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small kitchen with white cabinet with wooden top, light grey painted wall, black metallic racks upper, white fridge, blue chair, white wooden floor Vint Agency

Small Kitchen With White Cabinet With Wooden Top, Light Grey Painted Wall, Black Metallic Racks Upper, White Fridge, Blue Chair, White Wooden Floor
Dining Area In The Hallways In An Open White Room With White Floor, White Striped Wall, White Square Table, Brown Wooden Chairs With Blue Cushion
Narrow Dining Room With White Floor, White Painted Wall, Glass Roof, Open Garden On One Side, A Square Table With Two Benches
Long Hallways With Woden Floor And Rug, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet With Lamp, Wooden Chairs, White Framed Pictures
White Floor White Wall With Simple Clock, Wooden Bench With Pillows, White Short Stairs, Light Brown Shelves On The Crook
Small Bathroom With Light Brown Wooden Floor, White Upper Cabinet, White Sink, White Toilet, White Tub Covered With Grey Tiles To The Wall, Ornamented Tiles Backsplash
Long Living Room With Brown Wooden Floor With Yellow Rug, Purple Couch, Beige Chair Near The Stairs
White Small Bathroom With White Tub, White Floor And Wall, White Cabinet, White Built In Sheles, Mirrors In Front Of The Sink And Along The Tub
Small Narrow Bedroom With White Wall, White Shelves And Table, Light Brown Floor
Open Living Roo Wiht Chairs, Riund Table, Tiles Bench, Near The Barbeque Tools

Small rooms are tricky to decorate. If you put too many things, it will look cluttered and in chaos. If you put only few things, you need to think about the size and everything that you want to be in the room. You will have to consider just what you need and how big it should be. Of course, you will also need to contemplate about the color and the shape of the furniture. Will it goes bright or soft, that is the question. Of course, it all depends on how you want the room to be. But, to give you some ideas, it might be the best to see some of the option.

Narrow Entry Hallway

For hallways, it is not unusual to have it long and narrow you barely be able to put things. However, for the sake of the beauty, you can decorate your hallway in simple yet beautiful way. With only wooden cabinet, and everything in white, the hall doesn’t look clutter. In fact, it looks grand.


Small Bedroom

If you are end up with small room, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have what you need. In this picture, not only the bed is fit in the room but bookshelves and a desk to put a lamp can be put in this small room.


Cute Corner

When you have a small space in your home, every space is precious you want to make the most of it. Well, even a small corner near the window can be a really simple yet beautiful reading nook. All you need is choosing the right bench and color. In this picture, with light brown wooden bench that looks ergonomic, the corner just looks so light with white background. The bookshelves also don’t look heavy.


Long Living Room

This is another way to maximize all the space that you have in your house. With long narrow hall, you can put long couch and long table so it will follow the shape of the room as well as maintaining the space so that it will work to the fullest function.


Open Living Room

One of the best ways to make your room roomier is by having as much air as possible. You can gain it by having an open room (a room with so many area) or having high ceiling above the room, or both just like the picture below. It the living area is set also as patio area with kitchen and dining area can be open to it with sliding door. The simple interior design brings out the entire good thing you can get.


Corner Kitchen

Even though the kitchen is in the corner, it does not mean that you cannot have the comfortable and pretty one in your house. In this picture here, it can be seen that the designer has painted the wall in order to disguise as one with the furniture. While it’s all in one color palette, adding a bold color, like the chair, can refresh the color.


Long Dining Room

After a kitchen, let’s see how dining area can fit in narrow space. Similar with the living room in long narrow space, furniture in this one picture also follows the shape of the room. And as if it wants to give the effect of space continuity, the room opens to a garden while part of the roof is glass.


Dining Area in the Open Room

One method to make the room looks wider is by having one big room and put some areas altogether or you can add small partition to differentiate the room. And behind, you can put what you want to do for the next area, like this one in the picture. They hide the dining area behind the small partition. And to make it even better, the furniture is in similar color palette.


Small Complete Bathroom

Being small doesn’t mean that a room will lack of some things. With the right furniture, you can pile, hide, and make furniture multi function. This one bathroom can even add cabinet above that will be able to hide towels and bathroom utensils.


Show the Shelves

Contrary to the previous bathroom, this one shows the towels all right. But it doesn’t matter much as the shelves are built in well and the room uses so many mirrors that make the room looks wider.



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