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living room with terracotta brown sofa, white chair, floor pillows, coffee table, wooden stool, plants, cabinet Domino

Dining Room With Terracotta Flooring, White Walls, Wooden Dining Set, Wooden Ceiling With Wooden Beams
Patio With Terracotta Wall, Orange Wooden Bench With Drapery, Brown Cushions And Pillows, Brown Rug, Rattan Coffee Table
Kitchen With Terracotta Tiles, Wooden Chair, Wooden Stool, Wooden Shelves, White Walls, Wooden Beams On Ceiling
Patio With Pink Wall, Wooden Bench With Colourful Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table Wih White Top, Plants, Rattan Ceiling
Front Door With Orange Wall, Bright Sky Blue Door, Windows, And Plants Pot, Brown Wooden Door
Front Porch With Rugs, Brown Pillows, Pendants, Plants, Brown Wooden Table
Living Room With Terracotta Wall, Grey Flooring, Rug, Beige Sofa, Low Wooden Table
Outside Look Of A Moroccan House With Yellow Wall, Yellow Green Tiles
Living Room With Terracotta Brown Sofa, White Chair, Floor Pillows, Coffee Table, Wooden Stool, Plants, Cabinet
Hallway With Terracotta Tiles, Chair, Morocco Pendant, Colourful Rug, Basket

Desert theme for interior might sound so hot and uncomfortable. But that’ only if you think about the desert itself rather than the colour, texture, and the nuanced of houses in desert itself. And it can be interesting too while sometimes it’s warm and minimalist at the same time and sometimes it bold and full of colours at the other times. With its closeness with openness and nature, people usually think of bohemian style. Well, as it shares so many similar traits, it is understandable. But, let’s see what desert style can offer.

Warm Terracotta

One the traits that desert style have is its warm terracotta colour people often use. In this picture, you can see it in the sofa. But, what is more is that in this picture, you can see the earthy tones colour on the rug, table, chair, and shelves.  And placing them all low on the floor will kinda remind you of the kind of room people have in desert house.


Terracotta Brown Tiles

In this picture, the earth tone comes from the brown terracotta tiles that radiate warmth in the room. The wooden furniture with raw looks make the room feels original. And, the big door that opens to the garden will make the air circulation better; it keeps the room from getting overly heated.


Long Hallway

This hallway has the perfect nuance of desert with its earthy tones of colours, warm coloured rug, woven baskets, and Moroccan pendants. The opened door allows the perfect circulation to the room, helps it getting cooler. It’s the idea of how a desert home should be.


Empty Corners

The other trait of desert interior is the empty corner as if it’s not finished yet. And that’s completely endearing at one side. You can leave your wall bare and your ceiling opened with its wooden beams.


Bold Entrance

Even though earthy tones can be really light, it can be bold too. Often times, people like to try bold colours to add cheerfulness to the house. And you can see one of the boldest here with great slab of orange colour on the wall and bright sky blue on the pot, windows and hinges. The frame of the hinges on the wall is pretty tiles it makes them all completely exotic.


Yellow Warm Wall

Similar to the previous ones, this one also reflects the outer wall of a house. The interesting thing about this one is the Arabian style arch that you can easily see in Islamic mosque, the pretty green tiles that covers the lower part of the wall and the calligraphy tiles that decorate the arch.


Surrounded by Open Air

If you love an open space, this one can be one the ideas that you will love. The closeness to the fresh air and the plants will make this front porch feels even fresher. The rug will help the heat controlled from the floor and it will be really comfortable to lie around in the front porch.


Terracotta Feeling

Terracotta can be both bold and warm and this is why it can be perfect both for interior and exterior look. And in this picture, terracotta great slab of the wall look so convincingly comfortable yet fresh also. The low and long bench is the perfect furniture fir this patio. The woven rug and rattan coffee table complete the look perfectly.


Pink Ambiance

Still in patio look, this one is also a cool example. With pink terracotta wall covered with plants and its wooden furniture, it looks raw and natural. The colourful cushions and rug add more colours to it.


Warm Living Room

The desert style can accomplished with warm colours yet empty parts too. And this one here is such a perfect example with warm terracotta wall, wooden low shelves, rug, and cacti plants. This kind of living room offers comfort and minimalist look at the same time.

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