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modern open kitchen with grey flooring grey countertop, white wall, white counter, pendant lights, bi fold door to patio D’Arcy Associates & Architecture, INC

Contemporary Open Kitchen With Light Brown Flooring In The Kitchen With Brown Cabinet And Black Counter Top, Darker Brown Flooring For The Dining Area With Wooden Dining Set And Chandelier
Open Kitchen With White Wall, White Ceiling, Light Brown Flooring For Kitchen And Dining Area, Dark Brown Wooden Floor For Living Room
Traditional Open Kitchen With Wooden Flooring, White Cabinet, Black Counter, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Dining Table, Pendant Lights, Beige Tiles Wall
Open Kitchen With Brown Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Counter Top, Brown Wooden Dropped Tray Ceiling In The Kitchen
Open Kitchen With White Ceiling, Wall, Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Dark Wooden Dining Set, Pendant Lights,
White Open Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Walls, Window, Ceiling, White Counter Top, Arch Wall, Stairs To The Living Room
Farmhouse Open Kitchen With Cathedral Ceiling In The Itchen, White Cabinet, Darker Cabinet For The Cooker, Wooden Flooring Until The Living Room
Modern Open Kitchen With Grey Flooring Grey Countertop, White Wall, White Counter, Pendant Lights, Bi Fold Door To Patio
Traditional Open Kitchen With Wooden Flooring, White Cabinet, White Counter Top, LED Lights, Pendant Lights, White Ceiling, Wooden Beam Partition In The Ceiling
Farmhouse Open Kitchen With Brown Wooden Flooring, White Wall And Ceiling, Vaulted Ceiling For The Dining Area, White Cabinet For The Kitchen

Having small kitchen can feel stifled when you have to cook big meal. It can feel too crowded and sometimes, when you have guests waiting in the dining room, you cannot talk to them. If you want to talk to them, you have to shout. Well, that will not have to happen with open kitchen. It allows you to see the dining room directly. And it also makes your room feel larger and fresher. With open kitchen, you will have more storage too if you wish to add some. You can have some of the ideas of open kitchen here below.

Warm Wooden Open Kitchen

Here in the picture you can see that the kitchen and the dining area are not divided by any walls. In fact the ceiling is just the same. However, these two areas are strictly different in the flooring. While the kitchen is is in light brown, the dining area is in wooden darker brown flooring.

Simple Open Kitchen

With this, the guests can see the cook cooks the dinner and have a good conversation. Or, they can simply hang around in the kitchen island, having drinks. It is easier to serve the food too when you have kitchen island.

open kitchen with white ceiling, wall, cabinet, black counter top, dark wooden dining set, pendant lights,

David Nosella Interior Design

Two Different Flooring

This is also an example of having two different flooring. While the kitchen and dining area is in cream flooring, the living room is in wooden flooring. This is to visualize how the kitchen and dining are starts and ends.

Where the Beam Part

In this picture, you can see that the flooring between the kitchen, dining area, and living room is the same. If you want to give point where the kitchen starts and ends, you can also use ceiling. Here in the picture, the kitchen starts when the wooden beam appears. And this is a pretty kitchen too with its beautiful chandelier. It is of course not only a decoration that affects the kitchen but also the living room.

Wooden Open Kitchen

The color palette of this room is really beautiful. The wooden flooring and white cabinets is a good match in this two-room. The dining area has matched wooden table with the counter in the kitchen island. And the cabinet storage in the side of the room is a match with the cabinet near the cooker.

White Open Kitchen

Here is one beautiful open kitchen. With the dining room and kitchen island all in white and brown in chair, the room color palette is such a beauty. The light brown wooden flooring is a pretty match to it. The area ends with arch wall and two stairs down to the living room.

Modern White Open Kitchen

In this modern style open kitchen, the color is in grey and white and it is such a stylish kitchen where it opens not only to the dining room and living room but if the bi-fold door is open, it can also serve as well as summer kitchen.

Beautiful White Open Kitchen

This kitchen serves the natural feeling with the wooden flooring and how much light and fresh air can come through the entire windows and circulates in the high vaulted ceiling with glass window. With this open kitchen, you will not only open to the other room, but you will feel like you are open to the outside air too.

farmhouse open kitchen with brown wooden flooring, white wall and ceiling, vaulted ceiling for the dining area, white cabinet for the kitchen

Redbud Construction Co

One Room with Dining and Living Room

In this picture, although the kitchen is in one room with the living and dining area, the kitchen area is marked with tray ceiling that is dropped in wood material. With three beautiful chandelier that is not only a decorative accent in the kitchen but in all area that can see it.

Kitchen with Cathedral Ceiling

In this picture, the main kitchen area is marked by being under the cathedral ceiling with wooden beam. Although, beside the area, the sink and oven are still continue in different kind of ceiling. This can be pretty because of the lights that successfully come through the ceiling.

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