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A drafting table is a need for an architect or designer. It can be tilted to make the owner more comfortable when working on his project. An antique drafting table can be a nice choice to add a style in your working space. Although it may give a vintage look, you should make sure that it has good material and proper function. This drafting table can be placed in any room style, especially in a classic home office. The following are some antique drafting table ideas that will inspire some architects and designers to have a unique drafting table for their home office.

A Farmhouse Style for Office

The exposed beams create a farmhouse feel in this spacious home office. The windows also make a big deal for the interior lighting although it has already had two black industrial pendant lamp, wall sconce, and a table lamp.

An Eclectic Home Office

Create an eclectic home office by adding an antique drafting table with an industrial chair. The style of the furniture makes a beautiful and commanding workspace. It is tilted adjustable hardwood work table top which is mounted on an antique black cast iron base.

A Vintage Drafting Table

If you don’t have a home office, you can just put a vintage drafting table and some chairs next to the open kitchen or the living room. Since this table doesn’t need much space.

Drafting Table with Stool

Although an antique drafting table isn’t ideal for holding a laptop, its ergonomic angle can absolutely support you doing your project well and give comfort. Placing two guest chairs facing the drafting table and providing built-in bookcase make it really beautiful.

A Traditional Bedroom

Instead of placing two nightstands or bedside tables on the bedsides, you can put a vintage nightstand and an antique drafting table. The antique drafting table can double as a desk when needed.

Another Nice Look

This space seems functional as a working space and a resting place. It provides a drafting table with stool to do some projects, while the chairs and ottoman can be a resting seat. You can add pretty curtains as the window treatments and room decoration.

Dining and Working Space

Your antique drafting table can be a complement to your rustic dining furniture. This multi-purpose room can be a studio, conference room, and dining space at night. Add colorful rug where the dining furniture and drafting table are set to give a warm feeling.

A Feminine Touch

This antique drafting table is great with the minimalist design. Along with the reupholstered drafting chair, strips of scarf fabric lend a feminine touch to the hardworking space.

Good Material and Finishing

In this home office, the architects can work at a classic drafting table crafted of precious woods, with an adjustable top tilted to an individualized angle. Providing a tall narrow stool will make the owner more active when working.

Home Office Storage

A drafting table can be used to fill the corner space in your home office. Besides a drafting table,  This spacious home office also provides a built-in desk and some storages.


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