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Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Sliding Boxes, Sliding Trays, Wooden Counter Top
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Brown Wooden Kitchen Cabinet, Drawers For Knives, Cabinet For Plates
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Simple Plank On The Door
Rattan Basket, White Cabinet, Grey Marble Top

Kitchen is a place to create food. And to create food, there are so many things we would need. We would need the tools and the ingredients to make a perfect food. Thus, you would need some place to store everything you need once you don’t use it again. That is why having enough storage is really important for a kitchen. If you are looking for some ideas on how you could maximize the storage in your kitchen, you would love some ideas below.

Cutting Board and Bin
This one here shows a really brilliant idea on how to manage cutting board as part of a drawer and put a hole in it where you can throw the wastes directly to the bin under. This setting will let you work efficiently and it allows you to have a tidy kitchen.

Sliding Storage
This one here puts a really tidy look on the kitchen’s storage. The sliding cabinet is perfect for storing anything. It helps you to see what is inside the cabinet and let you find what you’re looking for.

Wooden Box and Tray
This one here puts a sliding wooden storage to help with the storage. Inside the modern and minimalist grey cabinet, the wooden trays and boxes are a fresh sight to see. And it allows you to store more tidily.

Shelves on the Door
To maximize the storage, this one here puts wooden shelves on the door. It offers a nice and large space to keep your ingredients and seasoning well that you will not lose it easily.

Vertical Storage
This one here is pretty simple. It uses the narrow lines on the cabinet and turn it into a vertical storage. This is perfect for thing and quite flat tools, like shown below.

Shelves on Vertical Storage
Similar tot he previous one, this one here also uses vertical space to enhance the storage. However, although it is quite narrow, the storage works perfectly well. This one here puts shelves on the sliding door and make it perfect to store small things and cooking tools.

Seasoning On the Drawer
This one here is more on the horizontal storage. This one puts little lift shelves inside the drawers to create an angled view of the things inside the storage. It is perfect to store seasoning like this.

Plank on the Door
While the previous one puts shelves on the door, this one here puts planks on the door. It is perfect to store pan lid so that your storage will be tidily managed.

Open Rattan Basket
This one here shows an interesting storage with its open shelves among the cabinet. Instead of being closed and minimalist, this one here brings out warmth and fun on the storage with rattan basket shelves.

Simple Storage
This one here is another brilliant ideas on how to maximize your drawers. Using wooden divider, you are able to put everything more tidily.

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