Maximizing the Aesthetic Look in Your Brick House Using the Right Exterior Paint

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House with brick walls needs different treatment with with concrete walls because they have different material to begin with. Here, you can have ten perfect ideas to beautify your brick house with the right treatment of paint and the minor details on it. At the end, you will smile wider watching your house looks better than ever.

Classy Exterior Look in Brick and Wood

If you have rich red-brown colors on your brick wall then it will be perfectly matches with the wooden material in stained dark auburn colors. You will have a classy look on your house in inviting red color.

Brick House with Slope Roofs

Slope roofs gives drama to your house with brick walls. Painting the brick helps elevating your house as well. The picture below proofs that house with new roofing will make your slope roofs looks fabulous.

Curbs Appeal in Brick House

Renewing your curb look can increase its appeal on your exterior look too. By mowing your lawn, touching up the paint trim or even adding some plotted plants or shrubs, your brick house will look fresher and lighter.

Evergreen Shrubs for complementing Look

You can be innovative and play with the shrubs to complement the look of your brick wall. Evergreen shrubs as a foundation ensures year-round curb appeal. Moreover evergreen shrubs help anchor your home to the site.

Different Palette for different Purpose

You need to plan around the elements that are difficult to change, such as roofs, tiles, and stone work. Look for the right undertones so you will choose the right palette for different look. Beige and brown give warm look while blue and black give cool look.

House of Brick and Shingles

Although shingle style comes from medieval architecture, its beauty cannot be underestimated. Shingle houses are popular nowadays due to open floor plan concept, giving more air into your house. That is why this roof can be found in all areas of the country.

Bungalow Aesthetic Brick House

Bungalow aesthetic can be recognized by its clean lines, gabled roofs, deep eaves with exposed rafter ends and generous porches. The photo below has nontraditional gray for the exterior because the owner wanted a more modern color scheme.

Porous Paint for Exterior Usage

Exterior and interior paint has different ingredients because the painted material get different exposure. Brick walls need porous paint so the brick can breathe. Using porous paint will increase the durability of your brick house.

Professionally Stained Brick Wall

If you have more budget, you might as well ask a professional to stain your brick wall. Yes, it is more expensive than painted brick, but it penetrates to the pores of the brick better. Moreover, it doesn’t give long-term risks compared to the painted brick.

Hacking the Exterior Look of Brick House using Windows

Exterior with light coming from then windows are made at sunrise or sunset. Thus, you might consider to use some glass windows to enlighten your house. you can use shades to get more privacy and your brick house will look better in glass windows.


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