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beauty room, black floor, pink patterned rug, green tufted ottoman, white wall, white table, golden chair, white chair, shelves Lauren Conrad

Beauty Room, Pink Patterned Rug, White With Black Dots Accent Wall, White Table With Golden Legs, Pink Velvet Modern Chair
Beauty Room, White Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Marble Counter Top, White Shelves, Golden Pendant, Pink Chair
Beauty Room, White Floor, White Wall, White Table, Golden Lines, Pink Tufted Chair, Golden Chair With Pink Fur
Beauty Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Table With Pink Blue Drawer, Pink Chair, Grey Ottoman
Beauty Room, Wooden Floor, White Table, Golden Mirror, White Office Chair, Golden Shelves,
Beauty Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Brown Tufted Ottoman, Pink Tufted Chair, White Cabinet, Golden Shelves, Chandelier
Beauty, Grey Rug, White Wall, White Table, Golden Frame Round Mirror, Table Lamp, White Leather Office Chair, Golden Shelves
Beauty Room, Black Floor, Pink Patterned Rug, Green Tufted Ottoman, White Wall, White Table, Golden Chair, White Chair, Shelves
Beauty Room, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pink Patterned Rug, Pink Tufted Ottoman, Grey Chair, White Table, White Chair, White Cabinet, White Shelves
Beauty Room, Dark Floor, White Wall, White Table, Golden Chair With Pink Fur, Shelves

Beauty room is a place where women would love to get ready in the morning and to store everything they need to look great. As beauty room is a place for you to beautify your look, it needs to look beautiful itself. It should look great and feel great and comfortable. As there are not many inspirations in beauty room, it is a great idea to look up to another room. Here below is a compilation of sophisticated beauty rooms.

Pink Touches
This study room looks exquisite. The white background is a perfect background for the pink tufted ottoman and large pink patterned rug. This pink touches looks great and contrast. The white and pink combination feels feminine and modern.

Elegant Closet
Beauty room and walking closet is one place where you want your make up and clothes be. It is often in one space and this one here can bring out some ideas. The white marble counter top gives elegance along with the golden lined pendant. The pink velvet chair brings comfortable touch.

Luxurious Beauty
This room puts out luxurious accents perfectly well. They are seen in the chandelier, white cabinet with golden accents, round tufted ottoman and chair and also the golden shelves. The combination brings out amazing final look.

Chic and Cool
If you are looking for something chic and cool, this one here can give you some inspirations. the white table might be simple but the white office chair looks glam along with the golden framed mirror. It is completed with the animal patterned rug and pillows and matches with golden shelves and table lamp.

Strong Pink
Just like the other beauty rooms, this one also puts strong pink accent in the space. It brings out feminine and strong look in here. The white table looks amazing for make up station especially with chic golden lines that matches with golden basket.

Gold White
This is another cool beauty room with golden accents. Combined with white background and chair and table that match the background, this beauty spot feels easy and neutral. It would be perfect to get ready in the neutral looking room.

Pretty Simple
This beauty corner gives out everything you need. The small table is perfect for you who love simple look on your face and of course in the room. The soft pink chair gives comfortable touch.

Sweet Modern
This corner is also a pretty corner with modern and simple details. The white smooth table looks so gorgeous with the golden lines. It is sweetly combined with golden chair with pink fur.

Pink in Modern Corner
This is also a really simple look. This study can easily become a pretty beauty corner with just a simple mirror. The white golden table looks pretty effortlessly, combined with pink velvet chair.

Big Ottoman
Adding ottoman in the middle of beauty room can help you manage your things when you get ready. IT can hold what you pick and help you decide what you should wear. It also gives extra seat for your friends or family to help you get ready.

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