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small kitchen appliance storage pop up cabinet white island drawers double sink faucet stovetop range hood black cabinet window artworks fireplace Dale Jones-Evans Pty Ltd Architecture

Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Toaster Coffeemaker Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Beige Countertop Wooden Drawers Island Beige Floor
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage White Cabinet White Marble Coountertop Hidden Shelves Wooden Ladder Wooden Stool White Island Microwave Toaster Bookshelves
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Glass Window White Pendant Lamps Black Countertop White And Black Cabinet Wooden Shelves Bookshelf Wooden Floor Stovetop
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage White Wooden Pantry Wooden Shelves Mixer Blender Bottle White Drawers Spices Jars White Top
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Door Cabiet Drawers Black Stools White Island Black Countertop Sink Dishwasher White Window Grren And Beige Floor Tiles
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Orange Chair Wooden Table Wooden Floor Toaster Coffee Maker White Walls Window White Basket Mixer Blender Juicer White Wooden Shelves
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage White Cabinets White Countertop Refrigerator Corner Lazy Susan Storage Drawers Coffee Maker Teapot Toaster Glass Cabinet Door Recess
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Pop Up Cabinet White Island Drawers Double Sink Faucet Stovetop Range Hood Black Cabinet Window Artworks Fireplace
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Small Pantry Wooden Drawers Wooden Shelves Doorshelves White Drawers Backsplash
Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Wooden Drawers Black Glossy Countertop Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors Lift Up Storage Glass Pendant Lamp Window Sink

Kitchen appliance such as a stove, oven, and refrigerator doesn’t need a closed or special space to store them, because of their large size. They can be directly installed or put in a special space. How about the small kitchen appliance such as a small oven, a coffee maker, and a toaster. We often just put them on the countertop. It can make the kitchen countertop a little bit messy. Keeping them on storage can make the kitchen look neat. Here are some small kitchen appliance storage choices that will make your beloved kitchen neat and clean.

Weird But Creative Storage

The pop-up storage for small kitchen appliances of the island is a smart and modern way. The appliance hidden in this pop-up shelf can be accessed easily. An electric plug-in is installed in this storage to provide the technology need in the kitchen.

The Storage Lighting

You can keep most of your things out of sight. This small kitchen appliance storage also allows other kitchen needs being kept and organized nicely. Having proper lighting is essential, thus you should consider adding a light fixture inside the storage.

Clutter-Free Counters

A common desire among the homeowners for clean, clutter-free counters in their kitchen. This cabinet has the corner storages and appliance garage which you can access easily. Roll down compartment is the smart way to hide the appliances.

A Hidden Small Kitchen Appliance Storage

This white cabinet has hidden worktop and appliances. The hidden microwave is well kept inside it along with the spices and herb plants. Since the cabinet is high, an integrated ladder unit is added in order to reach things from the top storage.

An Appliance Garage

Small appliances can quickly overtake your kitchen countertops, so consider installing a small kitchen appliance storage. This appliance garage features a lift up door with frosted glass material which is so unique for a kitchen feature.

Small Kitchen Appliance Storage and Cabinet

Besides the appliances and spices shelves, this hidden storage on the white cabinet also provides drawers on bottom for better visibility. You can put the kitchen appliance on the widest shelf.

Sliding Door for Additional Workspace and Storage

These cabinet doors slide horizontally to the right and to the left to open up the baking station or storage space. Maybe it will take some engineering to build it but it is worth the time and money.

The White Built-In Storage

This large white pantry cupboard within the wall comes with the generous bi-fold doors revealing marble and oak shelving. It can be a workstation and small kitchen appliance storage.

The Kitchen Appliance Organizational Idea

Keep your counter clear by having a small kitchen appliance storage choice in the corner of your kitchen. These appliance shelves are dedicated to you who likes easy access.

A Narrow Kitchen Storage

Be clever with your kitchen cabinets. You can use every spare inch in a narrow kitchen by building recessed shelves at the end of the kitchen. The around fridge shelving make this kitchen cozy.

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