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bathroom with white floor, white wall, white concrete sink vanity, plants, stool Decoracion

Bathroom With White Floor, White Wall, White Concrete Sink Vanity, Plants, Stool
Bathroom With Concrete Floor, Wall, And Vanity With Yellow Bowl High Sink, Mirror, Lamp
Bathroom With Brown Concrete Floor, Wall, Sink Vanity, Wooden Shelf Under, Mirror, Tall Window
Bathroom With Concrete Floor, Concrete Walls, Concrete Vanity And Sink With Shelves With Wooden Doors, Grey Mirror, White Toilet
Bahtroom With Beige Floor, Concrete Sink Vanity With Rectangular Shape Dented For The Sink, Concrete Wall, Mirror, Black Faucet
Bathroom With Grey Square Floor Tiles, Grey Concrete Sink Vanity With Black Faucets, White Wall, Black Framed Mirror, Black Sconces, Rug
Bathroom With Wooden Floor, Concrete Wall, Concrete Vanity With White Sink And Mirror In A Big Metal Shelves With Lighting Behind
Bathroom Vanity With Concrete Sink, Concrete Wall, Frameless Mirror, Silver Faucet, Wooden Cabinet And Shelf Under
Bathroom With Grey Floor Tiles, Concrete Sink Vanity, Wooden Shelf Box Under, Light Concrete On The Wall, Grey Wall, Wooden Beams
Bathroom With Concrete Floor, White Walls, Concrete Sink Vanity, Open Shelves Under, Baskets, Wooden Rack, Golden Chandelier

Although it seems that concrete have a bad reputation on being rough and cold, throughout the year, beautiful smooth and sleek concrete vanity and sink has appeared in many forms. And they look amazing to be combined with minimalist and modern look that has been really popular. Turns out, concrete look can be gorgeous too. Here are some inspirations of concrete vanity in the bathroom.


All Concrete

As concrete can be inexpensive and practical, the idea of getting concrete in the entire surface of a bathroom is understandable. In this one, the vanity, especially, is built in with the shelves under with some wooden doors that gives different color but still in neutral palette.


Wood Friend

As concrete sink can look a little ashen, adding some fresh and different texture and color is a welcomed idea. This one here have wooden cabinet and shelves under a perfectly smooth look of concrete vanity. It goes so well.


Straight Look

With concrete, it is so easy to get a straight lines on the design. And that’s exactly that can be seen from this bathroom. With straight and clean lines on the vanity combined with grey look, the modern ambiance is strongly felt.


Simple Muted

Concrete helps anyone who want simple and minimalist look. This one in the picture has concrete in the floor, wall, and floating sink that it looks so minimalist, even the mirror is only propped up to the wall. The yellow bowl sink is the only color here. Although it’s muted, it has brought a little joy to the room.


Play the Light

Concrete is often related to a dingy and plain look. However, with concrete wall, it actually can be a great canvas to decorate. Seen in this one, the concrete wall does not look plain at all thanks to the light behind the big metal shelves in which the concrete sink and mirror are attached to. This is a spectacular sight.


White Concrete

Getting a neutral look from concrete is so easy because it is sculptural and you can take any shape you want, especially a straight clean lines of vanity. If grey is not what you’re looking for, white concrete still has its concrete character while you get cleaner look.


Long Concrete

The freedom that concrete gives for your room is the modernity. Seen in this bathroom with long concrete, the black lines give accents to the bathroom through the mirror, faucet, vanity legs, and shower partition.


Bright Modern

As concrete offers its simple look for a room, combined with white wall, it becomes really airy and light. This one here has all that plus an open cabinet under that strengthens the open feeling.


Empty Warm Look

As modern and minimalist style lover would pursue a room without clutter, it is wise to add a basket or closed cabinet under the sink in the bathroom to make it looks so minimalist, like the picture here. With its minimalist concrete vanity, there are some baskets to store all the toiletries needed. These baskets help the room to have the warm ambiance.


Warm Concrete

Although concrete look can look cold, it can also look warm, especially when it includes wooden furniture near the concrete and some plants or if it has painted in warmer color like brown.


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