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bathroom, wooden floor, rattan ottoman, white tub, white wall, high arch window, white lantern, wooden stool and basket Hello Lovely

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Rattan Ottoman, White Tub, White Wall, High Arch Window, White Lantern, Wooden Stool And Basket
Bathroom, Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Tub, Brown Curtain, Low Wooden Vanity, White Sink, Wooden Floating Shelves, Clear Bulbs Pendant, Open Brick Posts
Bathroom, Tiny Patterned Tiles Floor, Grey Marble Subway Walls Tiles, White Wooden Framed Windows, White Tub, Low Round Side Table, Wooden Stool
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Window, Chandelier, Glass Partition On Shower Area
Bathroom, Black Herringbone Tile Floor, White Wall, White Tub, White Sink, White Subway Wall On Shower Area, Black Ceiling Pendant
Bathroom, Brown Floor Tiles, White Tub, Grey Marble Partition, Brown Marble Wall, White Marble Floating
Bathroom, Wooden Chevron Floor Tiles, White Tub, Side Table, Floating White Vanity, White Ceiling With Details, Bulbs Pendant, Blue Marble Wall Partition
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Beige Wainscoting Wall With Golden Lines, Blue Wall, Mirror, Black Wire Cube, Black White Pendant
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, Beige Curtain, White Tub, Red Rug, Wooden Stool, Wooden Cabinet With White Top, Chandelier
Bathroom, White Floor With Details Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling With Star Lamp, Arch To The White Vanity, Arch With Patterned Window, White Tub With Legs

Bathroom is an important room where you cleanse your body. But, more than that, it is also an important place where you can relax your muscle with cool water and the comfortable room. TO make your bathroom comfortable with elegant touch, you will wan tot take care of the interior. And for that, these stunningly elegant bathrooms below will give you some ideas.

Bright Windows
In order to make a room feels spacious than it appears initially is by adding windows. And this one here not only adding glass windows but windows with artistic metal pattern that will bring beautiful shadow to the room.

Neutral Elegance
With white, grey, and off white combination in this bathroom, a soft and subtle elegance is radiated beautifully. The glass door open to a balcony especially for the bathroom makes it more special.

Calm and and Graceful
This one here shows more neutral and calmer look with its white wall, floor, and tub. The chandelier brings elegance in its final touch and makes the room even more graceful.

Dark Marble
One of the material that can give elegance easily is marble stone. With marble installed on the floor, wall, vanity, or tub, the elegance announces itself, like seen in this bathroom. The beautiful pattern on marble seen in the floor, floating cabinet, wall, and wall partition in different colors makes the room both elegant and not boring.

Classic Elegance
In this bathroom, the classic characters of chandelier, bathtub, even on the wooden window looks so beautifully strong. Added by white marble floor, it looks even more stunning.

Refreshing Elegance
This one here presents elegance through the neutral calm of the color. The floor tiles choice gives more details to the room and it makes the room more interesting. The calm in the room band the tall glass door brings the room more fresh look.

Moroccan Elegance
In this Moroccan inspired bathroom, the carving on the arch brings graceful look to the bathroom. The inception arch seen on the vanity and reflected on the mirror is an amazing idea to implement. The curve on the bath tub and the subtle but pretty details on the floor strengthen the grace in the room.

Memphis Elegance
While simplicity and modern look is popular, there are many people who love to go on post-modernism style, like Memphis style in this bathroom. Going with more neutral color than Memphis usually is, this one here looks calmer. The black round tub, the minimalist floor and wall, and the curve on the mirror show elegance easily for the room.

Stunning Bathroom
Another thing that helps a bathroom looks elegance is he architecture details. Like this one, the glamorous ceiling with great details and charming tall windows makes the bathroom has the classic character while the floating vanity and the round tub brings modernity to balance with nowadays look.

Peaceful Bathroom
This one here offers peace on its design with wooden floor that warms the room, strengthen with rattan ottoman, and wooden basket. The white lanterns make a cute details too. The tall wooden windows are blessings to the room.

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