfectly. It somehow accentuate the green plants that it looks lively.


The Greenest

If your intention of having patio atrium is because you love to have greenery in your house, you would like to focus on the plants. You can arrange plants on pot that you can put on the shelves, floor, or hung from the ceiling. You can also put something like vines so that you wall will be less modern.


Plants Wallpaper

To make your patio atrium even more alive will all the plants, you can try having wallpaper with plants images and colors so that it all blends perfectly in one purpose of getting natural shade all over.


Beside the Pond

One of the best thing about patio is that you can play with ponds. You can add water elements that will brings fresher air to your surrounding. Flowers obviously brings more cheerful tone to the picture with the red, pink and purple shades touches on majority green plants. Add a couple of chairs and you can enjoy your breakfast and afternoon tea in a calm place.




Simple Romantic Gateway

This one here serves you a romantic look of a patio with its old look. The conblocks are practical and easy to make a path, black metal table set are great for afternoon tea and morning breakfast, and the plants are enough to block too hot sunlight and make the space long last to enjoy.


Connecting Inside and Outside

If you love to have the protective side of an indoor room in enjoying nature, you can do something like this one below. Having your room’s ceiling from glass like a sun room and gives a large glass door to the green outdoor.


Outside Atrium

Here below, you will see a beautiful patio with all the flowers on focus it gives so many colors on this picture alone. With wooden gazebo, you can have the vines creep around it and the plants and flowers can hung from the wooden ceiling. With beautiful view like that, it’s easy to put couch and sofa and enjoy the scenery.


Atrium on Second Floor

This one here are rather different as it is set on the second floor. However, the green feeling is still strong and it’s fun to have a view from upstairs.


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