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tall pantries, with mostly drawers, two lines of shelves Decoist

Kitchen Pantries, White Cupboard, Brown Wooden Shelves Inside, Brown Wooden Drawers With Labels
Pantry With Shelves, Drawers In The Middle, Small Drawers And Shelves At The Bottom, Door Shelves
Tall Pantries, With Mostly Drawers, Two Lines Of Shelves
Two Door Antries With Shelves, Shelves On The Door, Shelves With Basket, Drawers
Built In Pantries With Wooden Low Drawers
Pantries With Deep Drawers Supported By Metal
Kitchen Pantries, Shelves, Shelves With Drawers, Shelves On The Door, Shelves With Basket
Small Pantries, Shelves, Shelves On The Door, Two Drawers
Pantry Room With Sliding Door, Tall And Large Shelves, Drawers At The Bottom

The problem of keeping storage in the kitchen is quite difficult especially when you want your kitchen to look smooth and modern without all the clutter. This problem is solved usually by pantries that can keep anything related to kitchen needs. There are many designs of kitchen pantries that will answer the problems in storage. If you are still wondering the one you need, some inspirations below might help you decide on what you should pick.

Complete Pantries
In this picture, you can see how this pantry have everything you need in keeping store your needs in the kitchen. It has shelves, drawers, and some more shelves on the door for small seasoning. On top of the pantry is served to keep bottles of wine too.

Smoothly Hidden
In a kitchen with built-in cabinet, pantries will be included hidden on those built in cabinet. This is perfect for those who love modern look where you can’t see too many details on the surface. In this picture, the simplicity is not only on the look out but also on the shelves inside.

More Storage
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has shelves big enough to keep the big things and drawers with labels on, as well as the small door shelves.

Small Pantries
If you only has small space left for pantries, you don’t have to worry as even the small pantry can hold many things as long as it is tidy inside.

Big Pantries
Contrast from the previous one, this one here has enough space to store all kitchen needs. With two doors, the shelves are doubled. The drawers are separated from the cupboard itself so that it has large space.

Drawers for Veggies
This one here is not only big but the drawers are more varied with small drawers at the bottom to keep vegetables with shelves at the sides to keep bottles of wine.

All Drawers
Different from the previous one, this one here only consists of drawers. This one will allow you to pull the whole tray to you so that you can see better before you pick up what you are looking for.

Glass Secured Drawers
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses drawers for the convenience in picking up something. With glass rail, everything written on the products are seen clearly.

Pull the Metal
This one here gives convenience in pulling everything out to be under your scrutiny so that you can find what you need easier. With metal support like this, it is perfect for a room with modern vibe.

Pantry Room
For a big house with many people, big pantry might be required. This one here shows how a big pantry can work in a kitchen. Not only a cupboard, it serves you with whole small room. This is perfect for a large kitchen in a big house.

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