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hanging plants pot on the fence Redomee

Floating Plant Pots On The Wall, Black Treee Background
Vertical Wooden Garden, Wooden Plant Pots
Wooden Boards Hsleves With Holes For Plants Pots
Vertical Garden With Hanging Pots On The Grid
Wooden Partition, Wooden Plant Pots Flowers White Sofa
Wooden Plant Shelves With Crate
Big Pots On The Balcony
Colorful Plant Pots, Green Grass Floor
Hanging Plants Pot On The Fence
Floating Wooden Grid For Vertical Garden, White Plant Pots

Having balcony would be so cool. There are so many things we can do in a balcony. But, if you want to make it useful and have some result, you would probably love the idea of making some garden in the balcony. Not only decorative plants but also vegetables. It is so good to plant your own food. Here below are some ideas on how to make your balcony useful.

Simple Grid
If you have limited space of a balcony but you want to have many plants there, vertical wooden grid like this one below can help a great deal. In its line, you can hang your pots and create a colorful sight.

Geometrical Partition
If you love giving some new fence with ore natural look, you might love this one. With geometrical pattern, it can be where you put your pots and it can also give you a nice path for your vines and create a dramatic look from it.

Continued Grid
This one here has a beautiful modern setting. Wooden grid stretches from the floor to the ceiling, putting out a nice accent while also giving some place to hang the pots. Not only that, this small vertical garden can also be enjoyed from the mini wooden bar against the fence. What a beautiful way to start the day.

Small Garden
This one here puts the best effort to create a real garden in the balcony. The floor is blanketed by green grass and it is decorated with white stones also while the plants are beautified by colorful pots.

Vertical Garden
This is another vertical garden that looks so gorgeous. There are many pots that can be hung together and create a beautiful look.

Inside the Big Pots
This one here is for you who seriously want to make your garden fruitful. Putting big pots like this, you would be able to plant your own vegetables and being in the balcony would help it have the best sunlight.

Hanging Shelves
This interesting shelves are hung by the rope and this hanging shelves can give interesting and pretty look int he balcony. With holes in the boards, you can put your pots inside. This is safer than just putting your pots above the boards.

Strong Vertical
There are may ways creating vertical shelves. This one here does not use grid but it uses crates and create a strong vertical garden out of it.

Dramatic Tress
A nice and interesting look is seen in this one. The plants pot is set on the round iron holder in each of the branches of this black tree. This is a really nice way to create a strong and pretty impression in the balcony.

Hanging Pots
This is another nice ways of creating pretty look in the balcony. Hanging plant on pots from the ceiling in the fence is like creating flora curtain in the balcony. The view would never be the same.

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