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A modern furniture piece with a bold color will give a strong statement in a home. You can apply it in your living room or the family room. Choose a furniture piece that you want to attract everyone especially your guests. A couch is the most used furniture item by the owners and the guests in a living room. A modern couch often has a contemporary design and high-quality material which make it more comfortable and stylish. Blue is a bold hue which can blend into a modern living room, thus it will be good to have a modern blue couch. Here are some modern blue couch ideas that you can get to add comfortable seating with nice bold color in your living room.

The Modern Features

This living room was renovated into a dramatic and modern retreat. This space is completed with a glass fireplace, black and white herringbone area rug, mirrored shelving, a glass coffee table, and a modern blue couch. The white coffered ceiling beautifully accents the seating space.

Bright and Great

A bright navy blue couch is the star in this white living room. The colorful pillows on this modern blue couch are lovely and suit with the style of this space. The white hue is a good background if you want to play with color.

Blue and Black Combination

This living room has a black and blue combination. The blue hue can beautify the neutral colors in this room. A glass coffee table is placed to make the small zebra rug visible. The sapphire blue sofa also looks lovely.

The Deep Blue Couch

Add something bold and unexpected for your living room. Here is another example of a modern blue couch combined with a black and white area rug and a glass coffee table. This combination is really known for modern furniture pieces.

Upgrade The Layout

The wall behind a modern blue couch was removed to eliminate an inconsistent layout and make it look airy. The couch, stools, and a big coffee table create a comfortable seating area.

Blue Couch and Ottoman

This living room has a comfortable seating set. It consists of a modern blue couch and a blue ottoman. Place sides tables to complete it.

The Pop of Blue

If you think that your living room is too bright, choose a furniture piece with a darker color to put on its center. This modern blue couch looks comfortable in this spacious white home.

A Royal Blue Velvet Couch

A custom royal blue velvet couch grounds this light and airy seating space. The chandelier is another feature which looks so interesting.

The Lovely Blue and Grey

The gray armchairs and gray ottoman work well with the modern blue couch. The accent throw pillows on the blue couch give a nice decoration.

A Wooden Coffee Table

Different from other examples, this living room combines a modern blue couch with a rustic wooden coffee table which looks classy. The bar cart is placed next to the seating area to serve the guests.

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