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Wooden Bar Table, Wooden Stools, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Grey Wall, Glass Windows
Wooden Tall Table, Tall Modern Midcentury Stool, Black Pendant, White Wall, Wooden Floor
White Island Wooden Top, Grey Wall, White Counter, White Cabinet, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Wooden Stools With White Cushion
Kitchen, Grey Wall, Grey Cabinet, Grey Counter, Silver Backsplash, Yellow Table, Yellow Floating Shelves, White Pendant, Wooden Stools
Small Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Wooden Tall Table, Metal Stools With Wooden Seat
Simple And Slim Dining Table, Stools With Seating With Back Rest, White Wall, Golden Pendant, White Exposed Wall, Large Glass Window
Dry Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, White Tufted Wall, Black Small Pendants, White Shelves, Wooden Island, Wooden Stools With Black Leather Cushion
Simple Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Dark Brown Wooden Cabinet And Counter, Dark Brown Table, Wooden Stools, White Wall, Black Sconces
Dining Table On Black Floating Island, Green Cabinet, Green Stools, Grey Wall, Grey Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, White Stools, White Counter, Black Wall, White Upper Cabinet

Putting dining set can be quite challenging especially when your space is small. One thing that you can do when you attempt to have dining set with small kitchen is by adding island for a simple and fun way of dining. The other way to do is by adding a really small dining set or table to make it possible to eat in the right ambiance.

Dark and Green
This one puts a slim and light floating table in black that makes it look compact and practical. It blends well with deep green on the counter. The grey wall and backsplash puts a neutral background in the kitchen.

Wood and Slim
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts an interestingly light and simple island in its dry kitchen. This simple setting is prettified with black small pendants above the island and bright light from the large glass window.

Compact Island
This wooden and white island looks so beautiful despite the size. Its simple and compact design is a great companion for the modern and white kitchen. The pendants above the island looks stunning.

Yellow Line
This one here puts an interesting yellow floating table and matching shelves to create an interesting and bold accents on the grey kitchen. The grey color on the kitchen is so strong that the bold yellow look contrast.

Dark Brown
This simple and modern kitchen makes it easy to combine it with slim and light table for dining table. This one here also adds a nice and interesting angled sconces above the table.

Continued Counter
Another thing to make a nice and simple table is by adding the length of counter top to make it as a nice table or island. This one below shows an incredible sample of doing it. With contrast look of black and white surrounding, the brown wooden counter and table is a nice bridge between the combination.

Wooden Bar Table
Adding bar table can help small space to have a nice and slim place to dine. This one here shows how it can be used for a place to eat and also socialize as it is combined with sofa in the living room. It is a perfect place to gather your friends and family.

Narrow Place
In a narrow place like this, adding dining set is really tricky. This one here puts a simple and tall table accompanied nice and lean stools. This simple setting looks amazing together.

Near the Wall
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also designed to be simple and compact with wooden tall table and stools with modern midcentury model. This setting is completed with black pendant above that puts a minimalist look.

Simple Tall Dining
This one is also similar to the previous ones with a simple tall dining table and stools. The setting is perfected with large glass windows and golden pendant. Golden accessories are also added to the nice and simple setting.

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