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brick wall glass garage alumunium garage pergola black trim wooden wall track lighting wall lamp pavement Easy Open Door

Frosted Door Black Trim Stone Wall Eaves Wall Lights Concrete Driveway 3 Car Garage
Brick Wall Flat Panel Garage Dark Garage Concrete Pavement Glass Window
Light Wooden Garage Arched Garage One Car Garaged Grey Roof Brick Wall Black Brick Pavement Glass Window
Horizontal Lined Garage Wooden Garage Track Lights Glass Windows Driveway
Brick Wall Glass Garage Alumunium Garage Pergola Black Trim Wooden Wall Track Lighting Wall Lamp Pavement
Dark Garage Door Metal Door Glass Window Stone Wall Driveway
Wooden Garage Dark Garage Eaves Lighting Concrete Pavement Flowers House Number
Vertical Wooden Siding Concrete Wall Concrete Pavement Glass Lines Garage Lights Lighted House Number
One Car Garage Concrete Door Twist Garage Blue Siding Driveway
Pergola Glass Door Beam Balcony Stone Wall 4 Car Garage Driveway

Garage is undeniably one of prominent space need to be well designed in your house. It’s not only because its function as a storage platform but a garage can be the first impression of your house. Hence, having attractive garage door is the strategy to persuade the interest of other people to know more about your house. Here are ten ideas of luxurious garage doors you may be inspired by.

Mid-Century Attached Garage Door

It is an attached garage designed in sloped roof and horizontal lined wood panel siding. There is a pergola above the door and some track lights along with wall lights. The door itself is made of frosted glass with black aluminium trim. The landscape and concrete driveway also complete this splendid garage.

One-Car Luxurious Garage Door


It is custom design of one-car garage with stunning door. This garage is designed with twist door with special installation. The door design is quite simple with glass and grey trim.

Modern Mediterranean 4-Car Garage Door

It is 4-car garage which is completed with large driveway. The garage is designed with pergola and exposed beam under the functional balcony. The garage door chosen is folded door with glass material and wooden trim. This house is even more attractive to have stone wall of the garage.

Minimalist Garage Door

It is a contemporary minimalist house with brick siding and concrete driveway. The garage is simple with dark flat-panel door. Even if it looks simple, but this garage door offers us the luxury and elegant sense to be enjoyed.

Contemporary Lake Garage Door

With the hill background, this garage looks so minimalist and splendid. The 3-car garage is designed with textured wall and frosted glass door along with its black aluminium trims. The eave and the wall lights are two perfect combination that can generate luxurious feeling.

Minimalist Greenhouse Garage Door

It is a simple wooden garage door with some glass lines. The grey siding is well matched with the door and the lights are another stunning features this garage has. This garage is also completed with the blue lighted house number and it makes the garage even more attractive.

Contemporary Portland Garage Door

It is another attached garage with dark vertical lined siding and door. It is rather simple design because they only choose dark color and natural color of wood but it still highly aspires us. It also has eaves’ lights to make this garage more adorable.

Industrial Modern Garage Door

The siding of this garage is designed in horizontal line made of the wood. The doors are made of glass material with aluminium trim. It is another option you may choose.

Contemporary Metal Garage Door

It is dark metal door garage designed in contemporary style. The door is also completed with some small glass windows and wooden eave.

Victorian Wooden Garage Door

It is 3-car garage with light wooden arched door. The upper part of the door is designed with some glass window and wooden trim. The garage siding is also attractive made of dark brick material.

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