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bathroom, wooden floor, white wall, white round tub, white curtain,  triangle window, Home Twit

Bathroom, Black Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Blue White Accent Wall, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Glass Window, Indented Tub On The Floor, White Lounge Chair, Green Rug
Bathroom, Wooden Bathroom Floor, Grey Wall, Glass Window
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Round Tub, White Curtain, Triangle Window,
Bathroom, White Floor, Brown Marble Wall, White Tub, White Toilet, Golden Pendant
Bathroom, Black Floor, Blac Kwall, White Tub, Glass Window, Wooden Stool, White Toilet, White Vanity
Bathroom, Cream Subway Wall, Cream Floor, Glass Ceiling, Glass Window, Tub With White Inseide
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Marble Wall, Glass Window, White Tub, Brass Faucet
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Vanity Table, Shelves, White Bowl Tub, Glass Window
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Dark Grey Accent Wall, Mirrors, Glass Bulb Pendants, Glass Partition, White Tub, Wooden Wall

Having a good bathroom is important to make you feel good in cleansing your mind and body at the end of the day. However, putting a nice touch to the bathroom will enhance the experience even more and that will make you feel like going to the bathroom right after your day will be a bliss. This will make you have more relax time and life. One of the prettiest thing to add in the bathroom is pretty windows. Not only that it can have beautiful architectural shape but it can bring beautiful effect to the room. These below are stunning bathrooms with beautiful windows added.

Grey Bathroom
This beautiful grey bathroom looks stunning with its smooth surface on the wall and floor. The green rug and accessories put fresh touches on subtle places. The windows puts all this combination to look prettier and crisp.

Corner Glass
Beautiful setting of glass window is seen in this simple bathroom. The corner between the ceiling and the wall looks fresh and bright and makes the minimalist bathroom looks amazing.

Natural Entrance
Window is where you bridge the outside view to be inside of your home. This one here uses the natural look outside to bring in fresh effect inside the bathroom. With minimalist grey wall and wooden floor, the natural look goes perfectly well.

Tall Window
In this pretty and sweet bathroom that is supported with marble look, the tall glass window completes the look. The combination of neutral colored marble on the bathroom with tall glass window brings elegance out of the bathroom.

Subtle Lights
Sure, with clear glass window, a room can look so bright and cheerful. However, the room will be lack of privacy and for those who is not too fond of being exposed, this might be a problem. If you are one of the people who love a little shade, you will love this one here with shade glass window. This brings subtle light comes into the room. The marble and the golden pendants match the subtlety well.

Combination in Minimalist
This one puts a pretty combination with white and grey wall, light grey floor, and wooden accessories seen in the accent wall and the floating vanity table. This combination is completed with glass bulb pendants.

Natural Forces
This natural forces seen in the wooden floor and the white marble wall and ceiling. This combination looks minimalist in the sweet elegance. The window brings classic look to the elegant bathroom.

Black and White
This black and white bathroom looks so bold in the contrast between the black and white. And the large glass window puts the contrast even bolder.

Modern Look
This bathroom brings bold black on the floor and white wall to put some contrast. And between this minimalist look, a blue accent wall is added with some white pattern and white framed wooden window.

Bohemian Look
Windows are the best friend of bohemian look. It brings natural air and view inside and that makes a bohemian room enforced perfectly.

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