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Wooden Decorative Shelves, Parted
Decorative Shelves, White Long Cabinets, Black Brown White Square Boxes
Decorative Shelves, White Yellow Boxes In The Corner
Decorative Shelves, White, Orange, Blue Square Boxes With And Without Door
Decorative Shelves, White Square Boxes In The Corner
White Blue Decorative Shelves
Decorative Shelves, Light Colored Boxes
Decorative Shelves, Blue White Black Square Floating Boxes, Grey Sofa, White Wooden Wall
Decorative Shelves, Long Shelves, Black White Blue Orange Square Boxes
Decorative Shelves, Wooden Boxes, Mirror, Entrance

Shelves are always useful. It can be your storage and it can also hold your accessories. It gives volume to the room while it can prettify your room. Putting shelves is easy as you can do it in the living room or in the bedroom. Decorative shelves does not have to look really complicated, even the ones with square boxes can look so decorative. If you are looking for shelves that can prettify your room while giving you some storage, you would love how many decorative shelves there are. Here below is a compilation of some pretty and modern decorative shelves you might love.

Stack in the Bedside
Having shelves in the bedside is fun, especially if you love to store important small things but you want to do something other than side cabinet. This one here offers a pretty and modern option with white and blue square boxes and orange square shelves. The space between them can also be used as storing space.

Monochromatic Decoration
This decorative shelves makes a pretty simple setting with white long lines of cabinet and square boxes installed floating above. The neutral white, black, and wooden color creates a beautiful combination on this wall.

Blue Accents
This decorative shelves are a perfect touch in the living room. The blue, white, and black combination is easy to see. And these small boxes are perfect for either books or accessories. Upon the white wooden wall, it just fits.

Along the Stairs
Not only bedroom and living room, putting shelves along the stairs can be really amazing too. This one here puts the decorative shelves on the possible space to create efficiency along with uniqueness. The boxes and board shelves are integrating interestingly.

Simple Blue and White
This is another blue and white combination. This simple setting and combination looks so easy in the living room. You can put all your pictures and books to decorate your room and make it more personal.

White corner
This one is creative in its simplicity. This white square boxes are arranged in smart ways to make even more space between the boxes and in the corner, nevertheless. The white color looks beautifully match the blue wall.

Many Boxes
These boxes are not just decorative but it serves an essential function int his corner. Holding many books inside the boxes it can also hold the accessories in the space between the boxes.

Rustic Decorative Shelves
This setting puts an amazingly natural look with white wall and wooden floating boxes against it. With mirror int he middle, this setting looks fresh and even more beautiful.

Light Shelves
This one here puts a lighter setting with lighter color and less crowded boxes. This light color shelve looks so pretty and soft against the white wall.

Light Wooden
This is another light setting in the corner with light wooden looking boxes. Floating on the wall, these shelves look pretty and gorgeous. Keeping the black turntable and many vinyl records, the setting looks even prettier.

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