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craftsman bathroom with shower are in green tiles floor, green tiles wall, green marble ceiling, sink area with brown walls, green cabinet with grey marble top, mirror Landmark Builders

Craftsman Bathroom With White Small Tiles In Flooring, White Walls And Vaulted Ceiling, White Cabinet
Craftsman Bathroom With Brown Tiles, Brown Wooden Cabinet With Brown Marmer Counter Top, Dark Brown Long Low Chair, Brown Tile Wainscoting, Brown Framed Window And Door
Craftsman Bathroom With Shower Are In Green Tiles Floor, Green Tiles Wall, Green Marble Ceiling, Sink Area With Brown Walls, Green Cabinet With Grey Marble Top, Mirror
Craftsman Bathroom With Brown Color Palette, Brown Wooden Cabinet With White Top,
Craftsman Bathroom With All Kinds Of Brown Tiles In Floor, Wall In Shower Area, Half Walls In Bathtub Area, A Little In Dark Brown Counter Top Area, Dark Brown Cabinet, Mirror
Craftsman Bathroom With White Hexagonal Tiles In Floor, Stoney White Wall In The Shower Area, White Painted Walls In The Toilet And Wastafel Area, Dark Brown Cabinet With White Counter Top
Craftsman Bathroom With Bathtub In Green Tiles Inside, Green Tiles In Walls, Orange Tiles Outside The Tub, Orange Brown Flooring, Orange Tiles Walls Outside The Tub, Dark Brown Cabinet
Craftsman Bathroom With White Small Tiles In Flooring, White Tiles In Walls In The Shower Area, Wainscoting In Toilte And Wastafel Area, White Toilet, White Wastafel
Craftsman Bathroom With White Tiles Flor, White Tiles Wainscoting, Brown Painted Walls, Brown Wooden Cabinet And Shelves, Two White Wastafels With Two Mirror
Craftsman Bathroom With Soft Orange Wall, White Wastafel, Mirror, White Toilet, Soft Orange Black Tiles, White Tub, White Tiles For Shower And Tub Area, Yellow Lighting

Decorating a bathroom can be exciting because there are so many things you can do for this small room. You can choose the lighting fixtures, you can choose whether shower or bath tub or maybe both to be in your bathroom. If you are one person who loves to play with tiles and love nature color palette, maybe craftsman style bathroom is perfect for you. With craftsman style, you can play with the tiles and the color of the wall and ceiling. Here are some samples.

White Tiles Up

In this picture, the one that steal the catch is probably how the wall is covered in white tile in the area of shower and bath tub. This is one character of craftsman style when you play with the tiles in natural color palettes. This one in the picture chooses to have broken white, brown and gray tiles for the wall and white hexagonal tiles for the flooring. The cabinet and the window and mirror frame is a matched brown wooden material. With white bathtub, toilet, and counter top, it is all matched.

Classic Bathroom with Craftsman Style

In this picture, the tiles on the floor are really beautiful. With its different color randomly put, all in natural color palettes, it creates the calming feeling the craftsman seeks. The wooden cabinet and shelves bring the natural feeling out more.

Earthy Color Craftsman Bathroom

In one look, you can see how warm and calming the color is. The molding in the wall is from wood, and it continues in mirror, window, even door. The tiles in the floor are in soft orange terracotta. The wall is in color blocking of two natural color: half down is in darker shade compare to the half up.

Green Green Bathroom

Another color that craftsman style usually uses besides brown or grey is soft green. It’s the kind of green you like to see in young leaf. In this picture, the designer uses so many green tiles in floor, all walls in the shower room, and even in the ceiling of the shower room. The partition is a clear glass. The other side is sink room with green cabinet with grey counter top and white black small tiles. The wall in this side is in orange. This is the way for you to create color blocking without using another tiles.

Black and White Craftsman Bathroom

In this room, the color is white and black but the how the tiles are placed is the unique kinds the craftsman do, covering up the entire wall with tiles.

craftsman bathroom with white small tiles in flooring, white tiles in walls in the shower area, wainscoting in toilte and wastafel area, white toilet, white wastafel

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Color Blocking in Craftsman Bathroom

One the characteristic and fun of craftsman style is the color blocking. Here is shown with the tiles: green and soft beige-orange. The inside tub is in green tiles, covered high, while the outside of the tub is in soft orange-beige. The other craftsman character used here is the wooden beam ceiling that brings it closer to the nature.

Soft Orange Craftsman Room

Craftsman room style always uses earthy color palettes that calm you. Even you use orange, it will look so soft. And you will do something with the tiles too.

Dark Tiles in Craftsman Bathroom

In this picture, the one that steal focus is the stone color tiles covering the floor and continue in the shower room ends when the ceiling starts. The bathtub area is also in this tiles but it only covers half the wall. While in the dark wooden cabinet area, the counter top is dark brown with mosaic tiles in dark color matches the room. The wall itself is in beige.

White Craftsman Bathroom

Besides the towels, chairs, and laundry basket that are in blue, the room is actually all in white. Placed with unique vaulted ceiling, this room can look dark. But with white, it looks brighter. The tiles are white mosaic tiles.

Natural Craftsman Bathroom

Being natural is what craftsman seeks in the design. And in this picture, it really shows how natural it is seen with the wooden framed window, mirrors, shelves, and cabinet. The tiles are in white both in the flooring and in the walls placed half bottom. The half up is painted with brown terracotta paint.

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