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light blue ottoman for coffee table Bella Life Style

Long Square Blue Velvet Ottoman With Storage
Blue Satin Tufted Ottoman
Light Blue Ottoman For Coffee Table With Bwon Legs
Royal Blue Satin Ottoman With Storage
Round Blue Turrquoise Ottoman Coffee Blue
Square Light Blue Leather Ottoman With Tray
Diamond Blue Leather Ottoman With Stainless Steel Legs
Light Blue Ottoman For Coffee Table
Round Royal Blue Velvet Ottoman

Apart of serving its actual function, as a stool, or foot stool, it is often used as coffee table too. Because of these various function, people grow dear to ottoman. Besides it has various functions, it can boost the decoration in your living room with so many choices you can pick. However, today we would discuss only the blue one. The color of depth, wisdom, intelligence, and calm.

Round Blue Tufted Ottoman

This Paris blue looks endearing for your living room. Its tufted surface will make this satin ottoman even more elegant.

Flat Surfaced Square Ottoman

This one is in square shape with sturdy black legs. The best thing about this ottoman is the soft blue color and the fabric material.

Round Turquoise Coffee Table

This one is stuffed over; you cannot see the legs or any wood. This one will look pretty in your neutral themed living room.

Light Blue Rectangle Ottoman

If you are looking for beautiful feminine ottoman, this one will perfectly matched your need. With its long bench, you can put your books, or drink on top of it. Just be careful, though, for it might stain.

Small Rectangle Navy Ottoman

This is what you need if you love to have stronger look in your living room. What is more is that it has hidden storage beneath for your magazine or books. Besides, the color is quite dark you have less worry if your drink spilled.

Small Round Royal Blue Velvet Ottoman

The best thing about this one is the studded around the edge that gives it more elegant style. This classic ottoman will bring a great touch to your living room.

Light Blue Ottoman with Tray

This is the best ottoman for you who want to make your ottoman into coffee table. With tray on top, you will be able to put your drinks without worry it will spill on your valuable ottoman.

Blue Satin Ottoman

This one is also precious. The design is pretty and you can have extra storage inside to put your books. Who doesn’t love extra storage?

Diamond Blue Leather Ottoman

With its diamond shape, it will steal a glance. And it will bring much more color to your living room. And the leather surface will make sure if you ever spill your drinks, it will not absorb it instantly.

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